How to save your Marriage when only you are interested to save it

make any man fall in love with you, make any man want to marry youIf your marriage is going through some challenges now, two things will surely occupy your mind,
– Should I go for a divorce?
Or Should I take a step to save my marriage?


Well! Only you can answer the question.

However, whether you chose to throw in the towel or save your marriage, you have to read this past first. It is all about the steps you can take to get your marriage back to its feet using few simple but interesting steps I know that works pretty well.


Many couples have been able to saves their almost dead relationship using this steps that I will show you in 5 minutes.
Fact is that no couple ever plans of having fights / separation, it usually comes on its own, and there are several factors that can cause it.

Most of the problems can be solved immediately, and some requires serious attention and sometimes special help could go a long way in curbing the issues.

Why am I interested in savings your marriage?


Statistics shows that a lot of marriage are going through divorce, and America is ranking highest in the chat.

Nearly one million marriages in America ends in divorce yearly, that’s an overwhelming number! Isn’t it? That’s why I don’t want your marriage to be counted among them.

Fact is that most of these marriages could have been saved if the couples made an effort to do so.


If your marriage is having an issue now and you do nothing about it there’s no doubt you know the results you’ll, however, if you do something about it, tendency is that your marriage could be restored.


In four steps. I will share with you here what you could start doing now to get your marriage going again.

The steps are simple, and you’ll nearly kick yourself for not doing this all the while, but they are not easy, meanwhile, it will guide you through the ways you can improve the statue of your relationship from near divorce to a happy marriage.


If you are ready for this, then let’s dive in.

4 Ways to save your marriage

1) Stop the blame game:-it’s always easy to point fingers at our partner, especially when things are not going the way they should, but believe me when I told you that it can be so disastrous to your relationship.


Pointing fingers didn’t start today, you can trace it to the beginning of man as written in the book of Genesis, where Adam blamed both God and Eve for eating the tree of life. Since then, couples have been pointing fingers at each other when needs or desires are not met.


Blame game in marriage is destructive because it shows the couples inabilities to go through challenges and come out stronger, instead it creates mistrust and hardening of hearts.

My advice for you is to stop blaming yourself or your partner, this is the first thing to do if you want to save your marriage because blame game immobilizes every plan of progress you want I’m your relationships and drowns every other efforts of getting thing better.


You’ll agree with me that sometimes we feel temporarily good after pointing fingers at our spouses, but at the long run it hurts any progress, change or shifts that could have happened to our marriage.


Hear this now! Even if there’s an endless list of why you should blame your partner, drop it, it can’t make things better, rather things gets worse.

Blames can only add fuel to your problems.

2) Take responsibility: – Make up your mind to do anything that’ll get your relationship back on track, it’s important to note that changes will only come when you decide to. Understand that taking up responsibility is far different from taking blames.

Taking responsibility really means that no matter who is faulty, ” I can still do something differently that will add value to your relationship.

Always think about the sacrifices you can make for your relationship? What button can you push together as spouse and what button would you stop pressing to save the troubles?


Truth is that most couples knows what to or what not to do to save their marriage and I am so amazed they are not doing it at all.
Don’t let that be your story.


4) Seek experts help: – A lot of marriages became successful after seeing a marriage counselor or a therapist and so if others are getting what they want after counselling session, you too can get the same.


Therapists are people specially trained in the field of helping couple save their marriage and so it will not be a mistake if you seek their help in saving your relationship. However, you need to do your research well so as to get the best therapist to work with.

My article “how to locate a good therapist will guide you on how to find seasoned marriage counselor.


Like I said earlier, some marital issues needs special attention, so do not hesitate to look for one.

4) Take action:-Failure will come when you refuse to do anything or you are not doing the right thing. It is always easy to be paralyzed by your situation (analysis paralyses.)
This is what happens when people get so overwhelmed trying to figure out how to solve their problems and yet do nothing.

It’s good to know why your marriage is going through stress, but the most important thing to do is to take actions daily. Remember, no problem can solve on itself.

Question is, do you want your marriage saved? Am quite sure if you follow all I have written in this post, then your marriage will come out the pit again.

Remember doing nothing will only earn you nothing.

If you are ready to take action, then let me introduce to you one of the best resources on the internet that will help you save your marriage big time “Save the Marriage Even if you only want it” You can get it here.

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