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Do you want to have your dream marriage?

Do you want to have your dream marriage?

have your dream marriage


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How You Can Have The Marriage Of Your Dream Fast:


if you want to have your dream marriage fast, then you must read this post.



I suggest you shut all the doors as you read this to avoid distraction because I am about to reveal some steps to help you actualize those beautiful dreams you’ve always had for your marriage.



The truth is that everything starts with a dream, we all dream to have good health, good cars, good spouse, and most of all to have a good marriage.



Yes, it is good to have dreams!


However, your dreams for a better marriage will never come true if there is no corresponding action to make it come through.



That why you should make plans to achieve your dream for your marriage.



In this post, I will show you some authentic steps you must take to have your dream marriage fast.



What Is Your Dream Marriage?

The question is: what are your dreams about your marriage? How did you wish your whole family will look like?



1 to have a beautiful wife?

2) Handsome husband

3) Lovely children.

4) Have a house of your own

5) Have nice cars

6) Travel all over the world with your children, etc.


Your list can be endless, but the truth is that if you are not sure what steps to take have your dream marriage fast, then your dreams will be useless.



How to Have Your Dream Marriage Fast:


Single, getting married

1) Put It Down On A Paper:

“Large bodies of goal achievement research encourage written goals for good reason. When we write down our goals, we transform what we imagine into reality.”

Just like Gina Greenlee said, there is a need to write your dream down and paste it where you’ll always see it because you will be motivated to swift to action whenever you look at them.
Though this may look like child’s play, it’s a good step to take if you want to have your dream marriage.
Even the bible admonished us to do the same Habakuk 2:2 ” Then the LORD said to me, “Write my answer plainly on tablets so that a runner can carry the correct message to others.”
I implore you to journal your dream today and start working on them instantly. That’s when you’ll get the results you want.

2) Get Prepared Now:

The worst mistake to make before hooking up is not knowing the basics of the steps you are taking.



Most of the failed relationships were due to unpreparedness. Many thought marriages are easy, but it takes a good amount of dedication, nurturing, and synergy to make it work.



That’s why you should equip yourself before taking the steps.



Here area  few things to do to get prepared:


Go for pre-marriage counseling:

This is almost a very good step if you want to have your dream marriage. It is specifically a training class designed to help you get acquainted with what marriage implies.



At the sessions of premarital counseling, you will be thought so many things that will help you overcome certain challenges that could destroy your relationship.



Don’t assume this is for old couples or the problem relationships. Make up your mind to visit any counselor before marriage and enjoy their benefits thereafter.



If you want to locate a good pre-marriage counselor, then read this.



Sturdy Other Marriages and Take The Best From them.

While I was single,  There were many marriages I prayed that have the like. They were my role model marriage because I learned so many things from them that made my marriage what it is.



You can learn from other marriages too. However, many marriages look rosy outside but not inside: just copy the good things and trash the rest.



Learn only what will profit your relationship and inculcate them and forget the rest.



Go to those couples and ask them how and why looks good in their relationship. You will be surprised by the results you will get at last.



 have your dream marriage

Develop Yourself Physically And Mentally:

We are in a global world now, where you get so many things that can help you have the type of marriage you want either free or at a little cost.



Although it is not proper to depend on free stuff, yet some freebies will give you the guidance you need to achieve your goal.



Join some visual courses like this if you need to boost your libido, read marriage blogs, attend seminars, read the book, and play CD.



All these will help you and last you will know that you have the knowledge you need to have a worthwhile relationship.



Improve Your Communication Skill:

When you are planning to get the best out of your marriage, you should concentrate on improving your communication skills as that is the most important recipe for a successful relationship.



Communication is almost the most important pivot that pulls other sides of your relationship.  Get it right and every other thing follows suit; the opposite happens when you get it wrong.



The best is to start improving your skills now. I have already a detailed post on how to do that, so go and read it here.



Discard Your Old Baggage:

One thing you must learn to have the future you need is to discard the past.



Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians 3: 13 admonished them to forget the things which are behind and press toward the future.



Certain things won’t come your way if you are still holding on to the old ones.



Now you are hoping to get married or make your relationship better, try and discard those things you are holding on to.



Of course, it won’t be easy to do:  you were hurt so much in your past relationship, etc, but you have to “check your baggage at the door,” so it won’t jeopardize your new relationship.



Have You Tried Prayers?

The power of prayers in getting whatever you want about your marriage can’t be overemphasized. It is more important than any other step you can think of.



Prayer is a way we make our request be known to God, and if you will only speak to God about whatever you desire about your marriage, you will have them.



God said, ” ask you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened to you.”



Be the praying wife and the praying wife today so God can save your marriage through you. It is as simple as that.



Prayer changes things, and if you suffered so much in your past relationships, only God will give you the power to overcome it. Start praying, your prayer will be answered.



Happy couples,

Start Adjusting Yourself:

Single life is different from married life. You can’t do certain things you are doing now when you are married.



That’s why you should get yourself fully ready for the life ahead.



Start adjusting your lifestyle to fit your future life.



If you spend money recklessly as a single, be ready to save, buy only necessary things, and spend judiciously.



Understand what you are going into and readjust your life to suit your future life.



Know Your Boundaries Before The Time:

You should know what to accept or refuse when you finally get married. If you don’t define what your boundaries are now, it will be hard for you to know when your partner crosses your boundary.



Your boundaries should be specified earlier in your relationship, but if you are not sure what they are, it will be hard to let your partner know.



I implore you to choose what they are now and hold it firm until are married at last.


Be Ready To Work:

Most time, our dream seems to be slow from manifesting. You may be discouraged that things are not working the way you want it.



That is when you should put more time, effort, and power to make sure it works.



Don’t give up on time or resolve to negativity. Keep your head up and your shoulders high as you keep working.



Consistency is the key to success. If you quit, you will never win, but when you stand your ground you will see results.



Always have in mind that nothing good comes easy and that all things work together for your good.



Having your dream marriage is not a tedious job, you only need to understand what you should do and not to do to have the best results



I have listed some points to guide you.  They are simple steps to follow and the results are tremendous.



You only have to work a little bit with resiliency and refuse to give up when things look shabby.

You will get the results you want at last.









11 Powerful signs of an unhappy husband

11 Powerful signs of an unhappy husband

signs of an unhappy husband


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist’s wife to read the signs of an unhappy husband.


If you are a good wife, you should tell when your husband is in a good mood or not.


It is among the unique characteristics of a good wife to understand the husband and take care of the family.


But if you are finding it hard to know when your hubby is happy or sad, then I am here to guide you.


In this post, you’ll learn how to read the signs of an unhappy husband.


11 Powerful signs of an unhappy husband:


He doesn’t want to spend time with you anymore:

You hubby was such a romantic man who wants to spend time with you. But things have changed a great deal; he avoids coming close to you are spending time with you.


Lately, he enjoys spending more time outside with friends, at the gym, or puts more time at his job, those are his excuses for avoiding you.


The moments he starts coming home late, going out more on weekend or going on impromptu vacations that is a red flag he is no more happy to be at home with you.


2) When He Stops Communicating:

No relationships survive without good communication. That’s the number one recipe for a successful relationship.


If your husband keeps avoiding to have a proper conversation with you, that’s a sign to note.


Sometimes, when all you are trying to have a simple conversation and he is putting you off or saying things to frustrate you, then that’s another sign.


Don’t be afraid to talk to him again, but chose a better time when he is in a good mood. You could succeed when you choose a better time to talk with him.

3) He Won’t Take Care Of You Again:

Earlier in your relationship, your husband will look you in the eyes and tell you how beautiful you look.


He takes care of your needs, your looks and make sure that you are happy all the time. Nowadays, he doesn’t care a thing about; even when you feign to be sick, he won’t show any concern.


That’s enough to show you that he has lost interest in you and your marriage. If you have the courage, you can go to him and enquire what has been bothering him.


You may have done something that made him behave that way. He can forgive you if he sees the sincerity in your eyes.


Happy marriage, save your marriage

4) He Is Annoyed In Every Little Thing:

Initially, everything you do is good for him. That was when things were going well with you two. Now you can’t please him, you are not sure what you make him mad at you for every little thing you do.


He shouts and nags when you are sure of not doing any wrong. The definition is simple: he is not happy and until you find out why he is stressed, you won’t be at peace.


5) He Starts Caring About How He looks:

Nowadays, he is always interested in his look, he will look at the mirror many times, change his clothes many times, and you are not sure why this started happening all of a sudden.


Although he doesn’t care about you or how you are fairing, yet he is not lining any stone unturned about himself.


That could be because he is caring about someone else, so he wants to look good to impress her.


Don’t give up, keep taking care of yourself, keep yourself in shape, and change your wardrobe if you have to. But just keep keeping on and hoping he will look back home again.


6)  He Is No More Comfortable Around Happy Couples:

Since he has lost hope in your relationship with him, he doesn’t want to see any other people happy.


He sees the happy couples as a scam because he believes nothing like a happy relationship exists.


Again, if he is unhappy with you or your relationship with him, he will not want anything that will remind him of how he used to relate with you in the past.


Precisely, he will be afraid to enter any relationship if he is not sure of how things will turn out in the future.


7) He’s Not Sorry To Mingle with Single Ladies:

Now he sees himself as a free bird that can perch anywhere because no one can stop him.


He can hug and mingle with single girls not minding if you are there. To him, it is normal and your feelings don’t count anymore.


When you find him doing that, it shows that he has started looking outside for another relationship.


Signs of an unhappy husband

8) He Shows No Interest In Sex Anymore:

So many things can make a man lose interest in having sex, especially when there is a health issue.


It is understandable if one of those reasons is responsible for his lack of interest in sex.


But if your husband just doesn’t have an interest in having sex with you, he doesn’t hug or kiss you anymore, then there is a problem.


Those are what keeps and relationship secured and keep the bond strong. When he avoids you, give you reasons for tiredness over and over again, then that’s a red flag that he is angry at you.


9) Your Food Becomes Poison To Him:

Your husband was fond of everything you cook for him. He never eats anyone’s food, except for your meal.


Things have changed a great deal. Now he doesn’t want to taste anything from you. Even when does, he eats it as if it was poisoned food. Even his best meals have become worse.


And it’s frustrating you because you put great efforts and love into making those meals, but he rejected it.


10) He will Be Emotionally Unavailable:

Emotional unavailability is also one of the commonest signs of an unhappy husband: so if you have seen that sign from him lately, then he is not happy.



Do you want to get your marriage working again? Click here


How would you know that?

First, if he stops sharing important things with you and prefers to do so with someone else, not necessarily a woman.


Secondly, when he started spending more time chatting and connecting with friends online and offline without giving thoughts about you.


11) He Starts Keep Secrets:

Lately, he started to be secretive. He hides important things from you. He passwords all his gadget so you can’t access any information about his daily activities.


Those things were open for you at the beginning of your relationship. You loved each other and share quite several things in common as a team, but not now.


He sees you as a traitor than a partner. It’s a sign of unhappiness.


To pacify him, quit doing anything that hurt his feeling. Understand that your attitude from that moment can make things worse or better.


Meaning of love, happy spouse

How To Make Your Husband Happy Again:

Trying to get your husband happy can be frustrating at the time, but if you can you’ll follow these steps below, you will succeed.


Honor Him:- 

Your hubby will be happy when you start honoring him. Make him your number one and do everything to show him that you are there for him all the time.


Never bring him down in the presence of your friends, relatives, or his family members.


Every man wants to be honored by their wives any your hubby is one of them, so don’t hesitate to give that to him.


Find Out What Caused His Unhappiness:

The problem will be half-solved if you find out the reasons for his unhappiness. That will give you the clues on where you should concentrate on.


If you are the reason, then try and make up, ask him for forgiveness, then change from that moment and be the good wife he always wants you to be.


Make The Home Sweeter Than It Was:

If your home has been hot and not conducive for him to stay around, then it’s your responsibility to make it sweet again for him.


Consider those things that make him want to be out with friends instead of home with you and fix them.


Keep everywhere clean, with good fragrances, quit nagging, and never try to change him.


Take Care Of Yourself Too:

You may be so consumed with the troubles you are facing in your relationship now and forget about taking care of yourself.


Note that your health and your look also matters too. Take absolute care of yourself even as you try to placate your husband.


Make yourself so attractive now so he won’t know when he starts falling in love with you one more time.


Visit A Therapist:

I always advise my readers to check out any marriage therapist near them for help. So make up your mind today to see any therapist for help.


You can get some quality advice that will boost your relationship once more.



There are about 10 signs of an unhappy husband written and some ways to get him happy again written in this post.


Take your time to study the article and know which category your marriage fell into.


Simply understand that you can save the situation by following some steps here.


I wish you success as you go about helping your marriage succeed.

Check out this save your marriage system,” and you are sure to keep your marriage rocking again









My ultimate sexless marriage advice for men

My ultimate sexless marriage advice for men

sexless marriage advice for men

A few months ago I wrote an article about the serious effects of lack of sex in marriage, and I got so many questions from my reader. Today, I will be sharing my priceless sexless marriage advice for men.


if you have ever asked questions, such as how to survive a sexless marriage without cheating when to walk away from sexless marriage, how long does a sexless marriage last, the reasons for sexless marriage or you are just looking for sexless marriage advice for men, then you have to pay close attention to what I want to share in this post?


Because in this post, I will answer all your questions one by one, and you’ll also read my ultimate sexless advice for men.


First thing first.

what is considered a sexless marriage? Or should I say what is a sexless marriage?

This is a relationship where partners don’t have sex at all, or they have only a few sexes in a year.


Here is how Dr. Recher- Warner, a sex and relationship therapist from Minnesota described a sexless marriage: it means “any partnership where sexual intimacy occurs 10 or less within a year.”


Just use the above parameter to check if your marriage looks like what has been described above.


If yes, then I thank God that you are here to learn what to do.


Moreover, if both of you are okay with the frequency of sex, good,

However, if it worries you, there is a solution to that and ill tell you soonest.

Divorce, dead bedroom

But you are not alone in this:


Because Professor Denise A. Donnelly said that “15% of married couples did not have sex with their partner in the last six months to one year.”

Let’s look at a few reasons for a sexless marriage.


Reasons For Sexless Marriage:


One of the greatest influencers of your sex drive is stress. It can be overtly detrimental to your health and your sex drive if you don’t tackle it immediately.


Stress will shift your attention from the level of intimacy you share with your partner, and replace it with worries. At last, you will feel that you are tied to have sex with your partner.


Erectile Dysfunction

If you find it hard to maintain an erection, it will make you unable to have sex. This is a common problem with men.


It has wreaked havoc in many relationships. Even in committed and loving relationships, couples may become distanced with each other, with each of them glued in the efforts to overcome the frustrating emotions of losing physical connection.


ED may be a sign of a diminishing health condition. For example, if you are diabetic, or having heart disease, it will affect your erection.


A high level of stress, the reaction from medications, and other emotional factors like the death of a loved one, loss of a job can also trigger ED.


A good medical professional will be happy to help you take care of that.


sexless marriage advice for men

Health Issues:

Some health issues will impact your sex drive greatly. Most of them will affect your “psychological processes of arousal.”


Examples are diabetes. stroke, kidney failure, etc. Count any sex activities out of your life if you have either of these ailments.


Side effect from medications:

Some drugs like high blood pressure medications, decongestants, and antidepressants, etc have serious side effects which can cause you sexual dysfunctions.


Other life issues:

Other things can negatively impact your sex life. That includes depression, tension, sex rejection, loss of a job, age, money issues.


Etc. When your mind is being occupied with any of these, you will find it pretty hard to maintain an erection and if you can’t maintain an erection, then sex is impossible.


Mismatched Sex Drive:

This means that you and your partner have a different way or time of desiring sex. That makes it impossible for you to catch up with sex demands from your partner. Because of this, you have to wait until everyone is in the mood.


Child Birth:

After delivery, your wife may be asked to abstain from sex for 5 to six months. The reason is to help her body recover from the pains of delivery and to take care of the infant.


You will be required to wait at the time so your partner could get her body back.


Serious Effects Of A Sexless Marriage:


The depression caused by sexless marriage is always in two folds:  your wife will feel depressed that you are not satisfying her sexually, and you will also feel depressed that you are shortchanging her sexually too.


That is what it means, because research, has proved that “marital satisfaction is significantly associated with being satisfied in bed.”


That also means that a lack of sex can also bring chaos and dissatisfaction.


Low Self Esteem:

One of the things a sexless relationship can do to you is to destroy your self-esteem. Think of how amazed you feel when your partner pursues you for sex when the intimacy was still there.


This boosts your ago because you know your partner still admires you. However, when the intimacy fades, you’ll start feeling unloved, ugly, and unattracted to your partner.


The feeling can make your self-esteem to nose dive and can result in a serious mental health sickness.


Unhappy wife, unhappy marriage erectile dysfunction

It Kills Trust:

Trust is what makes us feel connected with our trust, that’s why it is important to protect our relationship from being drained of trust. When sex is lacking in your relationship, it may affect the trust you have built in your relationship.


The hormone called oxytocin which is released during sex or after orgasm has been identified as a great trust builder, that’s why it’s important not to fail to have sex.


Good sex with your partner reassures your loyalty to her and your relationship.


But don’t misunderstand her when she feels that you are not maintaining a healthy sex life with her because you are having an affair outside.


Such feelings will destroy your relationship. That’s the reason you must do whatever you can to fulfill your obligation as a man and husband.


It Hurts Your Emotional Connection;

It’s not an issue when your sex life nose dives, especially when you are getting older  It is bound to change, but it is not normal when it pangs for a long time.


Lack of sex or having few sexual relationships with your partner will surely cause big problems that can cost you your marriage and if not properly handled, it can have a toll on you’re mental health too.


Your emotions will also be affected by sexlessness in your marriage.


 Increase Temptation:

When you are not having an intimate relationship with your partner, it can cause a big problem in your family if you are not careful.


Your partner may be tempted to look for an alternative outside your relationship, especially if she is a high sex drive person. To avoid it, you must try to connect with her emotionally.


How Long Does A Sexless Marriage Last:

It doesn’t have a specific time frame. Firstly, it depends on what you call it. According to  Marital  Bonnie Eaker (a marriage therapist), When it comes to sex, “If one person thinks there is a problem, that is the definition of a problem.”


When you call it a problem, it becomes a problem that will destroy your relationship. Many couples last a lifetime with it, but some won’t last two weeks with that if they are intolerable.


The solution is to have a heart to heart discussion with your partner and find common ground.


My Ultimate sexless marriage advice for men.


 How Do You Fix A Sexless Marriage?

Determine What The Situation Means To Both Of You:

Your first step to solve your sexless marriage problem is to determine what the situation means to you.


Does it bother you and your mate? Is it affecting your relationship? Forget about other couples and how they live, just think of what works for your relationship.


If it is not affecting your relationship nor bothers you, then forget it and move on.


But if your partner is not happy that you are not satisfying your sexual needs, it’s time to make a move towards saving your marriage before it gets out of hand.


Then figure out what started your sexlessness, probably you are not finding time to connect with your partner, you are addicted to pornography or you are fantasizing about someone else.


You will understand why and when it started if you think back. Whatever it is, you’ll solve it if you want to. Make sure you are on the same page with your partner when dealing with the problem.



Talk About It And Find The Solution;

Most of the times the main reason for a sexless marriage is lack of communication, it is important to improve your communication.


Let your partner know what you are passing through so you can team up and find the solution to it. It is better than just keeping it to yourself.


Effective communication will present the ground for both of you to improve the level of your physical and emotional connection, which also helps the issue to be easier to tackle.


Start Dating Again:

Start connecting with your spouse once again. Remember how you couldn’t wait to be together at the beginning of your relationship.


Think of all you did to make her happy. Do you know things will be better if you try to bring those memories back?


Date her again, take her out, have romantic dates. You will gradually start connecting with her like before.


Sex Is Not What You See in Porn Movies:

Forget what you see in movies or pornographic movies, or what your friends told you about sex. Your marriage is not the one going through sexlessness.


So don’t be misled. Just concentrate on solving the problem as a team. Things will be okay when you do.



I hope you were able to grasp something from this sexless marriage advice for men. If yes, then go ahead and put them to work and let me know how it worked for you later.


I will be waiting to hear from you soonest


What do you think about the points I listed here? Which of them would you do first?


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