5 Proper ways of resolving conflicts in marriage now.

If you want to have a happy marriage, then you must learn the proper ways of resolving conflicts in marriage, without causing any other fight.

But don’t worry, because, In this post, I will show you the quickest ways of resolving conflicts in marriage, no matter how deep it has become.

If this is what you want, then let’s dive in.


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What To Know About Conflicts In Marriage.

We are aware that conflicts are unavoidable in marriage, and they can come at any time and purpose no matter how you love yourselves.

Conflicts are the greatest tool to check the quality and quantity of any relationship.

The only thing that matters is how you respond to the conflicts when it comes. If you take proper steps, you will deal will the conflicts effectively. If you let it linger, it will hurt your relationship.

One thing you must have in mind before taking any action concerning dealing with marital conflicts is that if your actions are good, then it will make your union a happy marriage and if not your marriage will be affected so deeply that you will not find it easy to handle again.

What Causes Conflict In Marriage?

Many things can cause problems in relationships and if you ask different couples, they may have different things causing problems for them. However, below are the most common causes of conflict.


Money is almost the chief cause of conflicts among couples. Many couples always quarrel and argue and over how to spend, overspending, or not disclosing his/her income to the other.

Most times, it is about the partner or the other sending money secretly, controlling all the family income, or spending money recklessly, and putting the family into debt.

No matter what it is, you must find proper ways to handle your income and expenses to avoid money issues in your relationship.

Poor Or Lack Of Communication:

If you are not communicating effectively or communicating at all, your marriage won’t succeed. Communication is very important in relationships. So learn to communicate well with each other. Say your mind always, and your feelings. Don’t shout or nag.

Sex Issues:

Sex is also important in relationships. If you are not having sex at all, that’s a problem and another problem is when you are not having enough.

Sex is what unites couples together, but your partner feels uncared for and unloved when you avoid having sex with him or her. Question is, what should the frequency of sex be in marriage?

My take on that is that you should have as much sex as you can, or what you decide with your partner.

Extended Family:

Another cause of family conflicts is the extended family members. When you are not relating properly with your Inlaws or your partner is overreacting to your spouse, you will not be happy about that.

Allowing too much freedom to your relatives can also cause issues in your relationship. To avoid it, create a balance between your relatives and your marriage.

Your Children:

Your children can also be a source of problems for you, especially when you and your partner are not on the same page about how to raise them. Giving too much attention to them instead of your partner is also bad.

Always have in mind that your children will one day grow up and leave your house and it will be just you and your partner. This is the reason both of you should agree on how to raise your children without hurting your relationship.


5 Ways of resolving conflicts in marriage now.

1) Commit To Solving Your Problems:

Your first step in resolving conflicts in marriage is to intentionally commit to doing that. Don’t overlook any little challenge you see in your relationship no matter how small you think they are.

Many marriages have failed simply because the couples neglected the little troubles when it was still small. You must commit to solving your problems in time because committing to them shows that you are strong enough to resolve the conflicts.

2) Find The Root Of The Conflicts And Block It:

My second step in resolving conflicts in marriage is to find the root cause of the conflict and deal with it.

Now that you have fully decided to resolve your conflicts, it is impertinent that you search for the root of the conflict and block it because if you don’t it will occur again and again.

The truth is that without finding the root, you won’t be able to resolve it and even prevent it from occurring again.

One of the ways you identify the root cause of conflicts in your marriage is to ask yourself questions about what is causing stride and disagreement in your family.

What are your contributions to the recurring conflict? What actions would you take to stop this from happening again? At last, you may discover that you are the cause of the problems.

When there are recurring issues or conflicts in your marriage, there are some destructive attitudes that are causing it, self-seeking is one of them, if you can stop it, you are halfway to resolving your conflicts.

3) Learn To Crush Selfishness:

selfishness is one of the reasons why you are having conflicts in your relationship. Therefore Crushing selfishness will solve the problems

selfishness in marriage is when either you or your partner is only concerned about yourself and not about your spouse or your marriage. God brought you together to work and live together, wanting individual gains in your marriage will always work against your marriage.

If you want your marriage to succeed you must give up your self-will to your spouse and always; seek your spouse’s happiness and you. Just find a way and crush selfishness entirely from your marriage.

4) Check The Best Approach to Resolving Conflict in Marriage

Most conflicts we see in our marriages are minor; therefore, simple solutions are usually agreed upon (mutually) by couples. When we agree to move forward in building trust, strength, and mutual understanding the conflicts will gradually be resolved.

All these, in the long run, will help so much in building a more stable and happy relationship. Have you had conflicts in your marriage earlier that are still coming up again and again? Why did the two of you not have agreement or compromise in solving it?

That’s why it is important to find the best approach to your conflict. Serious conflict may require you to see a marriage therapist for the solutions, but you and your partner can find a way of resolving conflicts in marriage.

5) Learn To Listen:

What do you do when your spouse brings up an emotional concern, maybe something you have heard before? Would you be sincere enough to give listening ears to him/her? Paying attention to your spouse is one of the effective conflict resolution techniques every couple must learn.

Our inability to validate our companion or spouse’s concerns usually comes in a number of ways that usually make the conflict either persist or coursing a bigger problem in the future.

Most importantly is the response we give to the complaints from our spouse, they are determinant factors in dealing with the conflict.

A happy marriage is not something you just fall into, even though you may have great chemistry and the best intentions, a strong bong is one where both partners take the time to nurture each other each and every day.

To keep a marriage is not always easy, but never be afraid when those conflicts and misunderstandings start coming; they are normal and only came to make both of you stronger.

Resolving Conflicts In Marriage Now.

In Conclusion:

If you are keen on resolving conflicts in marriage, whether it is your marriage, your friends, or your family, then follow the steps I described in this post.

It is preferably good and more effectual to use a positive response like “sorry dear; I am sure how you feel about this”. It can go a long way in solving the problems, then saying things like “are you serious about this”.

Always show a sense of concern for your spouse’s needs and feelings. When your spouse sees the signs in your responses towards the conflicts, they will give you clues to the reasons for their actions.

These will give you a better chance of having a successful marriage.

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