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Learn all from my personal marriage story.


Today, I want to share a very important story that will inspire all my readers. I want to share my personal marriage story.


I decided to write my personal marriage story with regard to so many questions I get from my readers. I have no reason to doubt that this story will inspire someone to start writing his or her own happy marriage stories or maybe when you would have tried some of the tips I have written down here.


It all started in 2014 when I made up my mind to get married. I had long lists of what type of woman I want to marry.


1. Tall
2. Fair in complexion
3. Beautiful
4. Quiet
5. Church going type
6. Hard-working
7. A good cock
8. Prayerful and so on.


The list was actually so long.


But let me tell you one thing that will give you the shock of your life now; I was not able to get half of the things in my list, and yet I can prove to you that my spouse is the type of woman every man will want to have.


Here is why I said this: never think you will get up to a hundred % of your own list if you are still searching. It takes stepping into the water for the water to divide. Do you know what I am talking about?


In 2005 ( 10 years ago) I met and married my darling wife (cherish). One mistake I made at that time was believing that I know everything there is to know about marriage, but even the fundamentals of marriage were so strange to me.


Now, this is what happened next.

After going down the aisle and saying the “I do the thing” Life started; yes! the life of a married man. It was a new life altogether.


Everything changed, more responsibilities added. I was doing the superman. I thought I could make things happened on my own.


But things where crumbling very fast. One day I decided to hand everything over to God. I let Him take over from where I stopped, then everything started changing and taking shape again.


Let God take over

Then we learned what I did not know before, and could not even know had I not handed everything over to God.


Here are the things we learned

Pay close attention to all I am going to share here. Those are where my happy marriage story started.

(1) We learned that marriage is a union of two different people who came together bringing two different unfinished businesses:-

These unfinished businesses were the things that created so many problems in our marriage at the early stage. We also learned how to work on our maturity, and then slowly, our relationship began to mature also.


(2) There where every need for us to change as life changes:-

When one decides to grow, there is every need to adapt to the different stages of life, and to also know that different stages of life come with different gifts and challenges to marriage. Until we recognized these, we started making adjustments and then we started growing with each stage we passed.


(3) Accepted each other:-

We both came to the realization that we have different views of the same opinion. Most of the things that trigger my wife’s love and joy were not the same things I feel. The things I am sensitive to also were different from my wives. When we found out that we could not change each other, we accepted ourselves the way we are.


(4) Both of us the importance of saying “ I am sorry”:-

One thing is certain in every marriage; there must be quarrels and uproars. However, there is every need to quench the fire immediately even when you are not the course of the problems.


All these are the different things I learned and also inculcated in my marriage that gave me the reason to write this my personal happy marriage story.


I sincerely believe that someone has been able to learn something from this article.

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10 important steps to a healthy marriage

happy marriage, happy family, husband and wifeYou have read so many articles on how to have a strong and happy marriage; you have heard from the radio or attended seminars on the same course. Now tell me, how far you have gone in achieving your aim of making your marriage truly happy. If you have not made so much progress, then this list of 10 important steps to a healthy marriage will give you a good step forward into the success you desire.


These steps have been tested and proven to be what couples need to take their relationship or marriage to another level,

Here they are.

10 important steps To A Healthy Marriage

Say a Prayer Together:-

Praying together as a family is number one in my list of 10 things you must not fail to do if you want to have a happy marriage and family. It is written in the Bible that ‘the family that prays together stays together”. If you and your whole family will start praying together from today, happiness and joy will come and be established in your house.


You must Love Your Spouse:-

Every happy marriage comprises of two people who have love for each other, who are also committed to making the best of each other. You must be there always to strengthen your partner when he/she is in need. When love and care represent, peace and love are obvious.

You must no fail to greet your spouse with love first thing in the morning:-

Always choose to greet your spouse with “positive statements” like; it feels good to wake up by your side this morning”. Can you tell me the type of atmosphere this could bring that moment?

Feel free to share wit with us in the comment section.


You Must not Fail to Send Sweet and Lovely text massages to Your Spouse:-

Technology has made everything possible and fast too. This will help you send lovely and sweet text messages to your spouse while he or she is not closed at that moment. You can send messages like “I can’t wait to see you tonight” or “I miss you.”


You Must not Fail to re-unite by hugging yourselves:-

Normally when couples reunite after the day’s work, they start with critiques instead of appreciations. You will hear one partner saying to the other“why have you not made dinner? why have you not cleaned the sitting room and so on? However, if you really want to have a strong and happy marriage family, you must decide to re-unite with hugs and kisses, instead of nagging. At least let the hug last for 20- 30 minutes.


You Must not Fail to Complements Your Partner at the End of Every day:-

In some marriages, couples never feel appreciated, and never show appreciation too. This usually makes the marriage filled with the sense of been taken for granted.

You must choose to end the day by complementing your partner for any little thing he/ she did.


You must not fail to manage your conflicts well:-

It is not as if there is no fight among the happiest couples, it is just that they have the ability to manage their conflicts well.

Conflict management is one of the 10 most important things you must not fail to do if you want to have a happy marriage and family.


You must be Selfless:-

Another important thing in my list of 10 steps you must not fail to do to have a happy marriage family is to avoid selflessness. Many marriages are broken today because of this. Some partners think of no other person than him/herself. Learn to live together as one.


You must not fail to be committed to making your marriage work:-

Everything depends absolutely on you and your spouse. If you want to make your marriage a happy one, then after studying these steps to a healthy marriage then you must look at where you are not getting it right and then you get yourself committed to working with it. It is only the two of you that can do just that.

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How to spend quality time with your spouse

How to spend quality time with your spouse


One of the ways couples can enjoy a happy and healthy life, is to spend quality time together.

Tell me! How often do you share quality time with your spouse? Yes! You do spend 10 hours every day.


That is good; but I am more concerned about the quality of the time.


Did you have more opportunities to share your dreams, your thoughts’ and your feelings the way you did when you were newly married to each other?

It is obvious that while some couples spend time together, most other couples did not get the best quality time that is really needed to enjoy a happy and healthy marriage.


Some couples today have understood that being married alone does not guarantee the quality of their stay together. Marriage is more about “making and taking” the time you have to share with your companion.


At the earlier stage of marriage, it is always very easy to achieve that, but as the year goes by, it starts collapsing.


That is the more reason why some marriages has broken up today.


If you are interested in enjoying a happy healthy marriage life, you must make every of your stay with your spouse a quality one, because that is very necessary and the most important part of any marriage or relationship.


It is all about having fun together and keeping the fire of your marriage burning.

Below are Some Important Tips to Help You Make good use of your stay with your spouse.


How to spend quality time with your spouse

1) Make up your mind to Share quality times with your spouse:-

To keep your marriage strong and healthy, couples must make every effort to share quality times together as one. With the daily stress experiences by all,


It could be very easy for couples to overlook the time they share with each other. This can make a relationship suffer.


My advice for you is to find a way to carve out time from your busy schedule and make it a point of duty to spend time with your partner regularly.


2) Take Your Bath Together:-

It is usually a fun to share bath time together with each other scrubbing the back side of the other. It will help you to be closer with each other.


3) Spend time alone:-

Make out time to spend quality time alone with your spouse without your children. This is an opportunity you may have to talk about the future, discuss your dreams and other important things that will move your marriage forward.


4) No Distractions:-

Whenever you are spending time with your spouse, do not let and thing distract your attention. Most people are fond of doing other things when they are discussing with their spouse. This may divide the attention.


5) Do House Chores Together:-

Spend some time doing the cleanings together. It helps to bond couples together.
One of the easiest ways to enjoy a happy marriage health life, is to decide that it is exactly what you desire and then plan on the ways to start working on it.



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