10 essential rules of a happy marriage .

Rules of a happy marriage

Everything in life has rules that govern it, and you’ve got to keep those rules to get the corresponding success that follows.


And so If you want to make your marriage a happy marriage, then you must be ready to keep the rules that govern it too.


Every marriage is unique. We have different kinds of hopes and dreams for our relationships but all the couples have one thing in common, which is to last forever, have children, and also provide for them.

We all wish to experience a happy marriage; where there’s excess love, and with full confidence that our relationship will not one day end in divorce.


The fact is that all these don’t just come on a platter of gold, there are steps to take and there are rules to follow too.


Potentially when the relationship is a few months or years old, everything feels so blissful, both the love and attention are still very high and it seems as if things will continue to be that way ever after.

It never will.

When you ask those couples that have been married for some time now, you’ll find out that they also had their “roller-coaster moments“‘.


However, To sustain peace and connection in a relationship, a few important rules are needed to be observed.


These rules are not too hard to follow., they are just those little things you overlook, yet if neglected for a long time it will cause a big problem in your marriage.


I am very sure you’ve seen some couples that are happy and you start wondering why yours isn’t like that.

Yours can be like that, only if you could start now to work with these rules that I have written below.


Though you may not see the impacts immediately, however, you will notice that you have mended your marriage.


10 Essential Rules of a happy marriage.

1) Be Committed:-

One of the essential rules of a happy marriage is to be committed to your marriage. Just like every other aspect of our lives – for example, health, cars, finances, etc, marriage also succeeds when we give our thoughtful planning, undivided attention, and planned emotional investments to it.


And things will work out fast for couples and their relationship especially if they both want it and are willing to make some sacrifices for each other.


It’s all about going out of your way to give up something important to you just to be sure your partner is happy, in other words, you are being selfless. Again, you should know that the success or failure of your marriage is dependent on you and your spouse.


No one can come from outside to destroy it unless you permit them. You can make up your mind that no matter what happens; you are going to settle.


Refuse to accept separation or divorce in your marriage.
Whenever things start crumbling, stand your ground and move forward towards fixing it back; in that case, everything will start falling into place again.


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