submissive wife: 6 ways to become a submissive wife.

Submissive Wife, submissive woman

The term submissive wife might be intimidating at first, but it shouldn’t be. It’s not about being a doormat or letting your husband walk all over you — although there are ways to be submissive that relate to that — and it’s not about becoming less of an individual. It’s about establishing boundaries, being honest with yourself and your partner, and making yourself a better person while still ensuring that you have an equal relationship with your husband.

What Is Submission In Marriage?

Submission is often misunderstood. From the basic dictionary definition, submission is the act or process of submitting (Merriam-Webster). But submission, when applied to marriage, goes deeper than that. It is an attitude and mindset, that seeks to put your spouse first in everything you do.

In other words, you submit your personal desires for his/her pleasure and happiness. You see, submission isn’t about giving up who you are as a person; it’s about learning how to be fully yourself while also serving your husband with love and respect

What Is A Submissive Wife?

A submissive wife is a woman who is ready to be under her husband’s authority. Being submissive is about acknowledging and accepting your partner’s dominant role in your relationship. That does not mean, however, that you don’t get any say in what happens! Rather, it means that you show respect for your husband by submitting to his decisions and suggestions.

To be a voluntary Submissive wife is sincerely about being ready to serve your husband in such a way that both you and the entire relationship benefit from it.

The truth is that being a submissive wife is not an easy task, it takes strength and confidence. However, being submissive doesn’t mean you don’t have your own opinion, or that your husband controls everything about your life. What being a submissive wife means focusing on how to be your husband’s best helper, love, and support.

Submitting to your hubby’s will signifies complete love, and trust, all of these are the tools that help a marriage become successful.

How To Cultivate Submission In Marriage.

1) Submit to Him Outside of Bed:-

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