Dream about your spouse cheating: 11 sure meanings revealed.

This is the fourth time you dream about your spouse cheating on you and you are wondering what that means, you are not alone, and no one will blame you for asking that question.

I know how it feels to wake up from sleep with a mental image about your partner going behind your back, you’ll feel so unhappy for the rest of that day, even when your partner hasn’t cheated on you.

Any time a bad dream about cheating gets closer to a home, it also comes with the same negative emotions, insecurities, as well as trust issues that we’ll experience when it happens in real life; even when we trust that our partner won’t indulge in that.

So what does it mean when you always have a dream about your spouse cheating? Or what does it mean when you are dreaming of your spouse is cheating with your friend?

Wait a moment, we will be looking at what it means to dream about your spouse is cheating, but I want you to understand firstly that just having such a dream shouldn’t make you suspicious of anything.

Such dreams of unfaithfulness have been recorded to be one of the commonest nightmares. Although such dreams might look like a terrible betrayal when it fresh, it is not an indication that you are getting some useful signs. No, it’s not.

The truth is that dreams are not the same as predictions, they are just allegories for all the challenges we are looking forward to resolving or dealing with. A marriage expert observed from his research that anything we feel in our dream shows what we also feel in real life.

That being said, we must take time to find out what such a dream about your spouse cheating on you means. Let’s dive in.

Dream about your spouse cheating:

1) Trust Maybe Lacking-

If you are having dreams about your spouse cheating on you, it may not be a red flag that they are untrustworthy at all in life, it could only be that you are struggling with fears concerning your relationship, or having trust issues completely.

Probably, you have had issues with infidelity with your current partner or you experienced that in your past relationships, and that left you with fear and distrust in your current relationship.

It may also be that you haven’t been cheated on before, but you are just uncertain and fearful in your current relationship and also worried about how your spouse is feeling.

Therefore, when either you or your partner is having a continuous dream about your spouse cheating, then it could be because you are not sure whether your partner loves you the way they use to.

Chris Brantner, a certified sleep science coach described having such bad dreams as a way of having an emotional release. So when you have such a dream may be related to the fear you are having.


2) Maybe Due To Sexual Dissatisfaction

While having a dream about your spouse cheating on you may not mean that your spouse is cheating, some are. Having dreams about infidelity can happen when you are not having enough sex in your marriage.

The question now is; what is the sex frequency in your marriage? Are you happen with the number of times you have sex in your marriage? If you are not having sex more frequently, that can make you think that your partner is having it outside.

That will also make you dream about cheating too.

3) You May Need A Good Communication In Your Relationship-


Not having good communication in your marriage can cause you to have unnecessary dreams. If you and your partner are communicating effectively, you will never be afraid to talk about your fears and desires.

If you always dream about your spouse cheating on you, it may be a good red flag that trust has completely deteriorated and you need to act fast to fix that feeling says Caleb Backe,

Lack of good communication can cause you to start stressing and worrying about things that don’t exist in your relationship instead of finding a way to resolve them faster.

Note that good communication can help you stop your partner from attempting to cheat on you. Use the dream as a way to work out your personal feelings, and good communication to maintain a good relationship

4) Fear Of Being Abandoned-

Another good interpretation of the dream about your spouse cheating is that you are afraid of your partner abandoning you. Fear of abandonment can make you not have a good relationship.

This type of fear will make you have negative dreams. Therefore, if you have dreams of your partner abandoning you, and you have no other signs you can worry about your past, then I suggest you see a counselor.

I suggest you evaluate yourself well, to see if there are underlying issues that resulted from your past experiences maybe that’s why you are having a bad dream of a cheating spouse.

5) You Are Probably Emotionally Dissatisfied

You heard that right, emotional dissatisfaction can be another reason you are having a dream about your spouse cheating. The truth is that all the emotions you usually feel in your dreams could be coming from the exact place, and it’s obviously about your physiological and emotional union with your better half.

All the dreams you are having about infidelity could be because most of your emotional needs haven’t been met, which made you think that your partner didn’t care.

According to Keya Murthy, a spiritual Life Coach, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist, the meaning of having the dream where your partner is cheating is that” your marriage has lost its flavor.

Here is what to do after having a dream your spouse is cheating, try finding out what’s missing in your relationship, and then communicate to your better half about your feelings and emotional dissatisfactions. After that look for how to repair your broken trusts.

6) You Have Been Betrayed Before

Like I said earlier, the pains and the insecurity you feel whenever you dream about your spouse cheating can be related to your deep inward feelings. In as much as it is imperative you pay attention to them the red flags these dreams trigger, it is also important to note that it can also reveal other underlying problems outside our relationship.

If in your dreams about your spouse cheating on you, you feel angry, hurt, betrayed, and frustrated, then there is a need for you to ask yourself about which other areas of your life do you feel the same way.

You will be surprised to see that your current feelings didn’t originate from your spouse. These emotions may be because of the problems you had in your office, with your colleagues at the office, or the train station.

What you should do at this point is to find out where exactly those feelings are coming from in other parts of your life and not only from your relationship. You could finally discover that the dream about your spouse cheating on you can point out that you have challenges in other aspects of your lives.

8) You Have Fear This Could Actually Happen-

Your dream about your partner cheating can also be because you are having the fear that your partner will cheat on you someday. You are dreaming those dreams because you already have the fear and not that it happened.

You might be fearing that your partner will cheat on you and in the process find someone better than you, or that you are not feeling secure in your relationship.

9) Fear Of The Unknown-

Fear of the unknown is also the reason you are having such infidelity dreams even while every other thing about your marriage is working perfectly well.

It is possible to still have such dreams about your spouse cheating when they are doing all that’s necessary, like meeting your physical or emotional needs, or even nice looking.

The reason is that we all as human beings have been created to love and to keep holding on to those things that made us happy in life. Seeing that happens, the fear of the unknown may bring some negative images to you which will make you feel uneasy and insecure.

10) You Have Past Cheating Experiences

If you have had some experiences of cheating before (you cheated on your partner, or your partner cheated on you). The memories from that could be hunting your dreams, especially when you feel inadequate and mistrustful.

To avoid this from happening to you, find time to talk with your current partner. Be honest with them about what is going on in your mind. Remember also that to remove that fear from your mind, you must be ready to play an important role.

How To Address Your Cheating Dreams WithYour Partner.

Your first step to settle the problems of cheating dream is to tell your partner about how you’ve been feeling and explain tell them how you’ve noticed some issues withing yourself, your partner, or your relationship.

Be sure to emphasize how you want to resolve everything at once. Member also to your better half about the dreams and how it has affected you negatively. Don’t hide anything from your spouse, be open and honest as you share your feelings.

Take time to work on your communication skills if need be. Make up your mind to address the problems at hand, handwork through your concerns, and be ready to compromise. All the bad dreams will be a thing of the past.

However, if you find it hard to deal with on your own, find a mental health professional to advise you on what to do.

Final Thought:

You should be more concerned about your dreams because they are not often prophetic, but symbolic says, coach Bonnie Ryan.

Just think of your dreams like a dream and not reality. Although it is somehow an indication of something bad or good coming, it may not happen as you dream it.

I hope you learned something from this post. Please, remember to share it with your friends.

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