9 Of The Top Reasons For Separation In Marriage.

In a relationship where couples communicate well, there is always peace and understanding, because the couple has enough time to track and deal with their differences immediately.

If your relationship lacks good conversation where you talk about your joys, pain, and frustration and trash it out at once, then it is heading to a great fall.

Most couples don’t have much time to talk to each other because they spend more time with their phone and other gadgets than they do with their partners.

4) When There Is Any Form Of Abuse:-

Number 4 on my list of reasons for separation in marriage is abuse, whether physical or emotional. The truth is that when there’s any pattern of domestic abuse at all in a relationship, there is certainly going to be a separation

There are other types of abuse we forget easily that have destroyed many families, and that’s financial abuse. This type of abuse is very common in relationships.

If you are good at yelling, withholding money when not necessary, neglecting, constant anger, and making irrelevant comments, then you are on your way to destroying your marriage.

To curb this, you have to stop any form of abuse in your relationship; whether it’s targeted against your spouse, children, or any other person in your family, let it stop.

See a marriage counselor if possible or you can find a way to leave the marriage if the abuse persists.

5) There Is No Compatibility:-

Lack of compatibility in marriage is also one of the reasons for separation in marriage, and people neglect that so much.

When you are married to someone you are not compatible with, there will always be issues.

Incompatibility is when you or your partner is taking any position that is exclusive to the other person.

For example, when you always want something that your partner hates. One thing that makes incompatibility hard to deal with in any relationship is that it leads to competition among couples.

Each person will always believe they are right and will argue whenever there is a little issue. To deal with incompatibility in marriage, you have to be accommodating, and always learn to compromise, to let peace reign in your marriage.

6) Addiction:-

You can’t talk about the reasons for separation in marriage without mentioning addiction. Whether it is a drug, alcohol, or another type of addiction, they are detrimental to any relationship.

Addiction of any type can cause a ripple effect in any relationship which you may find hard to understand, and it begins with affecting the behaviors in the family.

It will cause much tension in the home, before influencing negative behaviors. Being married to an addict is a complicated and lonely journey, and it kills a marriage slowly.

In 2013, National Center for Biotechnology Information questioned about 52 people about their reason for separating from their marriage, and all of them mentioned addiction.

This happens more when the addict refused to be helped or become a threat to his/her partner’s safety.

To avoid the addiction from causing separation in your marriage, you’ll have to quit it faster or see an addiction expert to tell you what to do next.

Reasons For Separation In Marriage.

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