submissive wife: 6 ways to become a submissive wife.

The term submissive wife might be intimidating at first, but it shouldn’t be. It’s not about being a doormat or letting your husband walk all over you — although there are ways to be submissive that relate to that — and it’s not about becoming less of an individual. It’s about establishing boundaries, being honest with yourself and your partner, and making yourself a better person while still ensuring that you have an equal relationship with your husband.

What Is Submission In Marriage?

Submission is often misunderstood. From the basic dictionary definition, submission is the act or process of submitting (Merriam-Webster). But submission, when applied to marriage, goes deeper than that. It is an attitude and mindset, that seeks to put your spouse first in everything you do.

In other words, you submit your personal desires for his/her pleasure and happiness. You see, submission isn’t about giving up who you are as a person; it’s about learning how to be fully yourself while also serving your husband with love and respect

What Is A Submissive Wife?

A submissive wife is a woman who is ready to be under her husband’s authority. Being submissive is about acknowledging and accepting your partner’s dominant role in your relationship. That does not mean, however, that you don’t get any say in what happens! Rather, it means that you show respect for your husband by submitting to his decisions and suggestions.

To be a voluntary Submissive wife is sincerely about being ready to serve your husband in such a way that both you and the entire relationship benefit from it.

The truth is that being a submissive wife is not an easy task, it takes strength and confidence. However, being submissive doesn’t mean you don’t have your own opinion, or that your husband controls everything about your life. What being a submissive wife means focusing on how to be your husband’s best helper, love, and support.

Submitting to your hubby’s will signifies complete love, and trust, all of these are the tools that help a marriage become successful.

How To Cultivate Submission In Marriage.

1) Submit to Him Outside of Bed:-

While we all want sex, making love is more than just physical intimacy. Sex encompasses all aspects of married life—from financial decisions to household chores—and everything in between. For example, I used to feel insecure whenever my husband was at work late because I wanted him home with me and our kids. Now, I know he has a lot on his plate during those long hours away from us, so I try to trust that he knows what he’s doing and support him in whatever way possible. That kind of submission can go a long way toward cultivating closeness and trust in your relationship.

2) Be Submissive To Him When He Is Not Around –

It is normal to show your submissiveness to your husband when he is there with you, but what happens when he is not there? You see, being submissive means being totally ready to be under his authority all the time.

That means demonstrating your submissiveness always, whether you are with your friends, family, or relatives. Your friends won’t find it hard to know how you respect your partner. If your submissiveness is not complete, then you haven’t submitted it yet.

3) When Things Aren’t The Way They Should

When everything is working well when money is enough and when your husband provides all you need; you will be very submissive. But what happens when things are not going well? That’s the best time to show how good you are.

Benefit Of Being A Submissive Wife:-

1. Stress relief – life can be hectic, and giving control to your husband can reduce stress, leaving you happier and healthier.

2. Power exchange – it’s fun!

3. Commitment – if you’re in an open relationship or non-monogamous, then sharing power makes your connection stronger and more secure (plus allowing yourself to relinquish control increases your partner’s trust in you).

4. Intimacy – when you share power with your spouse, you are able to truly communicate with each other and build intimacy through vulnerability.

5. Trust – as mentioned above, sharing power builds trust between partners because they know that their partner is committed to them and won’t take advantage of them.

6. Respect – by trusting your partner to make decisions for you, you show respect for him/her and for yourself.

7. Self-esteem boost – if you struggle with self-esteem issues, letting go of control will help boost it because you will feel safe enough to let go of responsibility and allow someone else to step up.

8. Confidence boost – as mentioned above, letting go of responsibility shows confidence in your partner’s ability to handle things well on his/her own.

Doing so helps foster an environment of trust, peace, and love. You’ll be glad you did when everything runs more smoothly as a result. For example, research shows that wives who make decisions without consulting their husbands are viewed as less competent parents and less competent at maintaining relationships with their children.

On top of all that, women who have been shown to hold high-status positions within their families report higher levels of marital satisfaction than those who assume a lower status position within their family structure. If you want to improve your marriage overall, then working toward becoming a submissive wife can help. Below are a few ways to be a submissive wife.

How To Become A Submissive Wife.

  • Just Let Him Be Your Hero– Every man, no matter what age or size loves to be a hero. It is their nature, and that’s why they quickly come to protect their wives in every situation. So give him that chance to take care of you, provide for you, and give you a shoulder to rest when need be. The submissive wife knows this, that’s why they gave their husband room to be the hero they are.
  • Care For His Wishes- If you know what your husband’s wishes are, then learn to make them a reality. For example, if you know your husband as a cake lover, go bake a cake. When he is getting ready for work, be there to get all he loves to use for work out on time. Doing so will make him love you more.
  • Know The Best Time To Ask Him Anything – A Submissive Wife wife knows the mind of the husband. She knows when he is sad or happy when he wants to be alone or needs a companion. As a good wife knowing your husband very well is what makes life easier in your marriage, because there won’t be any reason to quarrel when things are going well. Know the best time to ask for a favor from your husband. The best time to do that is after work, especially on Fridays. Understand his feeling and action and also know when to share good or bad news with him; at least know when he is in the best mood to absorb whatever you are saying.
  • Be His Cheerleader- Make your husband your hero. Be very excited whenever he accomplishes anything, whether big or small. A study done many years ago shows that couples who respond enthusiastically to each other’s good news show a tremendous level of happiness in their relationships. So be his cheerleader and he will love you more and more.
  • Be The Peace Maker In Your Home- The number one heartbeat of s submissive wife is her marriage, that’s why they do everything to make their home peaceful. She knows when the devil wants to bring discord and she quickly blocks it. Even when she is not the cause of the problems, she will be the first to say “am sorry.”
  • Take Care Of Your Home- “When mama is happy, every other person is happy”. As the wife, know how to make your home pleasant for your husband and the entire family. You shouldn’t be a slave in your marriage, at least that’s not what I mean, but be the pivot that pulls your home and keep things together always.

Characteristics Of A Submissive Wife.

There are many characteristics that define what it means to be a submissive wife. Some attributes may seem natural while others might require more work and patience but all are worth having. What is important is finding out what works for you, your personality, and your relationship.

Below are some examples to consider as you strive to become a better spouse through submission. The first step in learning how to be a submissive wife is realizing that it isn’t just about one aspect or quality, but rather a compilation of different traits and behaviors. Check them out the checklist below-

  • She is a good follower.
  • Respectful.
  • Truthful
  • Good caretaker.
  • Supportive.
  • His husband’s best friend.
  • Happy.
  • Appreciative.
  • Good listener.
  • Better communicator.

In Conclusion

Submission is an important element in any relationship, whether it is chosen or not. To illustrate this, I am certain that even if you have never been submissive in other areas of your life, you probably do so when it comes to what foods you enjoy, for example. there are still moments when you are less in control and simply let someone else make the decision. That doesn’t mean they tell you what to do in every aspect of your life.

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