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Do you want to have your dream marriage? 0

Do you want to have your dream marriage?

have your dream marriage


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How You Can Have The Marriage Of Your Dream Fast:


if you want to have your dream marriage fast, then you must read this post.



I suggest you shut all the doors as you read this to avoid distraction because I am about to reveal some steps to help you actualize those beautiful dreams you’ve always had for your marriage.



The truth is that everything starts with a dream, we all dream to have good health, good cars, good spouse, and most of all to have a good marriage.



Yes, it is good to have dreams!


However, your dreams for a better marriage will never come true if there is no corresponding action to make it come through.



That why you should make plans to achieve your dream for your marriage.



In this post, I will show you some authentic steps you must take to have your dream marriage fast.



What Is Your Dream Marriage?

The question is: what are your dreams about your marriage? How did you wish your whole family will look like?



1 to have a beautiful wife?

2) Handsome husband

3) Lovely children.

4) Have a house of your own

5) Have nice cars

6) Travel all over the world with your children, etc.


Your list can be endless, but the truth is that if you are not sure what steps to take have your dream marriage fast, then your dreams will be useless.



How to Have Your Dream Marriage Fast:


Single, getting married

1) Put It Down On A Paper:

“Large bodies of goal achievement research encourage written goals for good reason. When we write down our goals, we transform what we imagine into reality.”

Just like Gina Greenlee said, there is a need to write your dream down and paste it where you’ll always see it because you will be motivated to swift to action whenever you look at them.
Though this may look like child’s play, it’s a good step to take if you want to have your dream marriage.
Even the bible admonished us to do the same Habakuk 2:2 ” Then the LORD said to me, “Write my answer plainly on tablets so that a runner can carry the correct message to others.”
I implore you to journal your dream today and start working on them instantly. That’s when you’ll get the results you want.

2) Get Prepared Now:

The worst mistake to make before hooking up is not knowing the basics of the steps you are taking.



Most of the failed relationships were due to unpreparedness. Many thought marriages are easy, but it takes a good amount of dedication, nurturing, and synergy to make it work.



That’s why you should equip yourself before taking the steps.



Here area  few things to do to get prepared:


Go for pre-marriage counseling:

This is almost a very good step if you want to have your dream marriage. It is specifically a training class designed to help you get acquainted with what marriage implies.



At the sessions of premarital counseling, you will be thought so many things that will help you overcome certain challenges that could destroy your relationship.



Don’t assume this is for old couples or the problem relationships. Make up your mind to visit any counselor before marriage and enjoy their benefits thereafter.



If you want to locate a good pre-marriage counselor, then read this.



Sturdy Other Marriages and Take The Best From them.

While I was single,  There were many marriages I prayed that have the like. They were my role model marriage because I learned so many things from them that made my marriage what it is.



You can learn from other marriages too. However, many marriages look rosy outside but not inside: just copy the good things and trash the rest.



Learn only what will profit your relationship and inculcate them and forget the rest.



Go to those couples and ask them how and why looks good in their relationship. You will be surprised by the results you will get at last.



 have your dream marriage

Develop Yourself Physically And Mentally:

We are in a global world now, where you get so many things that can help you have the type of marriage you want either free or at a little cost.



Although it is not proper to depend on free stuff, yet some freebies will give you the guidance you need to achieve your goal.



Join some visual courses like this if you need to boost your libido, read marriage blogs, attend seminars, read the book, and play CD.



All these will help you and last you will know that you have the knowledge you need to have a worthwhile relationship.



Improve Your Communication Skill:

When you are planning to get the best out of your marriage, you should concentrate on improving your communication skills as that is the most important recipe for a successful relationship.



Communication is almost the most important pivot that pulls other sides of your relationship.  Get it right and every other thing follows suit; the opposite happens when you get it wrong.



The best is to start improving your skills now. I have already a detailed post on how to do that, so go and read it here.



Discard Your Old Baggage:

One thing you must learn to have the future you need is to discard the past.



Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians 3: 13 admonished them to forget the things which are behind and press toward the future.



Certain things won’t come your way if you are still holding on to the old ones.



Now you are hoping to get married or make your relationship better, try and discard those things you are holding on to.



Of course, it won’t be easy to do:  you were hurt so much in your past relationship, etc, but you have to “check your baggage at the door,” so it won’t jeopardize your new relationship.



Have You Tried Prayers?

The power of prayers in getting whatever you want about your marriage can’t be overemphasized. It is more important than any other step you can think of.



Prayer is a way we make our request be known to God, and if you will only speak to God about whatever you desire about your marriage, you will have them.



God said, ” ask you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened to you.”



Be the praying wife and the praying wife today so God can save your marriage through you. It is as simple as that.



Prayer changes things, and if you suffered so much in your past relationships, only God will give you the power to overcome it. Start praying, your prayer will be answered.



Happy couples,

Start Adjusting Yourself:

Single life is different from married life. You can’t do certain things you are doing now when you are married.



That’s why you should get yourself fully ready for the life ahead.



Start adjusting your lifestyle to fit your future life.



If you spend money recklessly as a single, be ready to save, buy only necessary things, and spend judiciously.



Understand what you are going into and readjust your life to suit your future life.



Know Your Boundaries Before The Time:

You should know what to accept or refuse when you finally get married. If you don’t define what your boundaries are now, it will be hard for you to know when your partner crosses your boundary.



Your boundaries should be specified earlier in your relationship, but if you are not sure what they are, it will be hard to let your partner know.



I implore you to choose what they are now and hold it firm until are married at last.


Be Ready To Work:

Most time, our dream seems to be slow from manifesting. You may be discouraged that things are not working the way you want it.



That is when you should put more time, effort, and power to make sure it works.



Don’t give up on time or resolve to negativity. Keep your head up and your shoulders high as you keep working.



Consistency is the key to success. If you quit, you will never win, but when you stand your ground you will see results.



Always have in mind that nothing good comes easy and that all things work together for your good.



Having your dream marriage is not a tedious job, you only need to understand what you should do and not to do to have the best results



I have listed some points to guide you.  They are simple steps to follow and the results are tremendous.



You only have to work a little bit with resiliency and refuse to give up when things look shabby.

You will get the results you want at last.









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Boost Libido: How to boost libido in women

Boost libido in women


This post is for all my female readers who have lost interest in having sex and are desperate to learn how to boost libido in women.


If you have ever asked questions about why your libido is down, or you are wondering if there is a way to boost libido fast, then this article is for you, and by the time you are through, you would have understood-

  • What libido is?
  • Learn to start loving and craving for sex again.
  • How hormones affect your libido
  • A few exercises will helps your hormone to improve.
  • How to give your body what it needs so libido will thank you.
  • What to do when sex doesn’t feel great again. And
  • How to improve your libido quickly.


I know you are already enthusiastic to learn all these.

The good thing is that you will have fun as you learn how to boost libido in women fast.


Let’s dive in:=}}


Boost libido: How to boost libido in women fast


Meaning of Libido?

Libido is a term used to describe the level of your responsiveness to sexual activities.


Sigmund Freud said that “the libido is part of the id and is the driving force of all behavior.”


It usually varies according to the individual, some are of a high libido while some have a low libido. A low sex drive is described as low libido, while a high sex drive is called high libido, and it may be influenced by psychological, physical, or social factors.


However, to have great sex, you must determine what your libido level is.



According to Sheila Gregoire, the author of “the good girls guide to great sex say that  “If you are frustrated because you never really wanted sex,” then you need to boost your libido.



Main Causes Of High Or Low Libido:

Before we go into how to boost libido in women, let us understand the causes of both high and low sex drive in women.


Like I earlier said, three main factors can determine your sex drive, they are the psychological, physical, and social factors.


The physical factors that affect your sex drive.



What is Testosterone? This is a hormone found in living organisms and it is associated with the sex drive and also plays important roles in the production of sperm in men and eggs in women.


The testosterone production starts during the puberty age and drops from 30 years.


In women, testosterone is produced both in the adrenal glands and the ovaries. The hormone aids your body in so many different functions.


For example, it aids the regulation of your mood and helps to keep your reproductive organs, your bones, and tissues healthy.


That is why the imbalance of the hormone determines the levels of the sex drive you have


Although there is research to know if there will be a way to give hope to those that have to pass the age of 40 years, until then if you fall into this group, you will find your testosterone going down.


Low or high testosterone 

As the names imply, the testosterone can be either high or low, and it produces the sex drive according to its level in your body.


Simply put, if yours is high your sex drive will be high and it will be low when the libido is low also.


How to improve your sex life

The Impact Of Low Testosterone Level In Women:

  •  Painful sexual intercourse
  • Low libido
  • Dry skin
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Fatigue. Etc.


– Medications:

Some medications are capable of reducing your libido. Certain drugs like high blood pressure drugs.


Medication for cancer( chemotherapy) etc.


When you are taking either of this medication, expect your libido to reduce drastically.


– Depression:

Depression is another serious cause of low libido. You can’t tall about depression and not talk about low sex drive, because they go hand in hand.


Depression occupies your mind with worries, and make you believe you don’t have the power at that moment to have sex. Once your brain accepts that, it will affect your sex drive.


– Lifestyle also influences the libido:

Certain lifestyle can affect your sex drive. Alcohol and drug addiction are part of the lifestyles you should drop, so it doesn’t affect it.


Sleep Disorder and Stress:

Stress and sleep disorders go hand in hand. It is the stress that causes sleep abnormalities and insomnia.


When you don’t have enough or good sleep, your body system will be too weak to function normally which can hinder you from performing well sexually.


How Do Hormones Affect Your Libido?


The female “sex steroids”,  or sex hormones play some vital roles in reproduction, sexual development as well as in general health.


Sex hormone levels changes often, and most of those changes happen during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause, and they play important roles during sex.


It is also important you know that when the sex hormones are balanced, it can lead to health problems, infertility, and changes in sexual drive.


There are about three known female sex hormones



Estrogen is a hormone that helps to develop and balance the female reproductive system as well as the female characteristics, like the pubic hairs and the breast.


The estrogen also contributes to the development and functions of the cardiovascular system, bone, cognitive health, and other important body processes.


Although this hormone is present in men, it is produced more in the female.


There are three types of estrogen.

– The Estrone: This is a weaker form of estrogen and they are mostly present after menopause.


– Estriol: This helps the uterus to grow and balance the body for deliverance. The level of estriol usually rises during pregnancy, and peaks after birth.


Estradiol: This is the most important type of estrogen needed during the female reproductive years. Too much of this hormone gives rise to loss of sex drive, acne, depression, and osteoporosis.


When this hormone is too much in the female body, it increases the risk of uterine and breast cancer, the lower level of it also results in cardiovascular disease, and again in weight. That means only the proportional amount of it is needed.


Boost libido, boost libido in women

The Progesterone:

Progesterone is among the group of steroid hormones known as the “progestogens.” It is produced by the corpus luteum which is found in the ovary in the second half of your menstrual cycle.


It helps during your menstrual cycle, and also plays important roles in during the early stages of pregnancy.


The level of progesterone usually fluctuates during pregnancy, and there is no danger of having too much of it in your body, however, a high level of it may increase the risk of developing breast cancer.


The researchers are suggesting that low progesterone may be the reason for infertility or miscarriage after conception. Again, if you experience bleeding at the earlier time of your conception, that’s a sign of low progesterone.



This is found mostly in men,  but it is also present in women on a very low amount.

Here are a few works of testosterone

It aids fertility.

Increase sexual desire

Helps during menstruation

Aid the production of bones and tissue.

Engenders the production of the blood cell.


Boost libido: How to boost libido in women fast.

How to give your body what it wants so your libido will thank you.

Do you know that the way you maintain your body and your health can determine to a large extent how your sex drive will be?


After some research, scientists have suggested that certain types of food will enhance your stamina and as well as improve your sex life.


In this section of the sex guide, we will be looking at how you treat your body to enhance your libido.


Researchers found out that good blood circulation in the body helps in good erection. Simply put, good circulation of blood is vital to healthy sex.


You must learn how to keep your body healthy by eating things that keep your heart healthy ( heart-healthy diets),  like

  • Vegetables and fruits.
  • Enough fibers and whole grains.
  • Use good cooking oil, like sunflower oil or olive oil.
  • Seafood, legumes,d nuts are also recommended.
  • Eat high zinc foods
  • Eat meat and other foods that are rich in amino acid.
  • Red wines are also good, as it contains quercetin which is known to boost the blood flow.

Red meats are not good for the heart, so avoid it.


Romance, sex drive

Exercises That Can Boost Your Libido:

Some exercises are proven to help your libido improve.


According to Dr. Prause  “Exercise likely acts as a prime to promote sexuality.” so do not neglect exercises and what it can do to your sex life.


If you are not sure the types of exercise am talking about, then below are a few of them.


Stress Reducing Exercises:

Stress can be a big problem for you and a big killer of libido.


It usually increases the levels of cortisol, which then occupies the mind. However, when you indulge in any physical activity, your body will then release a chemical called endorphins (the feel-good chemical).


It is the endorphins that neutralize the level of cortisol and turn them into the feeling of well being and relaxation.


When you are so stressed, your mind would be so occupied to get into the erotic mindset, which helps you get excited and aroused also.


One of the exercises that will help your body to connect properly is yoga. Having a regular yoga exercise can give you some good physical and “mental benefits.”


Yoga helps in controlling your mind, body, and soul and brings your mental and physical being to a balance, which then results in a peaceful mind and body.


Hormone Regulating Exercise:

Hormones are known to play an important part in your sexual desire and other things that help you get aroused for sex and some exercises are proven to be good in regulating the hormones effectively.


Here are some exercises am talking about.


You and I think walking is not an exercise right, but let me tell you that “brisk” walking has a lot of impacts on your health and especially to balance your hormone.

Walking is a very simple way to get your heart walking effectively and a functioning heart helps the blood circulate well in your body.

If you have been neglecting brisk walking, then it is time to get back to it once again, as it has the physical and mental benefits to your sex life.


Pilates And Yoga:

Yoga and pilates are also good when you want to boost libido in women. They have a big benefit like helping you to be flexible, have good posture reduce stress and they are both anti-aging exercises.


Doing yoga, makes you be focused and not lingering about anything. Your mind will be off from stress, and being able to keep your mind off stress will help you improve your sex responses.


Wights And Strength Training:

I know what you are thinking and of course, these two exercises look so intense, they are really good if you want to keep feet and boot libido.


Strength training helps you to burn calorie and to lower your risk of osteoporosis, which reduce the risks as you approach menopause.


You don’t have to build muscles like Rambo or Schwarzenegger, but you know you are trying to boost your libido and to get your sex life back.


How To Improve Your Libido Faster:

If you read to this point, then you are serious about boosting your libido. follow the steps I showed you here, but there is one more way I will show you, which has yielded results for many women and I am sure it will help you too.


Sheila Gregoire has a wonderful course that will help you boost your libido fast.


This is a 10 module video course with lots of information and good exercises that will make you desire sex once again.

You can get the video here.



You can get excited about sex again by following a few steps I have explained in this article.


You can also have greater results by taking the course by Sheila Gregoire. Be sure to get the best results after taking the course.



Most of the links in this article are my affiliate links and when you buy anything using the link, I will earn some commissions which helps me to keep this blog working.













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True Meanings of commitment in marriage

successful marriage, happiness in marriage

What does commitment in marriage mean to you?

Is it just about you and your partner holding hands as you work on the street? Or is it about taking care of all the needs of your marriage?

Commitment in marriage means more than that.

One thing you should do to make your marriage successful is to learn how to be more committed to doing the necessary things you should for your relationship to be successful.

Love is important to ensure that things work in your relationship, but love alone cannot do the magic. Love can make you have confidence in each other, but cannot make you trust each other.


I have also believed love is the greatest, I believed that love can conquer everything; I thought that just sharing your feelings is all one needs to make a relationship stronger. How dumb I was!.


The truth is this: you love your partner so much, you buy gifts for him/her, you load his or her bank account with good money, but you have not made plans to make sacrifices for your marriage, then you have not started.


Let me tell you a little about love.

Love is good; but no matter how sweet it is, it is just one out of the many recipes you need for your marriage to succeed.


If you attach much importance to the feelings of love, I want you to understand that it can change at any moment, because there is a very thin line between love and hate.


If you think love is more important, then tell me how we can balance this news on television, newspapers, radio stations, and magazines about divorce.



Those two partners that are doing everything now to divorce were once in love, they lived together for years and now they think they are not meant for each other.


Love works better when it is mixed with commitment. (Tweet This)


When a relationship is strong, it is not what we feel motional that made it so, it is how committed we are to do the things that will make it work.


But what is this thing called commitment, and why is commitment important in marriage?


What is Commitment in marriage?

From my own, commitment is that point in a marriage where everyone feels secure with each other.


The ULCA campus psychologist after analyzing 175 married couples in their first 11 years of being married describes commitment as “when couples are willing to make some sacrifices in other to make their relationship strong.”


It is very easy to say you are committed to your marriage especially when things are going well. But what happened when things start changing? Can you still stand your ground to say “I must do something to resolve this, what steps should I take to make my marriage stand again?


You must be willing

If you are willing to make sacrifices for your marriage, then one part of dealing with conflict is taken care of and you are more likely to have a stronger and lasting marriage.


Whenever there is a heated moment in a happy marriage, the happy couples instead of looking for who wins the argument immediately decides to settle the differences and move on with their relationship.


This is because they value their marriage more than anything else.

marriage, couples

A lack of commitment in marriage

Lack of commitment in marriage is the number one reason for breakups and divorce. (Tweet This)


You can easily know a marriage that lacks commitment when one of the partners or even both takes the other for granted.


Once that starts, all the feeling of oneness and emotional intimacy starts disappearing, excuses and complaints begin.


That is when you will hear your partner saying that


  • The whole works of the family are only on you: When the relationship was young, you do so many things with ease and happiness because you love your spouse and never want to offend him or her.


Now you have learned how to complain because you felt the load is on you. A more committed partner should do things because the marriage must move forward and keep complaining aside.


  • That your schedule is so tight: You could not wait to be around your spouse, because you cherish every moment. Now you prefer to spend more time on work because you think when you come home early you will start the house chores.


  • No time to discuss, because I have some office works to do: Many couples quarrel whenever they want to discuss the family; because of that everybody wants to avoid quarrels by keeping a distance from each other.


When communication stops, more troubles start.


  • The dishes are there waiting for me: Too many complaints in a relationship cause stress, and lack of commitment brings complaining in a marriage.


  • I have to finish all am doing first before getting the fruits from the fruit store.

It is always very easy to produce excuses, but you must understand that giving excuses can be the best reason you have not been seeing your spouse as that special person you knew before.


If you want your marriage to stand firm during difficult times, and thrive better when things are good, then you must build a lasting relationship with your spouse through devotions and commitments.


But how can you develop this attitude? How can you be more committed to your marriage and also encourage your spouse to do the same too?


True Meanings of commitment in marriage.



happy marriage, committed marriage,happy couples

1) Make your marriage your number one priority:

It is important to value your marriage more and make it occupy the first position in your heart. If your marriage is important to you, you will devote all your time to making it work.


The bible said “for where the treasure of a man is, there his heart will also be; Mathew 6: 21, and the bible also says “any man who honors his wife, will al honored by God.


Where did you place your marriage?

How important is it to you?


Look back to the past day, weeks, and months and think about how much time you devoted to your partner. What can you say you have done over the past days that can give your spouse the confidence to trust you more as a partner? If you are not sure how to start, then follow these steps. : )


Let other thing go and hold fast to your marriage:

Many times we tend to forget so many things we want to do, even our marriage could sometimes be neglected, and however, you can stand your ground and be sure your marriage is not on the list.


The easiest way to do this is to plan from the very beginning that your marriage will be held in great esteem.


I always suggest you write down those things in a paper just like you are writing your companies mission statement, but this one is called a marriage statement.

2) Be very strict with bedtimes:

if you are home with your partner in the evening, then being very strict with going to bed at the same time, will create a good time for you to have quality time together, and quality time with your spouse builds intimacy.


Couples use those times to plan about their marriage, discuss what to do more, and what to give up so the marriage will prosper more.


happy marriage, commitment in marriage


3) Be connected even when you are not together:

Thanks to technology; you have no reason to give why you should not reach your partner when he or she is not with you. Send love messages to your spouse.


Call home often to know how everyone is fairing.

Stay firm to your words:

Take a bold step and tell your spouse how you are being more committed to your marriage and how you are ready to be that way for the rest of your life.


Saying this boldly to every member of your family; both the kids will bring courage and trust to them and will compel everyone to be careful of their actions too.


4) Create the type of marriage you want:

The success or failure of your marriage depends on you and your spouse, and that means you should do everything you have to make it work.


However, you should not continue waiting for your spouse to change, take proper steps to create the type of change you want by doing those things you have not been doing.


Spend more time with each other, talk nicely with each other, and have good sex. Start understanding your spouse once more.

5) Set healthy marital boundaries:

We are surrounded by-laws and rules and some of them are there to make us feel protected. It will be good if we set rules and boundaries that will protect our marriage/ relationships too.


These boundaries should be there to help us, strengthen us, and keep us safe. One important thing about rea relationship/marriage is that both spouses can set boundaries together and one way to do that is to have a chit-chat with your partner and talk about the things that should be taken out or restore in your marriage.


Try and write down those boundaries in a notebook; that will remind you when you are crossing your limits.

6) Make your partner your soul mate:

If you want to enjoy more marital happiness, then you must make your spouse your best friend.


Friendship can be compared to a garden; it has to be cultivated and nurtured. It may not work immediately unless you are persistent enough to make it work.


7) Be your spouse friend

Being your spouse’s friend will help to build intimacy between you and will make everyone to be more relaxed and secured in the relationship. You will only notice that your marriage is blossoming faster than you think.


If you rent to feel a deeper sense of joy and love in your marriage, you should try making your spouse your best friend and not like a husband/wife.


If you are not sure how to start, then these points will guide you.


8) Develop a special interest in your spouse once more:

After some time in marriage, the love seems to wax cold; but you can renew the love and start seeing your spouse like the same person you fall in love with and also like the one you got married to.


Commitment in marriage

Develop new interest in whatever concerns your partner. Remember, when you were newly married, all you want to know are those things that will make him/her feel happy, you were always there in whatever circumstances because you want to give those words of wisdom that will live your spouse up in the spirit.


Why not start it all over again? It will help you move forward as a couple.

9) Have your spouse’s back all the time:

One of the things that makes a marriage successful is when couples do things as a team when you are there to protect each other and stand your ground for each other.



Your spouse will always feel secure when he or she realizes that you are always there. Whenever you see someone making some nasty comments again your spouse, just step in immediately and let your spouse know you are fighting for him or her.


10) Know and speak your spouse’s language:

IYoumust know what makes your spouse feel loved and start doing it. And if you don’t know to feel free to ask.


Rounding Up:

As I am rounding up this article, I want you to understand that love is very important when you want your marriage to succeed, but if you want your relationship to be stronger and happier, then try being more committed to your marriage.


So think about those things you have not been doing before and start doing it now and watch your marriage change. Think about ways to just more committed to your marriage.


Most of all is to start immediately to put all you have learned from this article to work; the only thing that can stop you from enjoying more marital success is if you did not discipline yourself to put these to practice.



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