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7 Signs of Unhappy Marriage and How to Fix it.

Many marriages are broken today, because the couples refused to observe or rather neglected the bold signs of unhappy marriage starring them at the faces.  If the couples have been observant, most of the problems leading to unhappy marriage would have been noticed and taken care of, before it affected...

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How to make your spouse happy and improve your health.

It has been investigated and proven that having a happy spouse can be good for your health. Simply put, if your spouse is not happy, then try whatever you should to make him /her happy,: that’s if you are interested in having a good health, and I know you do. Why am...

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6 interesting ways to set healthy boundaries for your marriage

What does it mean to set boundaries, and how do you you set a health boundaries for your marriage? A Boundary is simply anything that shows where your power, freedom etc ends and where the other persons starts. Boundaries are very important in everything and in relationships in particular.There’s no successful relationship...


7 Things you must know before Moving in together as spouse.

There’s no doubt you have finally found someone that meets your criteria for marriage. After a long search for the Mrs or Mr right you are now ready to move in together. I really want to congratulate you. However, there are few things I should let you know as you are getting...

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25 Bible verses about love and marriage you must know as couples.

There are more than several Bible verses about love and marriage in the word of God ( bible), but I want to share 25 verses I love so much and which will also help you as couples. Fact is that every christian should know the thought of God about love and...

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