8 Remarkable Ways To Build Trust In Your Marriage

I am here to show you how to build trust in your marriage. I hope you will pay 100% attention to what I want to say in this post, as trust is the most important aspect of every relationship.

See trust as that sturdy basis upon which the structure of your marriage stands. It’s about trusting that your partner is honest, dependable, and committed.

In a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family a few years back, trust was cited to be the leading killer of relationship satisfaction.  More than 90% of couples mentioned trust as important for marital success.

To prove to you the profound impact of trust in relationships, let’s take a look at this story of Sarah and his husband John. Irrespective of the numerous challenges they are facing, including financial and health challenges, their marriage stood its ground because of the trust they took the time to build.

Dr. John Gottman, a renowned relationship expert says “Trust is not built on grand gestures, but on consistent, everyday actions that affirm our faith in our partner.

Join me in this post as we explore expert insights, proven strategies, and real-life instances of how to build trust in your marriage. Having these insights will help you deepen your bonds so that your relationship withstands the test of time.

If trust has vanished in your relationship and you are looking to get it back, then here are a few suggestions on how you can rebuild, restore build trust in your marriage. These are to take when you are building back trust in a marriage. Let’s dive in.

Importance Of Trust In Marriage:

Are you wondering how important trust is in a marriage? Join me here to see the importance and why you need to build trust in your marriage no matter what has happened in the past. Below is the importance.

1. It Is Importance Because It Brings Emotional Security:

It is important to build trust in your marriage because it fosters emotional security, where both of you feel safe to express yourselves freely. When your relationship trust is strong,  each of you can rely on your support, it creates a stable foundation for comfort and stability in your marriage.

As you consistently demonstrate honesty, reliability, and transparency, both of you can build this sense of emotional security, thereby laying the groundwork for a lasting bond. Thus, when you build trust in your marriage, it ensures a solid emotional foundation for both of you to thrive within.

2. For Effective Communication:

As I already said,  trust is the cornerstone for effective communication in marriage. The presence of trust presents a ground for both of you to feel comfortable to share your thoughts and concerns openly without fear of betrayal or judgment.

This open communication allows you to resolve your conflicts constructively, which deepens your understanding of each other and strengthens your connection over time.

By prioritizing active listening, empathy, and honesty,  you can build trust in your marriage and create an environment where communication flows easily. That will enhance intimacy and mutual respect. Thus, building trust in your marriage lays the groundwork for effective communication channels and honesty.

3. It Fosters Commitment:

Trust is very important when it comes to making both of you committed and dedicated to your marriage. This is because when you trust each other, there will be great confidence in your shared goals, values, and future together.

The existing trust will encourage both of you to invest more in your relationship without fear and to remain faithful through challenges.

When you consistently demonstrate your respect, integrity, and reliability to each other, you can reinforce your commitment to each other. That will create a solid foundation for a long-term relationship.

Therefore, to build trust in your marriage, you have taken a giant stride to strengthen the bond, commitment, and dedication between you.

4. Intimacy:

Trust also plays a vital role in nurturing closeness and intimacy in marriage. This is because when there is trust, you will feel secure enough to be fully present and vulnerable in your physical and spiritual emotions.

It is the trust that will make room for genuine intimacy to flourish, creating a deeper appreciation and affection between you. By prioritizing vulnerability, honesty, and transparency, you can nurture and create a neutral environment where intimacy will thrive.

This will enrich your relationship on multiple levels. Note that when you build trust in your marriage, it helps to create genuine closeness and intimacy between you and your spouse.

5. It Helps In Conflict Resolution:

Another great reason to build trust in your marriage is because it is fundamental for dealing with conflict and disagreements in your marriage. When trust exists, both of you will approach conflicts with the belief to solve them instead of seeing each other as an adversary

This mutual trust will encourage open communication, collaboration, and compromise, which leads to more constructive conflict resolution results.

By observing trust-building behaviors like active listening, forgiveness, and empathy, your ability to resolve conflicts will be strengthened. Effective conflict resolution helps to maintain harmony in a relationship.

6. Shared Responsibilities:

Trust is important for establishing and maintaining shared responsibilities in a marriage. When trust is present both of you can rely on each other,  to fulfill your respective roles and commitments, including household tasks or childcare.

Mutual trust creates a sense of teamwork and cooperation, where you feel valued, and supported in your contributions to the relationship. By consistently showing accountability, integrity, and reliability, both of you can cultivate trust and create a harmonious balance of responsibilities.

 Thus, when you choose to build trust in your marriage, you’ve taken a step to ensure there is a collaborative and equitable distribution of responsibilities you share. 

7. There Will Bringing  Long Term Stability:

Trust is the cornerstone for long-term stability and resilience in any relationship and resilient marriage. The reason is that when you and your spouse trust each other, you will feel confident in your to weather life’s challenges.

This trust creates a sense of security and reassurance anchoring the relationship through ups and downs. By prioritizing trust-building behaviors like consistency, honesty, and loyalty, you can fortify your bond and create a solid foundation for love.

Thus, “Build trust in your marriage” establishes a bedrock of stability and resilience, empowering couples to navigate life’s journey with confidence and solidarity.

How To Build Trust In Your Marriage


1) Understand what killed the trust:- Whether it’s a lie, infidelity, failure, or broken promises that caused the breach of trust, you have to identify it and then work to restore it.

An adage says” You must know where the rain started beating you before you know where it stopped beating you”.

The fact is that until you know what made your partner lose confidence in you, you will not make amend. If you said so many lies in the beginning, then you have to start being honest now.

Start by being truthful to yourself. You can’t succeed in being honest with others when you are not honest with yourself.

And if you always try to be what or who you are not, then stop it, because those are the things that can make you lie.

2) Be Responsible For Your Actions:- Nobody is perfect, everyone can make mistakes. It is imperative to take responsibility for all your actions, your thoughts, and your feelings whether intentionally good or deliberate.


If you take responsibility for your actions, then it will be easier for you to make amends. Don’t try to give excuses or try to give a justifiable reason for your deeps, it may cause more harm than good.

3) Apologize:- When you are sure of the reasons for the break of trust, and you have accepted the responsibility, then the next line of action is to apologize for your wrongs.

Apologize with every sincerity knowing that the way you do it will determine if you should be forgiven or not. The way to go is to just avoid trying to justify your actions. Go straight to the point show how sorry you are and promise to be good from that moment.


4) Be Transparent With Your Emails, Gadgets, And Social Media Dealings:- Don’t hide anything about your email, and text messages. Make it open and let him/ her have the password to all your gadgets. Be open when you answer your phone calls also.

If your spouse sees that you have no skeleton in your cupboard, then the trust will start coming back.

5) Start Keeping Promises:- Failed promises deplete trust the same way infidelity does. If you have made so many promises in the past and didn’t fulfill them, it is time to make amends.

Promise what you have intentions of keeping.

6) Be Humble:- One great enemy of trust is pride.

You should be willing to keep your ego off and do all the needful.

If you are expected to go on your needs for things to work, then do it.

Do everything possible to fill the brokenness.

7) Keep Your Words From This Moment:– You have apologized and your partner accepted your apology.

It is therefore important that you back your words with actions, keeping in mind that action speaks better than words.

Your partner will be on the lookout to see that you are keeping your promises. You have to stay dependable for a long time. Let everything be conspicuous in your spouse’s eyes that you are seriously striving to be the best you can be.

8) Be Patient:- It doesn’t take to break trust in a relationship, but it takes much time to build, restore, and rebuild it.

If you have started the journey to reignite trust, then you should be ready to wait.

Never give up when you see no change or little changes happening.

If you remain unmoved and consistent with your actions, then in less time you will see everything working again.


To build trust in your marriage is not a choice, it is a commitment to the longevity and health of your relationship. I have shown you how trust serves as the bedrock upon which every happy marriage is built.

It will help you to create emotional security and enhance communication, and conflict resolution. It is also the glue that holds you and your spouse together through life trials and triumphs.

Remember that rebuilding trust requires accountability, introspection, and sincere efforts.

By knowing the main causes of distrust, taking responsibility for your actions, and demonstrating genuine guilt through actions like transparency, etc, trust will be restored.

Be persistent and patient, because it takes time to build or rebuild trust in a marriage. It is a journey that requires unwavering dedication and consistent action. So, if trust has died in your relationship, don’t shake. With perseverance and commitment, you can reignite the fire of trust and create a bond with your partner.

Take the first step now towards rebuilding your trust and watch how your relationship will flourish with intimacy and new strength. Your marriage deserves it, and so do you. Trust in each other and believe in the process.

Together, you can overcome any obstacle and build a love that withstands the test of time.

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