Proven Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Spouse.

One of the ways couples can enjoy a happy and healthy life is to spend quality time together.

The question is:

How often do you spend quality time with your spouse? Yes! You do spend 10 hours every day.

That is good, but I am more concerned about the quality of the time.

Did you have more opportunities to share your dreams, your thoughts, and your feelings the way you did when you were newly married to each other?

It is obvious that while some couples spend time together, most other couples do not get the quality time that is really needed to enjoy a happy and healthy marriage.

Some couples today have understood that being married alone does not guarantee the quality of their stay together. Marriage is more about “making and taking” the time you have to share with your companion.

At the earlier stage of marriage, it is always very easy to achieve that, but as the year goes by, it starts collapsing.

That is the main reason why some marriages have broken up today.

If you are interested in enjoying a happy, healthy marriage life, you must make every moment of your stay with your spouse a quality one, because that is very necessary and the most important part of any marriage or relationship.

What Does Quality Time Mean?

Well, as I said earlier, spending time together is not what matters, but spending quality together.

Being indoors or in a place is not a description of quality time. Spending quality time means being together with full attention to each other without distraction.

It’s all about spending time together mindfully and with the hope of showing affection and appreciation for each other. It also helps you to improve intimacy and connection.

Spending quality time with your partner is a good way to ensure that your relationship stays strong and healthy

Below are some important tips to help you make good use of your stay with your spouse.

Proven ways to spend quality time with your spouse.


1) Make up your mind to Share quality times with your spouse:

To keep your marriage strong and healthy, you must make every effort to share quality times as one. With the daily stress experienced by all, It could be very easy for couples to overlook the time they share with each other. This can make a relationship suffer.


My advice for you is to find a way to carve out time from your busy schedule and make it a point of duty to spend time with your partner regularly.

Let your efforts be intentional; that means you must create the time, whether you feel like it or not. Not because you are compelled to do so, but because you know what impact it will have on your relationship.

2) Take Your Bath Together:

It is usually fun to share bath time, scrubbing the backside of each other. It will help you to be closer to each other. Intimacy is what holds two people forever.

However, intimacy is not just about having sex, but cuddling, hugging, pecking, kissing, etc.

Meanwhile, there are many other ways you can share tremendous moments with your partner.

As much as kissing is one way to ignite sex, showing together makes it fun. That’s why you should always bathe together.

3) Spend time alone:-

Make time to spend quality time alone with your spouse, without your children. Let it be just the two of you and no one else.

This is an opportunity you may have to talk about the future, discuss your dreams, and discuss other important things that will move your marriage forward. Again, you can use the opportunity to build a bond and get to know each other well.

You can go to a good restaurant, library, 5-star hotel, or even be at home or anywhere you like, but keep away from every distraction and just concentrate on yourselves.

4) No Distractions:-

Whenever you are spending time with your spouse, do not let anything things distract your attention. Most people are fond of doing other things like pressing the phone, reading when they are discussing with their spouse.

The rules of spending quality time are to avoid distractions and concentrate. Therefore, don’t entertain any form of distraction during this time. Put off your devices and pay full attention.

Your partner will feel good when you pay attention to what they are saying without interruption.

5) Do House Chores Together:-

Spend some time doing the cleanings together. It helps to bond couples together.

Many couples fight when it comes to doing household chores, but the latest study by Erin Holmes shows that wives are usually happy when their husbands do the household chore with them.

According to Dr. Dan Carlson, sharing a chore like washing dishes can play a big role in a family. She says that ” a high-quality relationship starts from sharing chores with your partner.”

One of the easiest ways to enjoy a happy marriage healthy life is to decide that it is exactly what you desire and then plan on the ways to start working on it.

6) Have Regular Dates.

Having romantic dates means a lot when to comes to building intimacy in relationships. Secondly, couples are happier and less stressed when they are on romantic dates.

A report from the National marriage project shows that regular romantic dates help couples to reduce bo and they also feel excited too.

One of the importance of date nights is that you’ll have time to stay together to have fun.

Some of the things you can do during your Date night are –

  • Have a cooking competition.
  • Go for a dance lesson
  • Read your favorite books together.
  • Play couples game together.
  • Do movie Marathon.

You don’t need to spend much to have a date night, keep it simple and have it in your house If possible.

7 Play Video Games.

Do you enjoy playing video games? If you do, then this is the best time to do it again. With different types of games like Xbox everywhere, you can have so much fun playing games.

Playing video games is another thing that brings couples together. It also fosters communication.

As you are playing the game, you are working together on one goal and as you are celebrating loses and wins, there’s a kind of joy that floods your heart.

That t is because you are working as a team and working as a team is an important tool of every successful relationship.

In Conclusion:

I hope I have been able to show you ways to spend quality time with your partner. It doesn’t take much; you only have to decide that you want to achieve that, and then work towards it.

Once you succeed in spending time together, most of the marital issue has been dealt with. This is because spending time allows you to talk about your experiences as a couple. Meanwhile, a problem shared is almost solved.

What do you think about what I shared in this post? Which of the steps would you do first?

Have you tried anything else that worked better than all I shared here? Please, share with us.

I am still your in house counselor.

You are free to ask me any question.

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