20 Sure Ways To Brighten Your Spouse’s Day Now.


There are distractions everywhere, and if you are not careful, you can forget about your spouse, I don’t mean forget that he/she exists, but you can get so wrapped up in your daily schedule and work that you forget to do things that will at least brighten your spouse’s day.


The truth is that our relationship is dependent on the happiness of our spouse or partner.


The study also shows that a happy spouse can also be good for your health.


We should be diligent in our jobs, but you must also be active in making your marriage happy, especially by making sure your spouse feels happy all the time.


The good news is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to brighten your spouse’s day; it is as cheap as these points I will share with you in a moment.



                       20 Ways To Brighten Your Spouse’s Day


1) Tell him/her how happy you are to wake up by his side:-


Create an atmosphere of love early in the morning by telling your spouse how wonderful it is to wake up by his/her side. This is a good way of reassuring your spouse that they mean so much to you. To be granted, your partner will keep smiling throughout the day when they remember those words.


It may sound simple to you, but it is surely one of the best ways to brighten your spouse’s face. Try that today.


2) Send Love Text Messages:


Every relationship is based on trust and love. As husband and wife, you might love yourselves dearly, but you don’t have time to say those three words, “I love you,” to each other. Everybody loves to hear those reassuring words every day.


Trust me when I tell you that a few good romantic words can add a heel to your spouse’s step every day. If you are married and reading this now, I know you are looking for ways to brighten your spouse’s day today.


Remember the wows you took a few years later—to be there for each other in good and bad times? One of the ways to keep the commandments is to always find a way to do that, and sending love text messages is one of those ways.

So whether your partner is close to you or not, just pick up your phone and send a love message to him or her, telling them how much you love and cherish each other.


3) Love Note Tricks:



Another way to brighten your spouse’s day is to always find a way to make him or her remember the love you have for them. Yes, you said it to each other before leaving for the office; you can make that register in his or her subconscious that you meant every word you said by just slipping a love note anywhere they can easily find it.


Here is how:


Slip a love note in his/her box, pocket, or any other place he/she can easily see it. Let him know you love him so much and that you will be lonely when you are not together. You can hide somewhere and watch the expression on your spouse’s face at that moment. It works like magic, and it will work for you if you surely want to brighten your spouse’s day today.


4) Have 2 Minutes Hug Earlier In The Morning:


How often do you hug and kiss each other? Well, if you haven’t been doing that, then start today. Hugging and kissing your spouse is important. It will make your marriage glow with love. Hugs and kisses are powerful ingredients that display how much two of you love each other without a glimpse of doubt.


The secret here is to learn how to hug your partner at least for two minutes in the morning before they leave for the office.


It may not be the most passionate hug; it is just about connecting with your spouse and ensuring your spouse that you care for each other.


Below are a few things that happen when you hug:


  • Your happy hormones will be boosted.
  • It will help you to bond with each other passionately.
  • Your self-esteem will also be increased.
  • It relieves stress and anxiety.
  • It will also build your immune system.




5) Give Them Time Alone:


Everyone needs some time to be alone, to think, and to do one thing or another; giving your spouse some space can help to brighten his/her mood.


Yes, I know you have questions about this point and how it can brighten your spouse’s day since couples are supposed to be together and not apart.


The answer to your question is that both couple time and alone time are important in every relationship. If any relationship is to be successful, there must be a balance between the two important times.


You must allow your partner some quality time to cultivate his / her interests and to do the things they enjoy doing Michael Moran, LCSW, CST, said that doing so helps “to facilitate a healthy sense of self beyond the relationship.” Without that, your partner may feel unfulfilled at the end of the day.


6) Surprise Date:



Well, everyone loves surprises, and I know your partner does too. All of a sudden, just plan an inexpensive but fun-filled romantic date.  That will get him or her smiling forever.


7) Complement:-


Be the first to tell your spouse how beautiful or handsome they are, especially after dressing up to go out.  You will notice a new bounce in his/her steps.




9) Sow Special Interest:


You and your spouse indeed have different interests; you love shopping and she loves reading, but you can also show that you have a special interest in what he or she is doing.


10) Give A Helping Hand:


Whenever you think your partner is at a crossroads, ask and figure out how you can be of help. Do that with love


11) Be And Act Cheerfully:


Always be positive and smile often. Remember,  you don’t need to feel joyful to be cheerful, said Hilbert.


12) Whisper To Him or Her In The Ears:


Whisper to your partner that he/she is your best friend.


13) Be Ready To Give:


Sometimes your partner may casually mention something he or she likes; try to get those things if you can without mentioning it to him.


14) Make breakfast secretly and have it out when she/he is still in bed.




This also works fine to brighten your spouse’s day. This is especially true for men who want to surprise their wives. It has always been the norm for wives to prepare breakfast for the family. For the sake of making your wife happy today, be the one who does the cooking.


Don’t announce it; just secretly prepare your wife’s best and serve it to her while she’s still in bed. She won’t forget that in a hurry, and she will love you more for that.


15) Say thank you often:


For every little thing your partner does, do not hesitate to say thank you. Remember, gratitude is a “powerful force


16) Just listen:


Whenever your partner is saying something, just leave everything else you are doing and just listen. It shows that you value him/her more than anything else.


17) Do the Laundry:


You can help out by taking your clothes to the laundry or doing it by yourself, especially when your spouse is busy doing something else.


18) Prepare their favorite dish:


I am sure you know him or her well, and you know what their favorites mean.  You can brighten your spouse’s day. Getting those favorite dishes ready will put a smile on his/her face.


19) Lighten your face with a smile any time you see him or her coming your way.


20) Call and inquire about how he or she is doing whenever you are not together.





Make all efforts to make your partner feel good at all times, because that is the secret to a strong and lasting relationship.


I am still your friend, Murphyaik


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