5 Best Marriage Proposal Speeches That Works Perfectly.

Congratulations! You have found someone you love, and you want to pop that question soon; your biggest challenge now is that you are not sure what to say.

I have good news for you, I have selected some best marriage proposal speeches for you here to use as you like.

It takes effort and time to plan a good marriage proposal and the truth is that what you say or do not say can make or break your moment. 

And coming up with good marriage proposal speeches to deliver smoothly on the spot can almost be too difficult.

You can also agree with me that many proposers missed certain words during that great moment. But that’s just normal.

The best of it all is that after you deliver any of your marriage proposal speeches and end it with the three words statement “will you marry me?” you have said it all.

And your next step is to wait for the answer you deserve.

There are a few things you should do to plan a successful marriage proposal to get the best answer.

How to Plan Your Proposal.

A few years ago, I wrote an article about marriage proposal ideas that work effectively.

You can go and read it to learn how to propose to her. But in this section, you will find out some unique ways you can plan your marriage proposal speeches, and I will also show you marriage proposal speech examples too. 

Let’s check them out.

Make Sure You Are On The Same Page-

This should be your first step in planning your marriage proposal. The truth is that no matter how interesting or captivating your marriage proposal speeches are if you are not on the same page, you are likely to get a no from your proposal.

Ask yourself if you both have marriage on your brain. Have a conversation with your partner about the future and that one day, you’ll pop out the word to her.

You’ll find out from her reaction if you are on the same page or not. However, if you find it hard to discuss that with your partner, then use a story about your friend to bring that home to her.

If she is excited about the conversation, then you are halfway to getting a yes from her.

Without being on the same page before you ask the question, you may sound strange to her the moment you propose to her.

– Have A Chat With The Parents:-

Your marriage proposal speeches will sound interesting if everything is planned out pretty well.

Another important step you take to have a good marriage proposal is to be sure you carried your partner’s Parents along with the proposal thing. That sounds old school, isn’t it?

Although your partner has the right to decide on his/herself marriage, it is highly important to see the parents and intimate them about your plans to propose to their daughter, especially if your parents hinted to you about that.

Start by telling them how you feel about their child, and wish to take the relationship to another level. If they accept it, then inform them that you will want them to be part of the exciting moment.

Choose The Location:-

This is the next thing to think of after you’ve made up your mind to propose to her. Please, select a very ideal place for this.

If you want a public proposal, then it’s better you book the place on time and secure more space for your guests.

Jot Things Down:-

In as much as you want to have some best marriage proposal speeches, you won’t need to have everything written down, but you can jot down some of the important ones.

Having it written down will be of good help to you when you want to pop the question out.

It won’t matter if you forget some of your lines, but it would have been worse if you didn’t write them down.

In all you do, don’t forget the most important part of the moment, which is the question “Will you marry me?”

Below are some interesting marriage proposal speeches that will get you a good answer. Check them out

5 Interesting marriage speech examples you haven’t heard before.

This section of the article is to show you what to say when you propose to a girl. Remember you have to be yourself as you say these marriage proposal speeches. Check out the examples.

Speech To Express Your Love:

I assume here that you don’t want to go through the stress of writing your marriage proposal speeches down, or you are facing writer’s block; so I have hand-picked a few proposal speech examples for you to use as you like.

Your first step should be to express your love to your prospective partner.

Therefore, take some time to select some speeches on how much you love her. List everything down, including why you love her as a person, as a prospective spouse, and especially as the mother is your children.

For example Dear, this is 3 months we have known each other, and I thank God for bringing you into my life. From the bottom of my life, I want to tell you that I love you so much, because –

  • You are there for me in all things.
  • You make me laugh when all the reasons have disappeared.
  • I have been inspired so much and I am where I am now because of your inspiration.
  • I have seen how you relate with people and I know you have a heart of gold.
  • The way you take care of your family has made me know you are marriage material. Etc.

Describe How You Met Her:-

One of the marriage speeches that have worked so much is to describe to her the ways you met each other.

Sharing this amazing story of how you met each other will add special effects to your speech. Below is a proposal speech template that has worked for many people I know, and you can use that too.

—- God bless the day I found you… I can’t forget that day, immediately I lay my eyes on you, it dawn on me that my life is about to experience the best thing life has to offer.

The best of that moment was that as I spoke with you, it felt like I have known you for ages. ( At this point, tell the full story of your first conversation. Don’t bother if it was great or awkward)

I have never believed that the same person that was a stranger to me some days, months, or years back will still be the one that I want to be with forever. Well, destiny has made it so.

Today, from the bottom of my heart, may I tell you that you are the only one I can’t stay a moment without. If it is the will of God, I want to ask you this important question “will you marry me.”

Share Your Moments Together:-

Don’t forget to share about the great moments you have had together; you won’t run out of that if you have spent many years or months in a relationship.

If you haven’t had much time to be together, just remember the little time you had. This type of marriage proposal will lift your spouses’ spirit, especially if you had more joyous moments.

Say something like this: I remember those years we were in our high school, you were too shy, and you don’t like to talk much.

We use to visit your aunties house, and after that, you’ll walk me home. Remember those good moments,( maybe at the library or parks and shopping malls.

it’s been so wonderful sharing those moments with someone like you. I am so amazed that you are the same person I want to live my whole life with. “Will you marry me?”

Do Some Of Those Things You Both Love:-

What are the things you enjoyed doing together, Cooking, hiking, skirting, mountain climbing, and adventure? Find what it is and use that opportunity to express yourself to her.

For example, if you like reading books, pop in a little note of “I love you so much,” put it in a book ( where she can easily find it) hand the book over to her and watch her expression as she flips the book.

If you love adventures, then take her to a very good place and say something like –

Dear, I remember the day we met at this same place. Life has never been the same again; moments pass without remembering how we were here together at this same spot watching the mountains.

Would you want to do that again with me forever? Will you marry me?

We Are Made To Be Together:-

Relationships are not free from challenges, and if you think you have passed through some of the challenges together, remind her in your propose marriage speech how you have surmounted the challenges together. If you want to remind her how you worked through challenges together, using the “we are designed to be together approach will be the best way to begin.

If you have an audience, this is the best time to tell them how you have passed through great challenges and still standing, at least, this shows that you are destined to be together

Example: I feel amazed how we have crossed so many rivers and so many streams and still standing, now we are here. Without all the favorable and unfavorable times we had together, one thing remains certain, you and I can live together to work as a team. “Will you marry me?”

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Propose?

To make your marriage proposal splendid, you have to put many things into consideration, like the venue, whether public or private, now you should know the best time of the day to propose. According to dating experts, there is the best and wrong time to propose.

The best time to propose is the daytime and here are the reasons.

  • Daytime is the best time to propose, especially when you want to capture the moments with pictures. Everywhere will be good and clear for the photographs.
  • If you want to have a crowd during your proposals, it will only be in the daytime.
  • There’ll be traffic in the evening, so if your venue for the proposal is not closed, you may be held in traffic throughout the proposal time.
  • It’s generally cold during the night, so it might not good for your spouse.
  • If you want to use a hotel, or restaurant for your proposal, the best time to do that is in the daytime. People use those places often in the evening and the price is always higher then too.

That being said, I want you to note that the best time should be what you decide with your partner. If you both agree on a time, then work towards achieving it.

In Conclusion:-

Hope you have learned a few things from this post. Now you have the best marriage speeches and templates available to you.

You’ve also learned how to get prepared for the proposal, and the best time to propose to your partner.

It’s time to go pop the question to her and expect the best answers. You won’t fail if you use all that I taught you in this post. I wish you the best as you go propose marriage to your best partner.


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