How To Help Your Depressed Wife Get Better Now


If your wife is going through depression and you are looking for how to help your depressed wife get over it, then reading this article could be one of the first steps you’ll take to help her.


I said this because, in this post, I took some time to provide you with tips that will clearly show you how to help your depressed wife out of the sickness.


Although it may be a little bit tasking when you are dealing with your partner’s depression, thank God there are things you can do to help your depressed wife out and it is not as hard as you may imagine.


By the time you finished reading this article, you will be having first-hand information which will clearly show you how to help your depressed wife.


Depression is one type of sickness that when affects one spouse, before you know it, the other partner starts feeling the impact, and even the marriage is not left out too. Simply put; when your partner is depressed, the whole marriage is depressed.

What Is Depression?


Depression is a very serious mood disorder that inflicts a protracted feeling of loss of interest, fatigue, and sadness to someone. Depression also affects someone’s thinking and behavior, and can also lead to other emotional and physical troubles.


If your wives is depressed, and you feel it is affecting you also, and you seriously want to help her out of it, then your first step could be to get to know the right diagnosis, the level of her depression as well as the treatments that will be more effective in restoring her to her normal life.


The signs and symptoms of depression are not seen most of the times until thing get so worst that it became a serious problem to everyone.


Here are few signs:


(a). Excessive sleeping
(b) Sometimes lack of sleep
(c ). Eating too much.
(d) Loss of interest.
(e) Insomnia.
(f). Fatigue.
(g). Restlessness


By having this information I am sharing with you now at your disposal, then this is the time to step up to save your marriage and your partner because it will destroy your marriage if you let it linger a little longer.


Although depression in itself does not destroy a marriage, if it is not dealt with very fast, it will affect other areas of your marriage. Research shows that depressed partners are very likely to divorce.


In America, 19 million of the population is going through divorce now and according to Riders Digest, 65% of them named depression as the number one challenge in marriage; so tell me why you should allow your marriage to be ruined when there are things you can do now to help your depressed wife get over It Fast.


Here is how unattended depression affects marriage negatively.


Lately, researchers said that when depression is not treated on time, there is a likelihood that couples will have an unhappy marriage, this is because depression affects someone mentally, and mental health and unhappy marriage goes hand in hand.


When your wife is affected by this depression, she will be having less satisfaction, less happiness, and less contentment with your marriage as well as your partner.


Everything you do to make the marriage beautiful may all be completely satisfactory to her.


When your wife is going through depression, it usually looks like there is a hard dark and a heavy metal that is placed on your neck and sometimes you will feel as though the weight is much on you; sometimes you feel isolated, often loss of sexual and emotional intimacy; in fact, there is no doubt to the amount of negative impact it can bring to your marriage.


A depressed partner often withdraws from all those activities that usually bring joy and pleasure to marriage; most times it is loss of sleep, or too much sleep, eating too much and the sex life becomes nonexistent and there is a great feeling of isolation and finally separation.


The worst of it all is that your depressed wife may sometimes feel that she is no more in love with you, which is what affects the whole marriage.


Thankfully, there are a few things I will reveal to you today to show you how to help your depressed wife and I am going to share them here in a minute.


How To Help Your Depressed Wife Get Over It Fast.


How To Help Your Depressed Wife Step One:-


Understand The Causes Of Her Depression.


One of the steps you can take to help your depressed wife is to understand fully what depression is, what stage of depression is she really in? What are the things that are causing her to be depressed?


Talking to some of your friends about it may help a great deal, probably some of them may have one or two persons that have passed through that before, and may offer some ideas that could be of great help.


Although it may not be wise enough to discuss your marriage to outside, but remember, that this could be the best thing that can save your wife from depression.


However, remember you have to know how the sickness started in the first place and what level of depression she is suffering from.


Ask yourself these questions can help.


How To Help Your Depressed Wife Step Two:


When Did She Start Feeling Like This?:


It is obvious this did not start today, it may have started some days, months or years back. Knowing exactly when she started changing will do a lot when you want to help her. And from that, you should be able to know what brought about the depression.


Although some types of depression do start from birth, but if your wives did not start in her early life, then something would have been the cause.


How To Help Your Depressed Wife Step Three:


What happened that made her start feeling this way:


Depression don’t just start, something may have been the reason for the sudden change of attitude. When you are able to know when it all started, then you can say for sure what happened to her.


Getting answers to these few questions will make your journey to helping your wife a little bit easier. Now you have taken your first step in helping her out of depression, then here are other things that will help her get back to a normal life.


Remember, it may be a little hard to convince her to schedule an appointment with the Dr, because depression saps motivation and lots of energy from them, so even getting them book an appointment with the doctor may be a little harder.


How To Help Your Depressed Wife Step Four:-


This is just a call for you to be more prepared for what you want to do.


Building your spirit to be resilient is all you need in other to get your love one accept she has the problem as well as making her see that all will be well shortly.


Statistics confirmed that 20 % of the depressed will be very embarrassed to look for help which is always why they suffer in silence for a long time.


How To Help Your Depressed Wife Step Five:-


Find A Way To Convince Her:-


They always believe they will be alright if they want to, they think it is a personal dullness and that they can “snap out of it” but really depression is not in any way related to personal willpower or weakness or even character.


That is the reason you should plan how you will talk to convince her. The way you talk to her matters a lot when you want to convince her.


If you don’t know how to start.


Here are few tips on how to talk to her:


Like I said earlier, it is not easy when you want to convince your depressed spouse to do anything, but you must try and say the right things to her if you really want to support your depressed loved one.


Let her understand that she is not alone:


All the depressed persons have one thing in common, and that is to isolate themselves for their relatives, friends and family which helps to compound their condition.


However, when you let you depressed wife understand that she is not alone, and that you are right there beside her, that may add a new hope to and her and may help her condition get a bit better.


Have you thought about seeing the Doctor?


Is there anything I can do to help you?


If you say this to her, she will understand that you are fully available and ready to help. You are so important to me and your life is important to me too.



It is true I don’t understand how you are really feeling, but I want to help you get better. Remember all these are just to make her accept to visit a doctor with you. And when she fully accepted, then you have taken the proper steps to help her.


It is then left with the doctor to conduct a test on her to determine the level of depression she is suffering from.
There are different levels of depression.


There are different types of depression, and knowing which level your wife is currently on, will determine the nature of treatment you will recommend for her as well as how to help your depressed wife.


Here are they:


Major depressive Disorder) MDD:


This is diagnoses when someone has a constant feeling of despair and hopelessness. Anyone with this type of disorder finds it very hard to work, sleep or sturdy.




People that have this type of disorder usually have little or no joy at all in their lives. They can hardly remember a time in their life when they feel happy, inspired or even excited. This type of disorder starts from the earlier age of the person suffering it.


Bipolar Disorder (manic Disorder):


This type of disorder tends to be a generic type of disorder. The symptoms for this are far from the normal ups and down people go through daily. There are many other types of depression; but these are the few common once.


Another way you can help your wife to come out of depression is to use foods that are good in managing depression.


Researchers have proved that good dietary programs can have a very big effect to our moods. They proved that diets that lacks the essential vitamins like-


Vitamin B:


This is very good in preventing depression, fatigue as well as anxiety. That’s why it is necessary to take vitamin b complex on a daily basis. Main source of vitamins is grains and animal protein. Vitamins like B-9, b12 and b-6 helps “emotional health”


Vit B12


As well as lack of folic acid, pantothenic, and biotin is likely to cause depression.




This help in reliving anxiety. You can get magnesium from vegetables and nuts


Vitamin B-6


This is good for the formation of a good level of neurotransmitters, which helps the brain to transmit signals from a neuron to the other.



This is a member of Omega-3 family and it is very important component of the nerve cells which helps in transferring information.

If your wife feel sad all the time, then taking Omega(3) fatty acid can help to combat it. A good source of omega 3 is fatty fish such as sardines, salmon etc.

Food and good dietary plans can help your wife against depression, and poor nutrition triggers the disease.


In conclusion:


If your wife is suffering from depression, one of the ways to help her is to give her all the supports and encouragements you can offer, to make her understand that she is not alone.


Apart from referring her to a good psychologist, another way to help your depressed wife is through proper diets and you will see the changes in her condition.


I hope you got some tips on how to help your depressed wife get better from this post. Congratulations. Just take the steps from now, it may take time, but it will work out.

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