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7 Marital Issues That can Cause Separation/ Divorce

Every marriage has its own unique marital issues, there’s absolutely no relationship without one. Sometimes marriage becomes stronger after going through one issue or the other and sometimes there’s a disconnection, separation or divorce even when there‚Äôs a little issue. Sometimes it is not the problems that brought about the divorce...

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5 Toxic behavior that creates a disconnect between you and your wife.

If your once a happy marriage starts going sour all of a sudden, don’t blame it on the witches or anybody. If you you take your time to look inside, you may be convinced that the fault is all from you. Some times we do things that hurts our relationships without even...

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Marriage Killers: How to constantly update your marriage Virus Scanner

The number one secret of a successful relationship and marriage is daily nurturing, understanding and doing the needful things that helps it work.The relationships that have failed or that are on the verge of failing, are the once who neglected to constantly check their relationship daily for the viruses that...

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8 Common mistakes Of the Newlywed and how to Avoid it

Your expectations as a newlywed couple is to enjoy a blissful marriage till the end of the time. That is good, but can it be achieved? My answer is ‘No.’ Here is why I said that There will always be good times and bad times in relationships, however, all of them...

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Marriages Fail when couple are stocked in these 5 Toxic relationship lifestyles

One common question I get from my subscribers daily is “Why does marriages fail, even when the couples involved were living and were both happy in the begging?I asked those questions too, especially when it is obvious to me that the marriage have lasted 10- 20 years and above. Driving...

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