How to improve your marriage without stress now

One thing is sure in every marriage and that is the need to know how to improve your marriage all the time.

As the day goes by, most of the blissful times and other things you once enjoyed in marriage as couples start fading away gradually, issues start coming out, and quarrel becomes the order of the day.

Some marriage experts said that these things are good and help to make a marriage grow stronger, yes, that’s true, but I disagree with that because those are the things that can destroy even the sweetest and the happiest marriage on earth if not properly taken care of.

You need to do everything you should to keep your marriage happy by improving on it. There is a need for you to improve your relationship, and I will advise you today to look very well and discover those places in your marriage that need improvement and start working on it.

Here Are the Things You Can Do To Improve Your Marriage without talking about it.



How To Improve Your Marriage Now

1) Have a one and one talk with your spouse.

Everything in life starts with a decision, and improving your marriage is one of those things that need the decision of both you and your spouse, if you want it to work out.

There can be no way for marriage improvement if you and your spouse are not in agreement to do so. It starts from the very moment you call your spouse and ask if he or she is ready to work with you to mend your marriage by improving on it.

If the answer is yes, then half of the work is done.

2)’Talk about those places that need to be improved upon,

write them down and start working on it one after the other. See Only the Positive Side of Your Spouse.

During courtship, couples seem to hide so many aspects of their lives, but as the day goes by in marriage, things start coming out, the character starts changing.

You may at that time be forced to tell yourself that this is not the same person you married in the first place. You are not alone. It is common in every marriage. This is what I want you to do; choose to see only the good side of your spouse.

Try complimenting him or her for anything you can remember he does right. I don’t mean you should neglect the mistakes, but don’t see it as the highest offense. Remember, no one is perfect, even you.

3) Also, remember that it is not your job to change your spouse

So never try to do so. Make a list of those qualities you like in him or her and always remind yourself of that wonderful person you married. Improve On The Quality Of Time You Spend With Your Spouse.

Another better tip on how to improve your marriage is to increase the quality of time you stay with your spouse.

I did not say just an increase in the time you stay with your spouse, but to increase the quality of the time. Staying 24 hours with your spouse will only deny him/her personal space and a chance to miss you;

I am not saying you should take a week or month-long vacation. However, make your spouse feel your absence for a little while. Remember you are trying to know how to improve your marriage.

4) How to improve your marriage by putting off your gadgets:

You understood the importance of spending time with each other and you are doing that faithfully. However, there are so many things that can divide your attention unknowingly as you are together.

Your gadgets are number one: that includes your phone, your iPods, sound systems. Spending time as a partner requires your 100% attention because this is a good time to talk about your love and the affairs of the family.

Having divided attention will make you achieve less because you are sure what or where to concentrate on improving your relationship.

Therefore, I implore you to keep your phone on silent or off when you are together. You can check those emails or watch the news later.

Your marriage health is the most important thing at this moment. Concentrate on it for now.

5) Ask yourselves some provocative questions as you spend time together:

You can ask each other whatever question you want. Experts said asking each other interesting questions daily will make your partner learn more about you and also know how you think.

Asking questions will also ginger you to get out of your comfort zone, and be active about the ways your marriage should be better.

If at last your questions gets a good answer, then you will learn new things as well as enjoy some quality conversation time with each other.

This will bring bond and intimacy too in your relationship.

Marriage experts said you should not limit your conversation to marriage: talk about anything that interests you, like politics, news, movies, and anything you like.

The most important thing is to have a great conversation as a couple.

6) Always Remember To Jot Your Feelings Down:

It is good to take a journal of all your feelings in your relationship.

When you are happy, write it out, if you are in doubt about anything, write it down also.

Northwestern University researchers discovered that couples who keep journals of their daily relationship experiences have great partaken marital satisfaction.

Meanwhile, you shouldn’t concentrate on writing only the negative vibes of your relationship, keep the list of the good and the bad.

Make sure you bring everything to the table whenever you have your family time so you can trash it out and deal with it.

7) Set Boundaries:

It is good to set boundaries to protect your relationship and your privacies. These boundaries are what will keep outsiders away from your relationship.

You can also set the boundary between you and your partner too, so you will not encroach on each other’s privacies too.

To set good boundaries, you will need to look back and check where all the stresses you have in your relationship are coming from or who has been overstepping your boundary.

Also, explain to your partner the reasons you are setting the boundaries and what you expect to achieve with it, and the impact it will have on your marriage.

8) Remind Each Other Of The Sweet Memories:

My number 8 point on my list of how to improve your marriage is to remind your partner of the good old days.

It feels amazing when you talk about the good day’s. Study also pointed out that talking about sweet memories helps couples to connect better.

Just think about those romantic dates you had, your wedding day, and your anniversary.

As you are conversing with your partner, quickly remind him/her about the memories. This will boost your mood and it will make your partner know how you value your relationship.

9) Bond with each other’s families:

Most couples quarrel when they notice that their partner is pushing them apart from their family members. But It’s always a joy when they realized that you blend well with them.

I implore you to make friends with them, call them often, and enquire about their health, complement them, and let them know that you are all one family.

Even when they hurt you, find a way, and forgive them as much as you can.

If your partner sees how forgiven you are to their spouse, they will love you back and they will never want to hurt you.

They will only be angry at you when you quarrel and fight with his/ her family members.

10) Be Responsible Financially:

 The issue of money has destroyed so many relationships, if you are not sure how you spend money, you will be causing a great problem.

If it’s possible, create a joint account for the payment of your bills and have your separate accounts for your personal needs.

Also, be honest with each other about your finances come. Don’t spend in secret and don’t hide your transactions from your partner, because each of you needs to be assured of your financial security.

10) “Make time for exercise.

You can’t overlook the importance of working out, it helps you to keep fit. However, when you work out as a partner, it does not only keep you strong and healthy, it builds a bond between you two.

Researchers have proven that when a couple of exercises together they become closer. So why not grab your spouse’s hands and let him/ her join your workout now. It will add to your energy and bring you closer too.

11) Touch Yourselves Often:

Touch yourselves often, kiss, and hold hands. The marriage experts have proven that it is good for you as a couple.

Touch his/her arm when you are both making breakfast. Just find some interesting ways to pamper each other at any time.

The sweet physical touches will produce the hormone called oxytocin which is important for your health and will help your relationship succeed.



You can improve your marriage if you decide to and I have shown you some steps on how to improve your marriage in this post. Try to follow my steps so you can succeed fast.

Here is a recap of how to improve your marriage.

  • Have a one and one talk with your spouse.
  • Talk about those places that need to be improved upon.
  • Also, remember that it is not your job to change your spouse.
  • How to improve your marriage by putting off your gadgets.
  • Ask yourselves some provocative questions as you spend time together.
  • Always Remember To Jot Your Feelings Down.
  • Set Boundaries.
  • Remind Each Other Of The Sweet Memories.
  • Make time for exercise.
  • Touch Yourselves Often.


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