15 Sexless Marriage Effect On Wife: Note These Now.

Sexless marriage effect on wife

The Sexless marriage effect on wife can never be overemphasized. The truth is that there are so many women in a sexless marriage than you know. A marriage is described as sexless, when there is no sex at all or a limited sex frequency, and according to experts, couples having sex less than 10 a year are already in a sexless relationship.

Today, we will be looking at the sexless marriage effect on wife, what happens to a marriage when there is no intimacy, reasons for a sexless marriage, and How to deal with a sexless marriage as a woman.

Reasons for sexless marriage-

There are many reasons a marriage or relationship can go many months or years without the couples having intimate relationship. If your marriage look like what I described above, it is important you know what may cause it and there are about 8 factors discovered to be the chief causes of sexlessness in any relationship. For example

  • A Chronic health condition – If you or your partner are having some health related challenges like, diabetes, liver and heart related diseases, cancer, high blood or low blood pressure, it will affect your sex life extensively. Heart diseases are the main triggers of low libido in human beings. So if any of you are having a heart related issues, it can also impact your desires. Sexual pain also impacts sex frequency in a relationship.
  • Mixmatched Sex Drive or Libido– Another major reasons for sexlessness in a relationship is when you and your spouse have different sex drive. Meanwhile, it is not the different sexual desires that cause it, but the method of reality with the differences. Examples, if your partner have bigger desire than you, he/ she may feel neglected or rejected when you are not willing to have sex. You in the order have will feel guilty for not measuring up, at last it will lead create a distance which brings intimacy issues.
  • Communication Problems– If you are not communicating well, it will impact your relationship; first, it will affect your connection and cause a valley between you. Having sex is not possible when there is a disconnect or you feel distant from each other. Lack of communication is number one reason for lack of sex. If you can improve your communication skills and especially learn how to talk about sex, you won’t have much difficulty enjoying sex in your relationship.
  • Hormonal Imbalance– This also impact sex in marriage. Hormonal imbalance is when the hormones are no more actiive. The hormone imbalance can occur when there is excessive stress, pregnancy, environment, etc. Hormones like estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone are responsible for urge and arousals.
  • Side Effect After Medication- This results when the medication you took for other ailments start reacting with hormones.
  • Experiences Of Life– There are some challanged we face in life that impacts ours sex life negatively. He, loss of job, loss of a loved one, health issues, financial issues and child birth. Etc. When one experience one of these, it is easy to loose the urge sex.
  • Relationship issues- The relationship issues like quarreling, fighting, addiction, infidelity and other can also impact sex.
  • Mental health issues also impacts sex.

Now you know what causes sexlessness in marriage, let us look at the sexless marriage effect on wife.

5 Sexless marriage effect on wife: note these now.

1) She Feels Unloved-

One serious sexless marriage effect on wife is the it makes her feel unloved. Sex is what connects couple together, it makes then know they are loved. God designed marriage to be the best connection in life, and sex to be the seal of every relationship.

So when you stop requesting to make love to your wife, she feels that you don’t love her anymore. Every woman want to be desired and they enjoy it when their husbands desire them. They derive their value and power from their desirability.

Now when their men stop desiring them, it takes their values and power away. Suddenly, they start imagine that someone else is taking their place as the wife. This cause stress and disconnect and then emotional distance sets in.

2) Lack Of Sex Increases Blood Pressure & Stress Level-

Another Sexless marriage effect on wife is the high surge of their blood pressure and stress when she didn’t have sex for a long time. According to a marriage expert, you may see a rise in your BP if you don’t have sex for a long time or engage is other types of exercise.

Also, a woman’s stress level can rise when there are no room for “release” this result deteriorated mood. This shows that making loveis a form of exercise. So if you stop having sex, you must engage in other form of exercises to avoid stress or high blood pressure.

3) You Will Experience Some Aches And Pains-

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