7 Ways Of Nurturing Your Relationship With Regular Check-ins

You are here because you are looking for ways you can nurture your relationship and make it better. Welcome! Maintaining and nurturing your relationship with regular check-ins is all about communication.

Effective communication is always the backbone of any successful relationship. Research shows that those couples who are honest and prioritize open communication have a lower conflict rate and a higher level of intimacy. This reduced the risk of divorce as well.

Another Gottman Institute study found that couples who have regular conversations about their aspirations, goals, and concerns have as little as 70%. In contrast, those who neglect it have a higher divorce rate.

However, even though a couple knows the importance of communication, they are still stuck with little or no time to effectively get meaningful communication time amidst their everyday activities and busy schedules.

This can ensure empty feelings of resentment, disconnection, and unresolved conflict, which puts even the beginning of your connection in danger.

Nurturing your relationship with regular check-ins offers a simple but powerful solution to some common challenges in marriage. The truth is, when you dedicate more time and space to reconnect with your spouse, you can:

Take care of all your conflicts and concerns constructively and proactively, and prevent them from escalating into bigger issues.
Improve your emotional bond and create a deeper understanding of your desires and needs.

Learn how to be open, empathic, and have trust, which leads to a healthier and happier relationship.
Know how to celebrate each other’s and give support during trial time.

In this post, I will show you the benefits and practicalities of nurturing your relationship with regular check-ins. I will provide you with step-by-step tips and actionable ways to nurture your relationship. You can inculcate these values into your relationship.

By simply indulging in these regular check-ins, you are taking the greatest step toward building happiness in your relationship.

What Are Check-Ins In A Relationship?

Check-ins in relationships are those regular, deliberate conversations you both have discussing the state of your relationship. These opportunities help you to address your issues, set mutual goals, improve your communication skills, and reaffirm your commitment.

A study conducted by the Gottman Institute years ago show that couples who have regular check-ins are 31% less likely to split up. Regular check-ins can help reduce misunderstandings, maintain a healthy relationship, and build trust by ensuring that both partners are happy and feel heard.

Dr. John Gottman opined, “Expressing your problems and addressing them fully is the foundation of connection. ” This is the reason why always finding time for your relationship to check in can enrich your bond and the ability to be happy in the relationship journey.

Nurturing Your Relationship With Regular Check-ins:

1. Schedule Time Regularly For It:

One of the best techniques for investing in your relationship with an element of regular communication is to schedule your couple’s maintenance and make sure you have made the required changes to make it a priority and an invariable element of your relationship.

You can choose to meet daily, weekly, or monthly, but note that it is important that you agree on a day and time that are convenient for both of you. Mark it on your calendar and treat them like you do to your other significant appointments.

Regularly nurturing your relationship with regular check-ins will not only help you address your marital issues, but it will also help you improve the habit of open communication and honesty. It also offers both of you ways to understand ways in which you can view the status of your relationship in a transparent and clear manner.

2. Create A Safe Space:

Arguing fairly is another key factor in a healthy relationship between both partners, because sometimes you might find yourself trapped in a situation that needs a discussion that meets both your needs without reaching that point of harm, either to yourself or to your property.

So, choose an area that is rather quiet, which means a place that would not distract, like a calm corner of a beautiful park or a nice corner at home.

3. Try an open-ended Question:

Open-ended questions are those that can not be easily answered with a yes or no. Open-ended questions provide a deeper understanding of conversation because they encourage couples to elaborate on their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

You can ask questions like, how did your week go? Or what would you say about our discussion lately. Using this approach promotes better exchange of ideas and meaningful dialogue.

4. Active listening will help you:

When it comes to effective ways of nurturing your relationship with regular check-ins, you have to practice active listening. Active listening means that you are 100% attentive to your partner’s conversation, thoughts, and feelings without interrupting them.

Giving them attention shows that you value whatever they are saying and that you are dedicated to finding solutions to their problems. Do not interrupt the air; ask questions immediately. Give them a chance to pour their hearts out, and  look for the best time to ask your questions.

5. Set actionable goals.

You may not know where to start or how your regular check-ins are working if you don’t set goals. Setting goals gives you the opportunity to get tangible results in your nurturing games by tracking your progress and being ready to account for them.

What you need to do after discussion with your partner is agree on certain actions to take, like putting off your devices during breakfast for good communication. Then take time to review your actions and make adjustments where necessary.

6. Share Your Concerns and Appreciation:

Nurturing your relationship with regular check-ins means always sharing your appreciation and concerns. This means you’ll learn how to balance your positive feedback with constructive criticism.

It is a good way to strengthen your relationship. Start by appreciating your partner’s good deeds to reinforce positive behaviors, then address your concern stylishly to improve your relationship.

For example, dear, I appreciate your support, but we need to work on how we use our time. Did you notice how you maintained positivity while at the same time addressing your issues before they became overwhelming?

7. Regularly Check Your Relationship:

We are still looking at ways of nurturing your relationship with regular check-ins, and having regular check-ins won’t be negotiable if you want to succeed.

Make time for check-ins, and make them a routine. Select days and times that are conducive for both of you. It could be weekly or monthly, but make sure it is regular. Then go and mark it on your calendar just as you do to your other important meetings.

By doing these, you know that you have planned ahead for any issue that would have escalated to destroy your relationship. Nurturing your relationship with regular check-ins is always the most important way of strengthening and making your relationship stronger. So don’t joke with it.


Importance of Nurturing Your Relationship With Regular Check-Ins:

It is essential to nurture your relationship through regular check-ins if you want a strong and healthy connection in your relationship. There are so many reasons to do that, and I have listed some of them here for you.

1. It improves communication.

Regular check-ins improve communication by ensuring that you and your partner are on the same page, which also helps in avoiding misunderstandings. It also provides a transparent and clear way for both of you to be aware of the status of your relationship.

Additionally, nurturing your relationship with regular check-ins creates a reliable feedback loop, which allows both of you to give and receive feedback about your relationship regularly.

This is important for personal growth and the continuous improvement of your marriage.

2) It strengthens trust.

You can strengthen trust in your marriage through openness and consistency. Consistent is also known as regularly checking in, and it shows commitment and reliability, which helps build and maintain trust. It reassures your partner that you are present and dependable.

Openness, on the other hand, provides a safe space for easy sharing of thoughts and feelings, which creates an environment of transparency and honesty.

This fosters mutual understanding and open communication, therefore reinforcing the trust that exists between the two of you. Together, they establish a foundation of trust that is enduring and strong.

3. It Encourages Emotional Intimacy:

Emotional connection in marriage is very important. Both of you should be in the habit of sharing their thoughts and feelings with you on a regular basis. Every time you have those deep, intimate talks with your partner, you are creating more and more of a conscious bond that makes you both feel heard and seen.

When you have such open conversations with her, it basically reassures the two of you that you can both depend on each other to be understanding and supportive.

In turn, this will establish a fulfilling and unshakeable relationship with growing and ever-blooming emotional intimacy throughout time.

4. Easy to Identify and Resolve Your Issues Faster:

One way to have a successful relationship is to resolve your underlying issues quickly. Nurturing your relationship with regular check-ins gives you the opportunity to have open communication, which helps you detect issues on time and deal with them.

By addressing your concerns on time, you can prevent unnecessary disagreements that can destroy your relationship.

5. It Helps to Build Trust and Security:

One of the things that can make a partner feel bad, lonely, and abandoned in a relationship is when they feel unheard. However, regularly checking your marriage and dedicating time for discussion creates security and trust.

At least everyone knows that their thoughts and feelings are heard and that all the concerns raised will be properly taken care of.

6. Your relationship’s health is assured:

Just the same way you service your car and gadget for optimal performance, your relationship will also perform better by maintaining it.

Regular check-ins provide the tools you need to check on and maintain the health of your relationship. It serves as a preventative measure by making sure the underlying issues are discovered and resolved on time.

7. Aligns Expectations and Goals:

The fact that you have time to discuss your goals and aspirations is enough to make them align. Nurturing your relationship with regular check-ins provides the opportunity to know your individual goals and support them.

The outcome of it is that both of you are always on the same page concerning how to help each other succeed, which makes your relationship stronger and more resilient.


I have show you the proper steps for nurturing your relationship with regular check-ins. Now it is time to take your first step.

In this post, I showed you how regular check-ins will improve emotional intimacy and trust in your relationship. Not only that, I also told you how it will help you deal with your marital issue early to avoid more damages.

I implore that you read this post carefully to understand the steps I showed you.

I am your in-house counselor, Murphyaik

See you at the top!


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