5 Lifestyles that kills a marriage fast

Lifestyles that kills a marriage

There are many lifestyles that kill a marriage, and I want to share them with you today.


One common question I get from my subscribers daily is “Why do marriages fail, even when the couples involved were living and were both happy in the beginning?


I asked those questions too, especially when it is obvious to me that the marriage has lasted 10- 20 years and above.


Driving from my personal experiences as a marriage instructor, I found out that no couple wants to be married and file for divorce the next moment, and no one of them is happy when they are finally separated.


But, here are some toxic relationship lifestyle couples usually get stocked on that has the capacity to destroy and relationship.


In this article, I’ll show you that toxic relationship lifestyle that kills a marriage so you’ll stay clear from them to retain happiness in your relationship.


If you are ready for this, then let’s dive in at once.


5 Toxic relationship lifestyles That Kill Marriage.


poor communication in marriage


1 Poor communication: –

From the latest survey, it was found out that one trick for stripping divorce /separation lies in how good and effectively you communicate with your spouse.


It was also found out that sixty-five % of divorce came from communication while forty-eight % comes from the inability to resolve conflicts.


John Gottman a professor and a marriage expert from Washington University after research identified. These four communication problems to be the main reasons for divorce.


Here they are

a Refusal to communicate at all ( stonewalling )

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