7 Proven Signs your husband is controlling you now.

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Are you searching to know If your husband is controlling you? Your husband didn’t wake up one day and decide to be a controlling husband, it started gradually and unnoticed, sometimes it looks like your partner is becoming so caring and romantic, and sooner it graduated to commands and “increasing control”?

Things were not like this when the relationship started, you are sure you married a charming, intelligent, kind and funny man.

Things changed suddenly.

He was very sweet to be with and he always knows the right word to use when he wants you to feel special.

He was your dream man, but something happened suddenly,

Initially, you thought he was only trying to be a better man, the guy that wants the best to his wife, such that doesn’t hide his feelings and always means what he says.

Now things have changed a great deal, he criticizes your every move and nag all the time too. Now he wants everything to go exactly the way he wants it.

All the charm has become manipulations, and now you are not sure what’s going on.

     7 Signs Your Husband Is Controlling You.

1) When he is over Monitoring And continuously jealous:-

“Jealousy can be described as the maintaining or vigilantly guarding the people we love, mostly when we feel we have a rival by the corner”.

Being jealous is healthy, but there’s a big disparity between feeling jealous and exerting an unhealthy jealous behavior.

Normal jealousy usually comes spontaneously, and you can quickly control it, but when you indulge and act on your jealous feelings with suspicion and feeling of insecurity, then it has become unhealthy and it can greatly destroy your relationship.

When your partner becomes jealous and controlling they start monitoring all you do, your behavior, where you go and the friends you keep.

He will sometimes make you account for almost any simple action you take as well as the way you spend.

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 Here are a few other signs of unhealthy jealousy.

– Too many questions about your behavior
– inappropriate behavior and accusation.
– the feeling of obsession and paranoia.
– Feeling irritable.

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