7 Specific things to avoid in your relationship now.

If you desire success in your relationship, there are many things to avoid in your relationship to enable you to succeed.

Once you know what those things are and keep them at your arm’s length, then you are on your way to having the perfect relationship you ever wanted.

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Before you married your spouse, you had some goals about how your relationship will be, how your children and family will look like. However, things started changing when your relationship began to mature.

You realized that things are not rosy the way they use to be, you started having the same issues every time

The joy and happiness you once feel when you are together, romantic dates you used to share starts dwindling. Now you want to be on your own.

What is the reason?

Why would you start experiencing what you have never thought about before your marriage? There must be a reason for that

Today, I will show you many things to avoid in your relationship, so you can have the success you want.

7 Specific Things To Avoid In Your Relationship.

1. Never expect perfection in marriage:

Marriage happened when two people of different backgrounds, and different parents, and sometimes different ethnic groups come together. Because of that, there is no use to believe that everything will be perfect all the time.

If you have this in mind before going into it, you would have bulletproof yourself to those challenges that will come in the future.

Also always understand that your spouse is a human being who passes through stress and challenges all the time, you know what stress could cause.

2. Don’t Say What You Don’t Want.

Therefore expect some imperfections and make allowances for those human conditions.

The fact is that the things you say most of the time will all of a sudden come to reality.  If that is the truth, then you should concentrate on saying good about your partner and your relationship.

Positive thoughts and words pay better than negative ones.

Read these affirmative words instead every time you feel like speaking the opposite words.

Never threaten your spouse with divorce if you don’t wish for it. Pray more often and continue reading your words of affirmation.

3. Don’t Stop Complimenting Each Other.

Always find time to complement each other. Hug each other often and say how beautiful or handsome your spouse is each day. Be sincere when you are giving compliments.

The truth remains that making your spouse feel appreciated is the bedrock of every relationship and giving good compliments is one of the easiest ways to do that.

According to Nancy Ruth Dean, “a relationship expert,” “Complements not only make one feel good, but it makes one feel acknowledged.”

So don’t wait to compliment your spouse, and don’t just compliment him/her about the look, but for other things.

4. Share Responsibilities In The House-

We are no more in the world where the men works and the women stay in the house. Every bodies hand is on deck now to help makes thing easier in the family.

Since everybody goes out and comes back almost at the same time, why would the domestic works be left for only one person to do? Do help to relieve the burden from your spouse. You can do the laundry while your partner cook or order-wise, but just don’t leave the work for your partner. You can as well do it together; that will bond you together.

5. Love When It Is Too Hard For You To Love-

Whenever I hear that couples files for divorce, I began to think about where those first feelings of love, joy, and peace that were present in the marriage have gone to.

When people came together in marriage, they have feelings for each other, though the feeling usually becomes cold as the year goes by, you could still remember those moments of blissful feelings and say “ I am committed to this marriage, and I can’t let it die”.

Just try to love one more time, and restore your marriage to a happy one.

6) Never Try To Change Your Partner.

If you are trying to change your partner, you are also causing another big problem in your relationship. Remember the quote that says that “you can’t teach new tricks to an old dog.” It isn’t possible.

Trying to change your partner sounds like trying to make a tiger change its stripes. It’s impossible don’t you think so?

Remember how things were at the beginning of your relationship, you couldn’t find any fault with your partner, because you were so blinded by love.

Now you are more piss off by their once enjoyable quirks, and you wish they changed, and you can do whatever you can to affect those changes.

Get that off your head, because it won’t work, rather you will cause another problem for yourself. Relationship experts say that “encouraging your partner works better than trying to forcefully change your partner.”

You only have to hope and pray that your partner changes, don’t try to do change him or her.

7) Never Compare Yourselves Or Your Marriage.

If you base your judgments in your relationship on what you see on social media, you may be making lots of mistakes. Don’t judge your partner with the pictures you saw on social media or compare your marriage with what you saw in movies.

The pictures are not real, they are made to look nice to you from a far, but when you get close, they are not what it seems.

They are showing only the good moment, so much is going on at the back. When you get closer you’ll not believe what you see.

When you see couples holding hands or kissing along the way, don’t hope it is yours, because yours may be better.

They may be cat and dog inside, it is only an insider that will tell you the truth.

7) Don’t Keep Secrets.

Nothing kills a relationship like keeping secrets, nothing good can come from it. Most of the broken marriages are most)y because of one being secretive.

it won’t be easy to tell everything to your partner, yet it is painful when you hide the important things from them. It is even more painful when it’s heard from outside.

To avoid that from happening to you, be open and transparent in your relationship.


No relationship is 100% free from mistakes. You only have to find out what those mistakes are on time and deal with them outrightly.

If eventually, you discover you can’t handle the problems alone, look for a marriage counselor to assist you. However, don’t be overwhelmed by the problems, I have listed some of the things to avoid in your relationship here so you can take cognizance of them and avoid them,

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