10 Reason Your Wife Doesn’t Want To Have Sex with You

Wife doesn't want to have sex

You may be asking yourself why your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you these days. You are not alone. So many people ask the same question too.

At the earlier stage of your relationship, things were going well; you couldn’t wait to undress each other to enjoy the touch and hot sex.

Now, you always desire to make love to her, but, your wife avoids intimacy. It’s either she is not in the mood, or she is tired.

There are many reasons why your wife has no desire for sex, and I will let you know in a minute.

Let’s dive in immediately


7 Reason Why Your Wife Doesn’t Want To Have Sex.

1) She Doesn’t feel emotionally connected:-

Good connection engenders good sex in a relationship. When you are not connected with your wife during the day, she may not feel esthetic to have sex.

The truth is that the male and female connect in different ways While men connect after having sex, the women want to connect before having sex.

The deal is to connect with her during the day,  before sex. Make her feel wanted, she needs to feel the sex in the atmosphere.

Most men are only concerned about sex and don’t want to know how the wife is fairing.

If you are such a man, don’t be surprised if your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you.

Your wife doesn't want to have sex

2) She May Be Bored With You.

As the years go by in a long relationship, love starts getting cold, and couples start losing interest in so many things they love to do.

Virginia Johnson and her co-researcher William Masters suggests that if the couple should continue to have a satisfying sex life as they get old, there must be good health, an interesting partner as well as personal interests.

It’s left for you to look at yourself and see if you are still who you used to be years back. Have you changed from who you used to be? All those things that make you attractive may have disappeared.

The answers will determine how your relationship will be. By evaluating yourself, and then correcting the mistakes, things will work out again.


3) She is Probably Exhausted.

If your wife tells you that she doesn’t want sex after all the day’s busy schedule, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want sex anymore. She may just be tired at that moment.

Put yourself in her shoes; after, doing the house chore, getting groceries from the market and getting the children from school she is bound to be tired.

She will need some time to get refreshed and be nourished energetically.

A good remedy to that is to give each other rooms for personal time.


4) You’ve Not Been that Great Partner To Her:-

Your wife expects you to be her best friend, her confidant, to help her solve her emotional and physical problems. But, you know what you are to her as you are reading this.

Maybe you have not been giving her support she needs from you, maybe you have been so angry since she has not had sex with you.

If you treat your wife well, by taking care of her needs, she will also take care of your sexual needs. Although sex in marriage is not meant to be a contract, it works with the brain.

If your wife is feeling unimportant, neglected,  unsafe and not taken care of, she can never be relaxed enough to desire sex from you.

If you will learn to show her that she is important to you, then she will give herself to you willingly.

5)  There’s No Love:

If your marriage is an arranged marriage, there’s a probability that no love exists between the two of you. Even when everything was working well between you in the beginning, it may not be the same again now.

It may be easy for you to have sex with her, even when she doesn’t love you, but women do struggle in that condition.

How to make your wife love you ahain

6) it May Be Because Of Some Health Issues:

It’s is true your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you for some time, but, have you considered his health? Sometimes, your wife may no ready to have sex because she is depressed, some excruciating pains and hormonal imbalances.

All these mentions can quench her sexual appetite all of a sudden, and research proved that depression affects women more than the men, and as well their libido is affected too.

Sickness is another thing that can make her withdraw from sex. So before you challenge her for not having sex with you, ask her why she is withdrawing and you be amazed at her reasons.


7) She Is Not Enjoying It:

Most women experience pains during lovemaking, however, for some reason, they feel scared, or embarrassed to tell their husband.

The truth is that any time she remembers sex, her brain immediately relates those sexual experiences with what’s about to happen and then she becomes afraid of sex.

Those experiences will make her avoid sex. But, You can help her by concentrating on making her wet very well before penetration. Devoting foreplay will help her so much, this will give her brain and body enough time to be tuned to the sex frequency.

The foreplay will help her get fully lubricated; This will also reduce the pains during penetration.


Finally,  always know that sex starts from the mind. You have to start preparing the ground early. Send romantic messages, show extra love to her, pamper her and love her again and again.

She will always be ready for sex when she knows you love her so much.


10 Powerful Strategies To Solve Marriage Problems fast

Solving your marriage problems

In a Successful relationship, the couples passed through so many hurdles to become the best couples, there’s no short cut to that. One of their best tools for success is their ability to know how to solve their marriage problems fast.

They don’t only know how to deal with their problems, they are also always ready to solve their marriage problems fast.


There’s really no perfect marriage and all the couples will sometimes and in one way or the other go through some problems. The most important step to remaining happy is to learn how to resolve it fast.

If the marriage problems are left to linger for a long time without a solution, it causes so many other troubles along the way.

Firstly, communication is affected, and then all the marriage is affected too.

In this post,  you will learn the exact strategies that will help you solve your marriage problems fast.


10 Powerful Strategies To Solve Your Marriage Problems fast


 1) Improve Your Communication Skills:-

One of the greatest problems couples have is communication problems. If you look back to when the problems started,  you’ll find communication to be at the bane. It’s either you are not communicating sincerely or you are not open.

When there’s poor communication in a relationship, it will result in avoidance and then disconnect.


If that’s the case of your marriage, then its high time you started improving your skills in communication.

Learn to create a good atmosphere for free and open communication, where and your partner are not afraid to share your minds,

If it will be hard for you to accomplish, think about looking for a qualified marriage counselor for help.


2) Relate Only With The Successful Couples:-

You may not deem this as important, but the friends you keep determines who you are. If you surround yourself with people whose relationship is working, yours will also work and vice, -Versa.

Let the people you relate with be those that can add Values to you and not kill it.


3) Create Time To Talk About The Issues:-

If you don’t create time to solve the problems in your marriage fast, those problems will back to hunt your marriage in the future.

It’s therefore important that you stop ignoring the problems you are having in your marriage and look for ways to deal with them.

Unsolved problems are the greatest relationship destroyers.


4) Make A List Of The Problems And Then Start Working On Them.:-

Another way to solve your marriage problems is to understand what the problem is. Make a list of what is bringing the disagreements, including the things that you avoid talking about because of fear it will lead to arguments.

It will be better when you look at the lists and be able to find and agreeable solutions to your marriage issues, as well as the skills to deal with them.

Just keep listing them down, even if it looks endless.


5) Improve Your Conflict Resolution Skills

The ways you handle the issues of your marriage matters greatly. The skills you deployed when dealing with your issues will determine the results you will get in return.

However, having an effective conflict resolution skills to deal with that conflict before it begins to impact the marriage is crucial to every relationship success.

Thankfully, anyone can learn a conflict resolution skill. You can possibly solve any problems you are having with your spouse, by learning how to talking to each other sincerely,  avoiding unnecessary arguments and fighting fair.


6) Love Unconditionally:-

There will always be arguments in your family, However, if love your partner unconditionally, the fights won’t get to your heart, because you are dealing with whom you love.

Love covers a multitude of sins ( 1 Peter 4: 6).

Always remember the love that brought you together whenever you are having issues with your partner, it will make you fight fair.


7) ‘Learn How To Say The Things You Don’t Want Without Causing Another Fight”:-

This still boils down to communication. Most times, the trouble always starts when you don’t know how to..communicate.

If you Don’t know how to let your spouse know what your likes and dislikes are, you’ll be fighting every day.


8) “Agree one on a solution”:-

To solve your marriage problems, it’s important that you and your spouse are on the same page. Two heads are better than one.

You and your partner should decide that you are not comfortable about things are going in your relationship and make up your mind the approach you’ll take to solve it.

You can’t solve anything if there’s no agreement.


9) Get Help:-

Some marriage issues will not be easy to deal with, so it’s imperative to look for a marriage/family counselor that will help you navigate the problems.

Counselors are trained to help marriages get back on track again.

Although it is somewhat demanding, it is far cheaper than divorce.


10) Let Your Partners Happiness Be Your Priority:-

If you have your partner’s happiness in mind always, you will always want to please him/her you will not want to do things that will hurt the feeling and even when there is a fight or, you will quickly find a way to settle it.


Finally, do not allow problems to last in your marriage. Be quick to resolve them in other to save your marriage. Most divorces are caused by neglected and unsolved issues.


Pray For Marriage: 7 Important Prayers For Marriages

Pray for marriage, pray for your marriage

The two most important ways to make your marriage happy and successful is to Pray and sacrifice for it. Prayer is an important way we communicate to God about our desires and so when you take time to pray for marriage, you are simply telling God what you want for your marriage.


Prayers for a successful marriage is a good step in creating reliable, “life-long marriage bond”. We have heard testimonies of how prayers have helped many couples achieve great things in their relationships. There’s really a need to pray for marriage.


Why should you pray For Marriage?

Obviously, you and I know that marriage is not that easy, and more especially when there are so many things craving for that little time you have.


The daily activities have made so many couples abandon their marriage to go through many hurdles. However, with prayer so many things could be taken care of.


Question is, what do you pray for marriage about?


I will show you a little while.


7 Important Prayer Points To Pray For Family.


1) Prayer of Thanksgiving:-

Firstly, there need to appreciate God who brought the two of you together in the first place, before you ask for the blessings that follow.


Thank God for your spouse, and for your whole family and ask for all his blessings.


Let’s pray together:-

Dear father, I thank you for bringing us together as one in marriage. You said in your word (Ephesians 5: 31) that  “For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” Father give us the grace to continue to live together as one. Let all the efforts of the devil to separate us be frustrated in Jesus’ name.


2) Pray For Your Spouse:

Learn to pray for your partner, that God will always strengthen him or her in all things. If it entails holding hands to pray, do it, and if not, you can pray alone, but just make sure you pray for your partner.


Pray Like This

Heavenly Father  I thank you for this wonderful one you gave me as a partner. In James 1: 17, ”   Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.


That shows me how much you love me to give me this perfect gift.


May you give me the power to value and enjoy this great gift you have given me till death do us part. Thank you, father, because our strength will constantly be renewed like that of an eagle. Amen.


Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens.” (James 1: 17,)

3) Ask God For Power To Love.

Love is not enough to make a relationship successful, but love is important in any relationship. Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 4v6).


Remember the love that brought you together and as God for more.


Let’s pray:

Dear Father, you commanded us to love God with all our heart and love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Teach me, o Lord, teach me to love my partner unconditionally just as you have loved us and gave your son Jesus to us.


The love that comes from you is patient, kind,  not boastful, proud or rude. Let this kind of love possess us always, so we can love like you.

4) Pray For Restoration When There’s Trouble.

There will always be trouble in marriage regardless of your good intentions. Even the best marriages some time fall apart too. and of running away from it, try and take it to God: and because marriage is was instituted by God,  will direct you of what to do.


So it’s important to know-how and when to pray for the restoration of peace and joy in your marriage.


Here’s How to pray

Heavenly Father, I thank you for being for us all the time. Right now, nothing seems to be working well with us again, Often, we fight and quarrel over things that don’t matter.


You told us to come to you when a heavy burden so you will give us rest.


Teach of Lord how to live better as a couple. Let your wisdom overshadow us so that we communicate effectively with each other, to talk to one another in love, kindness, and courtesy.


Enlighten the eyes of our understanding once more, so we will be able to understand what it means to love, respect each honor each once again.


Lord, by our personal strength and effort, it will be difficult to achieve, but with you by our side, we can do wonders.


Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers, In Jesus Name.


5) Pray for God’s Blessings In Your Marriage:-

It’s time to pray for God’s blessings. Let Him know what you need and an individual and as couples.

Pray Like This:-

Thank you father, for your grace upon us to come together as one. Your word said that “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord” (Proverbs 18: 22).


Let your favor and blessings manifest in our lives forever. Open the windows of heaven and shower us with your blessing which only makes rich without adding sorrows, (Proverbs 10:22).


Let all the desert in our marriage turn to the river and the wilderness turn to a fruitful vine.


6) Pray For Gods Guidance Always:-

Ask God to be the author of your marriage. You can not do it alone without him, that’s why he asked us in Proverbs 3: 5 to “Trust in the Lord with all our hearts and minds, and lean not on our own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him and He will direct your paths.


Sample prayer

Oh Lord, we ask that you be with us in all we do as a family. Today we commit ourselves to your hands, take preeminence of all we do every day and help us to live according to your words. We refuse to make mistakes because your wisdom is functioning greatly in us.

Direct our footsteps always, so we always are in the right place and at the right time. In Jesus name.


7) Pray For Your Children:

It’s time to pray for your children. Children are the heritage of God and the fruit of the womb a reward Psalm 127: 3.


Pray for them always and then let them know you prayed for them. This will make the to be conscious of their actions.


Father, I pray that our children are growing in your strength and power every day. Help them in all they do, so in the end, they will become the best among their peers. Protect them from the wicked and unreasonable men and direct their steps always.

May all they do in life be directed by you, so they do all that is consistent with your words. I decree that only glorious things shall be spoken of them (Psalm 87:3)

All we ask of you in Jesus’ Name.


Finally, do not neglect so use these pray points to pray for marriage and families. Prayer changes things; and as you pray, God will answer you and make all your heart desires and expectations come true.