19 weird things couples do together always

Nothing can spice up a marriage like when couples do some weird things together; Those things couples do together are the things that create a very strong bond between the two.

The happy couples understood this secret of doing things together very well, and they never stop in the way; not when they know well what impact it can make in their relationship.

Some marriage experts indeed said it is not proper for couples to do everything together; their point is that each partner should still have some personal interests to tackle alone; that is good.

My own take on this is that when couples continue to pursue individual interests and never show interest in the partner’s goal, they will sooner or later find out that they have become too far apart from each other which may suddenly create a valley among them.

The statistics of marriage success is each one giving 100 % of themselves and not 50/50 or even 80/ 20. So if you know that your marriage becomes stronger when you do things together, won’t you be very happy to do so many weird things together with your partner?

One of the main things that can grow your marriage faster than you think is looking for a way to do so many things together as a couple.

Here are a few things it does to a marriage.

  •  It creates a great unbreakable bond between you and your spouse.
  • It gives you room to value each other better.
  •  Each couple understands how committed the other is in what concerns him or her.
  • It makes the marriage atmosphere so relaxing.
  • It provokes strong intimacy among couples.

Now tell me,

if these things are present in your marriage, how do you think your marriage will look like? Splendid isn’t it?

This article is to help you discover those fun couple activities you can do with your partner to improve your marriage.

If you are willing to know those weird things couples do together, then follow me closely.

19 Weird Things Couples Do Together To Stay Together.


things couples do together

1 Make love in a public place at least once:

That is funny, isn’t it? But, it can be fun. Although not in an open place, it will be good if the couple can “break out of bed” some time to enjoy sex. You can find a secluded area in the railway station, your kitchen, the backyard, or somewhere people cannot see you.

Make it snappy and be smart so people don’t see you. This may be the weirdest thing you can do together, and a new sex experience.

Tell me what you feel about this.

2 Try your spouse’s hobbies:

One common ethics of a married couple is – my husband likes to eat pork, like watching football, prefers to play basketball every evening; my wife likes sewing, reading celebrity magazines.

When you talk about movies, my hubby likes detective movies and my wife loves zee world television; that is okay.

Everybody has different interests, but it may be a very serious issue when partners assume that every of their free time should be strictly for his or her interest.

Consider the important things:

When couples get caught up in only what matters to them individually, it may be detrimental in the future. So if you are so much interested in making your marriage work, then I think you should look into those things that matter to your spouse too.

That may give you a different view of your spouse. You may not like it after trying or trying to make it your hubby too, but it is worth trying out.

3 Take a bath together:

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