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What is the status of your marriage now? happy, semi-happy, or not happy at all?
We are here to help you restore and rekindle passion if you will let us to

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In happy marriagebuilder.com you will be amazed by the wealth of information and advice we give out on how to be free from marital conflicts and more easy and safest ways to restore joy, peace, and love back in your marriage once more.

Our followers at happymarriagebuilder.com have been greatly enhanced by the advice they have received from us, and that has given more couples great opportunities to get their moribund marriages to get back again to their feet.

Most couples have given up their plans to get a divorce by merely reading our articles.

                 Who am I and why am I talking to you now? 

Uchegbu Ikenna ( Murphyaik) is a talented encourager and motivator. He is an authority when it comes to marriage and how to make it happy again after so much shot down and disconnections.

His followers have been greatly enhanced by his 10 years of experience in helping partners develop a great relationship and he is ready for you in your marriage today.

Here is why I am interested in your marriage.
I went to a marriage ceremony one day and the master of the ceremony asked a question that gave me concern about marriage.

Here is the question: and I will know how strong your marriage is from the way you answer this question too.

“If for any reason your marriage is dissolved now, and you are asked to get married again, would you go back to your spouse again?
That question helped me to understand that many couples are just enduring their marriage instead of enjoying it.

Here in happy marriage builder.com, we will not only help you get the passion back in your marriage, but you will understand how to enjoy every moment with your spouse

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