How to get a man propose marriage to you.

How to get a man propose marriage to you

You have been dating for close to two, three, four years now, yet you are still unable to get a man to propose marriage to you.

All you get are excuses.

  • I am not financially ready.
  • I haven’t found the right person to marry.
  • He/she may change after we are married, etc.

From their actions lately, you are not even sure whether he is ready to work down the aisle with you or not.

If what I said earlier describes you, then I want you to know that you are not alone. A lot of ladies have passed through that before, and so many of them are in the matter as I am writing this.

But, never worry again, because, in this post, I will show you how and what you can do to get a man to propose marriage to you fast.

At least, you are sure to get your Mr. Right and make him propose within 30 days

After reading this post, you’ll be able to get into any man’s head and initiate a marriage proposal to him.

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What does it mean when a man proposes to you?

When a man proposes to a woman, it means the man has asked for the girl’s hand in marriage, and if the request is accepted, it marked the beginning of an engagement. All over the world, the men are believed to be the ones to propose to a woman, and it begins with only three words sentence ” will you marry me,? and a presentation of an engagement ring to seal it.

Most people who were engaged and later got married began from a simple relationship, and when they found the relationship interesting they choose to take it to another level. All relationships don’t end in marriage, however, that relationship that ended in marriage discovered that they can live together.

If your relationship didn’t go to another level, then there is a reason for that. And to tell you the truth –

You Are The Reason Why He Did Not Propose Marriage To You.

You may be surprised to hear that from me, but the truth is that you are the reason he is not committing to you.

But, murphyaik, I have been with him for a while now cooking his foods, keeping his house clean, and even offering him my body and yet you are blaming me.

Yes! All those things you mentioned are the reasons why you are the cause.

                       Here is why I said that.

No man can have a word with you, touch you, kiss you, and sleep with you when you didn’t give him that permission.

Simply put, you must believe that the power to get yourself the union, the marriage, the relationship you so wanted rests squarely on your shoulder.

You have total control over every situation whether he can take you home, or keep you for years without proposing or not.

We men need all these things from you, but, we want to know how easy it will be for us to get them.

From the first impression you give to any man, from every of your step, he will determine whether he will take you seriously or play you.

Any man who gets to you now will make a mental calculation of how cheap he can get you to bed, but it is left for you to make him know what you want outright.

Here is what you will do.

Proven Ways To Get A Man Propose Marriage To You.

Engagement, getting married soon
How To Get A Man Propose Marriage To You- Step one

If you are out in the market for a real relationship, the type that will last a long time, you must have a requirement and standard for yourself.

You should be able to build a fence and get your standard up that not every man can have a feast in your domain, if you are not ready, then go to the other girl and not you.

Like I earlier said, whatever any man succeeded in doing to you is what you let him do.

Any man who is hanging around you does that for these two reasons.

  • To commit to you.
  • To have his way and dump you.

Whether he will succeed or fail depends totally on you.

Men are simple creatures!

But, men are very simple creatures, tell us what you want us to do; we will try to do that especially when it is something to benefit us.

When any man comes to you, he came to know what it will take him to get you; if he feels you are cheap to him, he will simply treat you the same and still tell his friends.

So when you have a standard set out, right from the onset of the type of relationship you want, if you want him to be early to dinner, tell him, if you want him to always say the truth, let him know from the beginning.

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