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Be happy at home,happy home,happy family

How to be happy at home: check this out

Be happy at home,happy home,happy family


Out of everything in this life, everyone’s priority should be to be happy at home, after going through the day’s hurdles and stress.

Here’s What our home should be

  • Our home should be a place to reside and also feel that you belong there
  • where you feel relieved immediately you walk through the door.
  • A place where your loved ones live.
  • A place where you are well treated.


If these things do not describe your home, then you really need to read this post carefully.


The survey shows that many people prefer to hang out with friends more than going home.


The reason is that they are not happy at home, their home is not conducive for them.
If you are one of those described here, then you really need to create an enabling environment in your home now.


Samuel Johnson the Rambler said in his quote that ” To be happy at home is the ultimate result of the ambitions, the end which every enterprise and labor trends”.


In this post, I will show you what to do to be happy at home.


     Interesting ways to be happy at home.

Put your house in order:

one of the reasons people run away from their home is simply because they are not happy at home and the reason for their unhappiness is because their home is not safe for them.


Making your house safe simply means doing whatever is required to making your home comfortable for you, your partner and your children.

Most people especially men sometimes prefer to hang out with friends till midnight, because they are not in good relationship with their wives. But that’s not the best thing to do.


If only you could make your home pleasing, them you’ll always love to be home.

If you are not sure of what to do, then follow the steps below.


1) Makeup with your partner:

It’s not bad when you and your partner quarrel or fight, but there’s a need to settle the dispute immediately, never let it pang a little longer else it will a disconnect.


Stop using silent treatment or staying out late in the night to punish her. The best you could do for the benefit of your marriage is to settle the argument immediately Considering wrong or right wouldn’t help.

Acknowledge Your Own role in the fight and seek a way to deal with it at once.


2) Again raise your children well:

It is important to raise children, but it is more important to raise a self-disciplined child.

Stubborn children make their home uncomfortable. They can make you want to run away from your home. Though one shouldn’t run away because of his / their children, it’s impatient you take time in disciplining then for the future.


Disciplining a child means training them to be responsible and have self-control. If you are consistent in disciplining your children, your children will grow up learning about consequences and how to take responsibility for their personal actions.



The main aim of this to empower the child to learn how to manage their feelings as well as their behavior.


If you have been to a home where there are stubborn children, you will understand what am talking about. But when your children are well behaved, you’ll always feel relaxed when you are at home or when people visit you.


And finally, you must always keep your home clean and neat every time. ” cleanliness they are next to godliness” the way your house looks and how clean it is can always make you want to go home.


You don’t have to make it look like the those seen on magazines,
But just make it a point of duty to tidy up everywhere neat.
Wash up the dishes after the meals.


Do your laundry on a daily basis to avoid clothes littering everywhere, after bathing, clean the bathroom.


Also, try to make your bed every morning when you wake up. Keep the toilet clean after use and if it’s possible, use a nice scent to make everywhere smell good.


All these will make you happy every time you are home.

10 Great things happy couples do everyday

10 Great things happy couples do everyday

Things Happy Couples Do


Whenever you see couples that have been married for a long time and still maintain a happy marriage, you feel so amazed at what they enjoy every day to make it so.

Well let me tell you that what kept them together is not rocket science, a closer look will show you that the secret that made them enjoy a happy marriage are those little things they do differently than those that have their marriage separated.


In every relationship, there is always a reservoir of good “feelings” and any couple that is able to fill their reservoir with those little things is ready for those challenging moments in the future.


10 Things Happy Couples Do To Be Happy.


1) Give Full Attention to Your Spouse:-

Never show disrespect to your spouse when he or she is talking, don’t be distracted by anything like your laptop or phone whenever you are together.

Never nod your head and mutter under your breath when you are discussing or when your mind is far away with other thoughts. To have a happy marriage, you must give full attention to your spouse.


2) Take Care of Your Manners:-

Many couples tend to forget their manners and think there is no need to give little favor to their partners. However, you need to give favor, because they help in filling your marriage reservoir. Try to help your spouse in those domestic chores and other things.


3) Do Things Together:-

One characteristic of a happy couple is that they do things together as a team. It doesn’t matter what it is, they believe that whatever they do together helps in strengthening the bond that holds them together.


4) Give Support to Your Partners Dream:-

Another thing the happy couples do to sustain love in their marriage is giving support to each other.

The best you can do to show your loyalty to your spouse is to support his/her dreams. Any partner that cannot care about each other’s goals and dreams are not doing themselves any good.

Every happy couple cares so much about the dreams and hope of each other, they always ask questions and pay attention to know more, they cheer one another up and are always there when they are most needed.


5) Flirt Together:-

It doesn’t matter how long you have been married together, your spouse will always feel good when you remind him/her about those reasons you see him/her attractive to you in the first place.

Happily married couples never give up courting each other just because they are married. Notice those new clothes and give your compliments. Every couple understands that the real relationship starts where the honeymoon ends.


6) Always go to the Bed at The Same Time:-

Can you remember the earlier day of your marriage, when you could not wait to role into your bed with your spouse to enjoy sex?

Every happy partner never wants to go to bed at different times, they want to go to bed always at the same time, even when one wakes up to do other things while the couples sleep and at that moment when their body touch, it makes them to “tingle” until they are both exhausted sexually.


7) Trust and Forgiveness must be Present if You want a happy marriage:-

There are always going to be moments of disagreements and arguments, but when other couples chose to fight, happy couples resort to trusting and forgiveness.


8) The Express their Love always:-

The word “I love you” is such a powerful word and it is important you say it daily to your partner. It does not matter how long you are married. Never allow these words to escape from your mouth. It is a step to having a happy marriage.


9)/They Share in Their Hubbies:-

To keep your marriage interesting, look for a common interest or hobbies to go after together. If you don’t have any common interest, try and discover some interests together. That is what happy couples do.


10) They complement each other always:-

Happy couples know best how to give compliments to each other. They understand how validation works and they never stop complimenting each other on any new achievements.

Do you really want your marriage to be counted as a happy marriage, and then you must inculcate these examples into your marriage and watch it come back to life?

You can see from these points that the things that make a marriage happy are those little things couples do.

If they did it and have a happy and perfect marriage, then you can have the same results also if you do the same thing. Now it is left for you do decide if you want to restore love, peace, and joy in your own marriage.



10 Identified causes of divorce in marriage

10 Identified causes of divorce in marriage

Causes of Divorce In Marriage


Many marriages failed for many reasons. Most times the couples are able to see the main causes of divorce in marriage starring in their faces, and yet overlook it, until nothing could be done about it again.


I had the pleasure to interview some couples about their own views concerning this subject matter and listen to what I got from them.


85% of them gave me the answer that marveled me. They said “if it is not because of childbearing, I wouldn’t have married” If you ask me, I will tell you that marriage is sweet if and only if you know what it takes to make it sweet.

Did you see what I said in that last statement? It simply means that the sweetness and the sour taste of your marriage depend on you.


One important thing you must have in your mind is that it can never be all that rosy. There must always be ups and downs. They must even be the things you will see that can make you want to run or divorce. The most important thing to note is that divorce is not an option when you see all these things.


You can actually work on your marriage and get it back on the feet again. However, you must get yourself acquainted with these things so that you know how to tackle it when it starts rearing up its ugly head. Below are the main causes of divorce in marriage.


Causes of Divorce In Marriage


When money stopped flowing the way it used to.

Money is very crucial in marriage. There are times in the marriage when money flows very well, probably because there are good jobs or good business that yields money.

At those times of income flow, there is always love and joy, all challenges about money are been solved, and all need are meet without much ado. However, there may be times that the money will stop flowing for some time as it used to.

Then many things start coming up; it is now shouts and quarrels. That is not the best thing to do. Always have in mind that one-day things will be better again. It doesn’t matter how long. It will be well again.

When he/she pays more attention to the children and not you.


Couples pray for the gift of children in their marriage. However, at times it looks as if the arrival of children brings about a reduction in the intimacy between them.

Yes, of course, now more attention is given to the children, that couples have fewer times to share together. A friend of mine went the extent of taking pictures with the children forgetting their mother.

Listen to what the wife told me when I visited them. She s, aid “ any time I look at those pictures, I feel like I am not welcomed here”. Would you rather want your spouse to have this thought?

Now listen to what you will do to save yourself the stress. Always show your spouse that he/she is important as well as the children.


When your Sex life becomes dull.

Sex is an indispensable factor in every marriage. However, there are times when it looks as if the sex life of your marriage has become dull.

Most of the common reasons for this is the disparity in the sexual responsiveness or libido of the individual partner. When this happens, the next thing to do is to try all you can to restore sex in your marriage.


When there is no more emotional intimacy.


There are times in the marriage when everything seems to become cold between the couples. This usually happens after so many years of marriage.

There is no more emotional relationship between couples, no more time for cuddling, no more time for affectionate touching, no more laughing or talking together. At these moments, you may want to divorce; wait! You can get it back again.