11 Tremendous Negative effects of infidelity in marriage now.

Effects of infidelity
effects of infidelity on a man

Nothing destroys a relationship fast like infidelity. The effects of infidelity in marriage are always enormous and it’s not easily forgotten.

Infidelity impairs the foundations of a relationship in many ways, it causes loneliness, feeling of rejection, heartbreaks, feeling of betrayal as well as confusion to everyone involved.

One of the main effects of infidelity in marriage is that some relationships end after it, in some cases couples can repair their relationship with the help of a marriage therapist and the relationship may even become stronger afterward.

What Does infidelity Mean In Marriage? And What are the physical effects of being cheated on

Affair means different things to different people. To some watching pornographic materials, emotional affairs are all considered infidelity, to others, when you lustfully or do the act, then you have committed the act.

Question is, what does cheating, affair, or infidelity mean to you, and have you ever fallen victim to me?

You may want to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you have never indulged in infidelity, because you’ve never slept with anybody that’s not your spouse, but when you develop emotional feelings and attachment to someone else than your spouse, it may be more dangerous than having an affair.

Faithfulness means that you have no other person in your life than your spouse, that is when you can claim to be faithful emotionally, mentally as well as physically.

Never allow yourself to get into any romantic relationship with any person except your spouse. Well, you won if you know the causes and effects of extramarital affairs.

As a married man/woman, you are not allowed to have any attachment emotionally or even fall in love with another person other than your spouse. When you do, then you are guilty of infidelity.

Infidelity is capable of destroying lives, not just your spouse’s life, but your children’s life as well. It can destroy any relationship in the flash of an eye.

People can go to any length to revenge the act of infidelity without thinking of the implications.

There is no amount of short term or “fleeting” pleasure that can compensate all the havocs that comes with infidelity.

Even the happiest marriage can crumble in one minute because of unfaithfulness.

Different Types Of Infidelity In Marriage.

Cheating, infidelity,

Emotional Infidelity:

What is emotional intimacy?

According to wikipedia.org “The term often describes a bond between two people that mimics the closeness and emotional intimacy of a romantic relationship while not being physically consummated.”

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