Christian marriage: 6 Facts you must understand right now

Detail of the hand of a bride who signs the marriage act

I have given many pieces of advice on how to have a successful marriage. Today, I want to talk about the steps to build a happy Christian marriage.

Simply put this very article is all about marriage from the Christian point of view.

In this article, I want to uncover the most important aspect of Christian marriage that every Christian must know and the benefits of playing by these rules, which will, in turn, promote a highly successful and happy marriage.

You will also learn the Christian marriage procedure and Christian marriage rituals.

 At last, you will be fully equipped with what defines Christian marriage.

The Church Teaching And it’s Effectiveness 

There have been the usual teachings about the duties of the husband and the activities of a wife in promoting and building a happy marriage; it is all over the internet.

So many prominent marriage counselors have written several books on marriages, marriage preparations, and dating, yet I realize that they have not helped in curbing the problems in marriages.

It is very much an opposite to the known steps to building a happy Christian marriage.

In this very article, I want to share the experiences I had in my marriage, this includes the ups and downs that I experienced in my 15 years of marriage.

My  personal Marriage Story:

It all started in 2005 when I decided to get a helpmate. I thought I  had grown very well to fit into the institution called marriage, I thought  I knew everything there is to know about marriage before I rushed into it,

I thought it was all about seeing a beautiful woman and getting married to her. No, it very much more than that, there are proper steps to building a happy Christian marriage every couple must take.

Let me tell the truth: no one can achieve any success in anything in life alone without the help of God, and marriage is not an exception. My ignorance of the fundamental concepts of marriage made me face so many challenges.

There were times when I think my marriage will collapse. Things were so rough, It was quarreling every day. But that was not my initial plan.

I Was Very Wrong:

At my early age, I use to see some married couples holding hands as they walk the street, talking and laughing, and I told myself that one day I will have such a wonderful marriage too.

Yes, of course, It started like that and it is still like that. But marriage is more than holding hands and walking in the street.

Other things happen inside the house that I did not see. Those are the things everybody should know before going into marriage.


When the challenges became too much for me, there was nothing again left for me to do, then I had to get down on my, knees asking God for the next line of action. I thank God for promptly answering my prayers.

As God started showing me the ways I should go about it, I realized that those usual teachings in the church are very inadequate in helping couples build a happy Christian marriage.

Christian marriage is completely more than that. You must have the full knowledge of what building your marriage in a Christian way is all about.

But don’t worry because I will show you all today.


What is Christian Marriage?

This is simply the coming together of a man and woman who believes in God and who knows Jesus as their personal Lord and savior into a union called marriage.

A Christian marriage begins when these people believe in what God says about marriage.

The main purpose of Christian marriage is to make the man and woman holy, and this holy relationship will then begets a happy and successful Christian marriage.

Hidden things to know about Christian marriage.

1) God the head of our homes

When a man truly believes and surrenders his life to God, then his priority must be to have his marriage be instituted in the very will of God.

Any marriage that is based on the knowledge and the will of God is likely to stand the taste of time.

In the bible, the subject of marriage expands into something that is very much broad.

The husband and wives’ relationship is made to signify the relationship between Jesus and the church.

The husbands are asked to lay down their lives for their family, and the wife to honor the husband.

God’s specially designed marriage to be an instrument that will make us more like Christ.

I learned the hard way.

It took me time to know and understand these. But thank God that I did anyway, and those are the secret that changed my marriage.

One of the things I want to tell you is to go ahead and search the scriptures yourself.

You will see that God has a lot of plans for every marriage.

2) Do well to plan

It pays greatly if you will make God the architect of your marriage. A famous marriage counselor in his statistical analysis about marriage said that “Every marriage starting today has more than 41-43 chance of resulting in divorce.”

He went on to say that Christian marriage has only a 35% chance for divorce and that is much lower than secular marriage.

I think the only thing left for you at this time is to plan on the steps to make your marriage a happy Christian marriage.

My next article will be on the steps to have a Christian marriage. Be on the lookout for it.


3) Take The Right Steps:

After planing your next step to take to have a successful Christian life, then you have to take the step. Without taking the right steps, you can’t make progress.

But understand that you can’t do it all alone: Let God take preeminence. Let him be the pilot of your marriage.

With him, you can do everything and, without him, you will fail.

Search the scriptures regularly to know what God and then use the bible principles to make your marriage the best.

After that, start putting all you learn into practice. That’s when you will get results.


4) Be Positive About Everything:

Nothings brings success like positivity, and nothing kills like negativeness. Your positive actions, words, and thinking towards your marriage will bring great success to you.

Here is what I mean:

– Learn to see anything that happens to your marriage with a positive mindset.

– Never speak of anything you never want in your marriage.

For example, don’t talk about divorce if you don’t want it to happen to you. . Check out this quote- “Control your tongue. Think before you speak. You may not be able to take it back.”

So the more positive words you’ll speak, the more positive results you will have, and vise versa.

5) Be Prayerful:

Prayer is the only way to talk to God. There will be no Christian marriage if there is not a way to talk to God about the affairs of your marriage.

Always communicate to God in prayer about anything you want concerning you and your family.

Pray for your family, and also pray with your family: 1 Peter 3:7

You husbands, in the same way, live with your wives in an understanding way, as with someone weaker, since she is a woman; and show her honor as a fellow heir of the grace of life, so that your prayers will not be hindered.

It is your responsibility to protect your family with prayers.

6) Stay Connected To God:

“A fish must stay connected to the water to remain alive,” Therefore, your Christian marriage must remain alive, you must stay connected to God.

Don’t disconnect from God for anything. Follow Him throughout and you will always be happy you do.

In Conclusion:

It doesn’t take much to have a successful Christian marriage. I have described the more important things that will help you be successful in this post.

Number one is to stay connected to God, learn to pray effectively for and with your family, and then you will have to remain positive.

The next is left with you. Take actions and you will have everything you want in your relationship.

Thanks for reading.

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