How To Get A Man Propose Marriage To You.


You have been dating for close to two, three, or four years now, yet you are still unable to get a man to propose marriage to you.


All you get are excuses.


  • I am not financially ready.
  • I haven’t found the right person to marry.
  • He or she may change after we are married, etc.


From their actions lately, you are not even sure whether he is ready to work down the aisle with you or not.


If what I said earlier describes you, then I want you to know that you are not alone. A lot of ladies have passed through that before, and so many of them are in the same situation as I am writing this.


But, never worry again, because, in this post, I will show you how and what you can do to get a man to propose marriage to you fast.


At least, you are sure to get your Mr. Right and make him propose within 30 days


After reading this post, you’ll be able to get into any man’s head and initiate a marriage proposal to him.


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What does it mean when a man proposes to you?


When a man proposes to a woman, it means the man has asked for the girl’s hand in marriage, and if the request is accepted, it marks the beginning of an engagement. All over the world, the men are believed to be the ones to propose to a woman, and it begins with only three words sentence ” will you marry me,? and a presentation of an engagement ring to seal it.


Most people who were engaged and later got married began from a simple relationship, and when they found the relationship interesting they chose to take it to another level. All relationships don’t end in marriage, however, that relationship that ended in marriage discovered that they can live together.


If your relationship didn’t go to another level, then there is a reason for that. And to tell you the truth –


You Are The Reason Why He Did Not Propose To You.


You may be surprised to hear that from me, but the truth is that you are the reason he is not committing to you.


But, murphyaik, I have been with him for a while now cooking his food, keeping his house clean, and even offering him my body, and yet you are blaming me.


Yes! All those things you mentioned are the reasons why you are the cause.


     Here is why I said that.


No man can have a word with you, touch you, kiss you, and sleep with you when you didn’t give him that permission.


Simply put, you must believe that the power to get yourself the union, the marriage, and the relationship you so wanted rests squarely on your shoulders.


You have total control over every situation whether he can take you home, or keep you for years without proposing or not.


We men need all these things from you, but, we want to know how easy it will be for us to get them.


From the first impression you give to any man, from every step, he will determine whether he will take you seriously or play you.


Any man who gets to you now will make a mental calculation of how cheap he can get you to bed, but it is left for you to make him know what you want outright.


Here is what you will do.


Proven Ways To Get A Man to Propose Marriage To You.



How To Get A Man to Propose Marriage To You- Step One


If you are out in the market for a real relationship, the type that will last a long time, you must have a requirement and standard for yourself.


You should be able to build a fence and get your standard up so that not every man can have a feast in your domain, if you are not ready, then go to the other girl and not you.


Like I earlier said, whatever any man succeeded in doing to you is what you let him do.


Any man who is hanging around you does that for these two reasons.


  • To commit to you.
  • To have his way and dump you.


Whether he will succeed or fail depends totally on you.


Men are simple creatures!


But, men are very simple creatures, tell us what you want us to do; we will try to do that especially when it is something to benefit us.


When any man comes to you, he comes to know what it will take him to get you; if he feels you are cheap to him, he will simply treat you the same and still tell his friends.


So when you have a standard set out, right from the onset of the type of relationship you want, if you want him to be early to dinner, tell him, if you want him to always say the truth, let him know from the beginning.

But here is the mistake you should avoid. Never be prompt in having a list of what you want a man to do for you.


Instead of telling him those things you like, tell him all you don’t like and allow him to find out what he is willing to do.


Believe me when I tell you that no man on earth will be determined to let you down without you showing him how you want him to love you or how you expect him to treat you.


My wife told me right from the beginning that she detests lies, and I am trying my best to be that.


So go ahead and tell him what it takes to get your cookies, if it is easy for him, he will stick around.


You are special to us if you make us treat you so.



How To Get A Man Propose Marriage To You- Step Two.  Tell him exactly what you want:-


Your age is not what it was in the time past and all you want now is to get married.


Then tell him outright that you don’t want any other thing than marriage and that you want to know what is in his mind about it.


Now you want to crucify me for what I just said.


Murphyaik what if he runs away when I tell him that? Well if he goes away, then that means he is not your man.


Seriously, you have to be willing to walk out and continue your life whenever you are not getting the type of commitment you desire from any man.


But you have stayed 5 years with him; yes, if he is not ready to commit, you cannot get him to commit with the number of years.


Many women have fallen for this and are still have their heartbroken later.


You know he is not planning to marry you and you are still hoping he will change his mind.


Instead of getting the blow later, why not get it when the relationship is still young so you can go on and find another person?


They said that men are like buses; when you miss one, another one must surely come.


Let him know that your only plan is to settle down. I know it will not be easy, but you must have to do that.


Have This In Mind.


He is not the only man on the earth and I strongly believe that your own man is out waiting for you.


You must have to give up fears of losing him because once you let go of fears, man will lose his power over you.


If what you want is a committed relationship, understand that your guy in question has to show that he is ready and worthy for you. That real man will be very willing to pay any price to have you as a wife.


How To Get A Man Propose Marriage To You- Step Three Be ready for that life:-



Life as a single and life in marriage are two different lives.


There are things you did and got away with when you were single, but you can’t get away with it when you are married.


So if you are looking to settle down, then you must be ready for that.


For everything you hope to get in life, you must get ready for that.


You have to prepare your mind to receive the new change that is coming your way first.


Clear your memories of your past failed relationships, and hurt, heartbroken hearts, and drop all the old baggage.


Stop nursing in your mind that all men are the same and that this new relationship may end like the other one.


That simply shows that you have no room for a new relationship. This is the reason you can be with your real man and still feel lonely.


Believing the myth that all the good men have been taken and resolving to have many men to “ play with” will hurt you more.


So you’ve got to cheer your mind and “divorce” all bitterness you are nursing of a failed relationship so you can move towards and make room for him.


Learn all you can about marriage. Read books and search the internet about what marriage is.


Have a good picture of what it is to get married. Did you see yourself wearing that wedding gown and walking down the aisle? Understand that marriage has its sweet and bitter side.


How To Get A Man Propose To You- Step Four Adopt the 90 plan as written by Steve Harrison:-


This is 90 days you want to get to know that man very well, in this learning about the man you are hoping to marry, you will not offer your cookies to him (sex).


But 90 days is so long a time you may say; sure it is but like I have said earlier, your real husband will be willing to wait because he knows that all will be his when he finally marries you, after all, it takes time to establish a good relationship.


Sex is only designed to be a “response to love and not a foundation for love” so build a strong fence to your cookies.


It is supposed to be a seal and stronghold for the already established relationship. If you give this to any man whenever you want, then you are building up pain for yourself.


That man who is reserved for you will not want to taste before committing; he will be willing to pay all the prices.


Virtuous Women. 


Even the bible in the book of Proverbs: 31- 10 says that he that finds a virtuous woman is so valuable and any man will be willing to pay his worth.


So you should stop casting your pearls to the swine.


Always treat sex as the only weapon you have for yourself, treat it as something special, and let that man understand how special it is, and not like a piece of cake that someone can chew in a minute.


If a man is not ready to give you the 90 days to know him better and is bent on having sex, then he is not your man.


Within those 90 days, you should be able to know if he comes to play you or stick with you.



How To Get A Man Propose Marriage To You- Step Five Take care of yourself:-


Men are too careful when it comes to marriage. They want to marry, but not to marry any type of girl. They are looking for a girl who knows how to take care of herself.


That tells them that the girl can take care of the home too.


The best thing you can do to attract that man is to take proper care of yourself. Always be conscious of how you look, when you look smart, your man will see you as that neat and smart girl.


Remember, the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. Now when you do all these steps to get a man to propose marriage to you, he will be forced to think about what you said. Be watchful to know if you will see signs of proposals coming. If you are not sure what to expect, then follow the steps below


Signs He Is About To Pop The Question.


He Suddenly Becomes Needy or Nervous- One of the signs that he is about to propose marriage to you is that his whole attitude will change. When you ask any guy about the most frightening moments in his life, he will tell You- a marriage proposal date or how to ask a woman out the first time.


Just imagine how they must feel before the day of the event, nervous, sweaty fearful, and weird. But that’s all part of the game.


Saving more than spending- You will know that he is about to propose marriage to you when he suddenly cuts down on his expenses. Now he understands the need for savings: he knows that things are about to change for the better and very soon more responsibilities will come to him. This is a sign he is about to pop the question out.


He Suddenly Changes– Your guy will suddenly change when he is about to propose marriage to you. Most of the things he never liked to do before will become his best ways of life- like cooking, sweeping, cleaning things up, making beds, etc. Those are clear signs to note.


He Suddenly Wants to Go To Weddings – initially, he would not want to go to Weddings, but now he wants to attend every wedding and will also take time to criticize the wedding hall, the decorations the venue, and the dance band.


Now, He Wants To Talk About The Future– Talking about the future is another sign that he is about to propose marriage to you. Months and years passed, and he never had time to talk about his future, his family, and his children, all of a sudden he started talking about how wonderful his family would be, etc.


He Spends Time With Your Family- If he was avoiding seeing your parents, and now he wants to spend time with them, it is a good way to know that your guy is ready to propose to marry you. Most guys who are not so exposed will want to get permission from their parents before proposing marriage to their girlfriends. If your dad and he become best friends now, then expect the question.


He Plans Romantic Dates– These are the things he never liked to do, but they are his priority now.


What To Do If A Guy Proposes To You.



Now that you have gotten him to propose marriage to you, what next? In this section, we will be looking at what you should say, or do when he proposes marriage to you. Answering a proposal can be very tricky sometimes, however, ” Yes is always the best reply. So as you are waiting for him to pop the question, get ready with your answer.


There are also other ways to answer- like I will think about it, or no. But for whichever answer you give, try to let your guy know why. In this article, we are concentrating on the “Yes,” because you’ve been expecting that for a while now.


When you give yes as an answer, you should expect many love declarations like hugging and probably starting the engagement and wedding plans. The next thing to do is to start preparing for the wedding.


Rounding up:-


Don’t see sex as the only thing you have to offer to get a man to propose marriage to you. Remember, the man God prepared for you will always be ready to do anything he thinks will profit him in the future.


So understand that what you do or not do can get a man to propose marriage to you or not. if you desire to, it’s obviously up to you.


I am still your friend murphyaik.


See you at the top and remember to tell me what you think after reading this article.


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