101 steps to a better husband and wife relationship

Husband and wife relationship

Is it really possible for couples to have a good husband and wife relationship?

How can you describe the relationship you have with your spouse; good, better, worse, nothing to write home about?

That question is left for you to answer. Let me ask you again; are you having a good husband and wife relationship in your marriage?

It has already been said that is a communion of life and whatever true love seeks is found in marriage; so you have no reason not to enjoy your marriage, or even have a good husband and wife relationship.

Marriage entails a life that is devoid of worries, sickness, joy and good health.

It also involves dealing with the external and internal challenges, being young and getting old, copping with the small and big troubles of life, and also dealing with the social and individual questions.

As all these things go on, couples have so many days, weeks, months and years to share together as they pass through these.

It is also amazing how things move in marriage; sometimes big things become little, while small things become a very big problem or result in a big quarrel and sometimes it becomes so big that it will almost tear a marriage apart.

Love is known to provide acceptance to the other person no matter how he or she is.
Love provides a home for all, but marriage provides a resting place for couples.

Artificial and strained manners are not expected in a home.

In the bible, Peter said.“If a husband does not relate with his wife properly, their prayers will be hindered”.

Failure to live appropriately or have a good husband and wife relationship can impact your relationship with God.

This is one reason you must pay close attention to the type of husband and wife relationship that exists between you and your spouse.

In this article, I have provided you with 101 ways you can have a good and quality husband and wife relationship.

I have classified it into three sections; Attitude, character, and habit for easy reading.

Let’s dive in.

101 ways to have a good husband and wife relationship.

Happy couples, happy marriage


Husband and wife relationship about Attitude.

1) Pray together as a family:-

Prayer is the master key but it amazes me how people neglect prayers.
The bible says “the family that prays together stays together”. There is so much you can do with prayer.

Set out time to pray together always, fast together and encourage each other.
Learn to hold your hands as you pray for each other. When you are not close with each other, pray for yourselves and it will amaze you what results in you will get.

2Trust one another:-

Trust is very important in every relationship, especially in marriage. Every successful and happy marriage is built on trust. If you truly want a fulfilled marriage and a good relationship with your spouse, you must know. how to develop trust.

Most couples think that just being sexually faithful is trust, but it is more than that.

Below are the different types of trust to look for in your marriage.


 The type of trust that will give each of you the first place in your life.
The type of trust that gives your partner confidence to believe you whenever you make a vow to honor, love, and cherish each other.

Never give much attention to any other thing at the expense of your marriage or take each other for granted.

Make your marriage and your partner your number one priority.


 That you will stay sexually faithful to each other. Marriage can never work when there is sexual infidelity among couples. Of course, partners can recover from that with the help of an expert, but it is best if they remain committed to being sexually faithful to their spouse.


 Never forsake your spouse during conflicts, anger, disagreements, and sickness.

Quarrels, disagreement, and anger are inevitable in every marriage. It is good when they happen without causing a fear of rejection or abandonment. You can achieve that by not using the threat of divorce to your partner.


 Love each other with nothing attached to it. Be confident of your love for each other and that nothing will come between you; not even money, friends or family members.


 That you will not reject or dominate one another:- The best place love can thrive well is where there is an atmosphere of security and safety.

Never hurt one another physically or verbally and also do not reject your partner or create that type of fear that undermines trust. When you become domineering to your spouse. It will bring mistrust, and insecurity becomes obvious.

3 Take your partner for who he or she is:-

4 Learn from one another:-

It is better when you see your partner as a mirror and that you can learn how to become better through his or her reflections.
Never blame or point fingers at your partner when you are upset, instead remain awake and find something to heal yourself from anger.

5Focus on giving more love:-
Happiness in marriage is not just about feeling good when other people love us, it is more about how you can love yourself as well as loving someone deeply that we will also be loved deeply.

6 Never expect too much from your spouse:

It is improper to expect so much from your spouse because he/she is only human and cannot do more than he /she is capable of.
However, expecting too much from your spouse means mounting pressure on his/her life, as well as stress on your own life.

When you are looking up to your partner to be perfect all the time, it will make you vulnerable to feel bad when you notice he/she is not living up to your expectations. So keep everything simple, and life will continue to move on.

Husband and wife relationship

7) Share quality times together:-

Having sex with your spouse is one of the ways you can share quality time together. However, sharing quality time together is more than having sex.

You can decide to just be alone together and share your experiences, your interests. Tell the stories of how you fell in love with each other, laugh together and remind yourselves about your likes and dislikes.

All these engender good husband and wife relationship.

8 Improve your communication:-

Communication is very vital in every relationship. Any marriage that lacks communication is heading to a great fall.

Improve your communication now and see how strong your marriage will become.
You can learn some proper communication skills that will help your marriage.

9) Make decisions together:-

There is bound to be harmony in a marriage if decisions are not made by only one partner.
Everyone must know that his/her opinion is welcomed in a relationship.

10) Never be too emotional:-

Never allow yourself to be physically or mentally abusive to your partner. Never mistreat him or her. Remember you are planning to have a good husband and wife relationship.

11) Understand those things that bring the fight and avoid it:

The first step to have a good husband and wife relationship is to know those things that usually cause trouble between you and your partner and avoid bringing them into your marriage.

If it is the way you argue about anything, then stop it and learn how to keep quiet when an argument arises.

12) Be individually committed to making your marriage work:-

To make your marriage happy, you must be committed to doing those things that will cause it to happen.

Therefore your individual commitments and sacrifices are steps you will not fail to bring to see your marriage become successful.

13) Have a good husband and wife relationship in bed:

I have seen some marriages broken down because of sexual infidelity; most of the reasons giving as the cause are the inability of the couples to satisfy each other sexually.

Now when you hear about having a good husband and wife relationship in bed, it is not just about sex but about being a soul mate to the other partner.

14) Be your spouse soul mate:-

Be a soul mate to your spouse. Every partner is expected to be deeply attached to each other. Care for him or her, believe in your spouse and live for each other.

Let your spouse have a feeling of a natural and deep affinity with you.

15) Respect for each other:-

Respect is reciprocal they said. Learn to respect your spouse; that is when you can demand the same respect from him or her too.

16) Let go of your baggage:-

Letting go of your old baggage will help you have a good husband and wife relationship faster.

It is obvious that every couple carries some special baggage into the marriage.
It is good you drop all those baggage now if you really want to have a good husband and wife relationship. Let them go so you can fully concentrate on how to make your marriage move forward.

17) Let go of the past issues:-

Never bring up the past issues into your marriage, especially when you have settled it. Some of us are used to making references to the issues behind.

Remembering the past things you have gone through will not allow you to move forward in your marriage.

18) Admit when you are wrong and say sorry:-

There must be quarrels and disagreements in marriage, but partners who want to have a good marriage should know how to admit their faults and say sorry when they are wrong.

Happy couples, husband, wife

19) Physical relationships must exist between you and your spouse:-

Always be there for your partner sexually, if you want to have a good husband and wife marriage. Never hold back sex because you don’t need it at that moment.

Hold hands, kiss each other, say I love you often, and cuddle each other. Those are the things that help you to be emotionally intimate with your spouse.

20) Be conscious about the topics of your discussion:

Do not discuss anything about your marriage that your partner may not want to talk about at that moment unless there is a better reason for that. It may bring quarrels and arguments.

21) Give your partner time to be alone when he or she demands that:-

There are times when your partner will demand to be alone in other to read, think and prepare for the next thing ahead.

If he or she demands such a time from you, never hesitate to give it. It is important if you want a speedy growth to your marriage.

22 Do things together:-

Always do the things that bring the two of you closer to each other, like taking a bath, eating, watching a movie, reading and laughing together.

23) Be sincere to each other:-

Being sincere to each other also helps you have a good husband and wife relationship in a short while.

Let your yes be yes and your no is no. Do not tell lies to your partner. Many marriages have broken down because the lies told in the beginning have been let out of the box.

Everyone knows the truth now and things are not the way it used to be. Telling the truth will always help you move your marriage forward.

24) Always appreciate your spouse:-

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