First christmas together as newlywed

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If you just wedded and you are looking to know how you can celebrate your first Christmas together as Newlywed couple, then this article is specifically for you and in a little moment from now, I will show you how to do just that.

Celebrating your first Christmas together as a  Newlywed couple could be one of the best things and the best romantic moment every newlywed will seek to have.

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The reason is that everything is new and just as the virgin land I, you. will have the opportunity to create new and exciting rituals together.

Every Christmas, parents, brothers, sisters,s and in-laws love to have their newlyweds spend much time taking part in their own rituals like special church services, parties,s and other functions, and that left the couple with even less time to have to themselves.

If your own Christmas is booked by your family as I have described earlier, then this article will reveal some way to enjoy your first Christmas together as Newlywed couples.

Here are the ways to go about i.

first christmas as couples

   How to spend your first Christmas together as a  newlywed couple.          

1 Remember what Christmas is all about:

In the midst of the preparation for the celebration, it is impertinent you take some time together and read more about Christmas is all about.

Get your Bible and start searching and studying about the birth of Christ, think about the impact it has on your life.

Start reading from the book of Luke chapter 2, then read Mathew 1and 2. you’ll be more enlightened about Christmas and as you are reading, try to see it from the perspective of husband and wife as you read the story of Joseph and Mary.

Remember the celebration should not becloud your understanding that the season of Christmas is about the gift God brought to us. Isaiah chapter nine verses 6: For to us a child is born, to u,s a son is given and the government should be upon His shoulder. His name should be called a wonderful, counselor, the mighty God, the prince of peace.

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