Your Spouse Happiness Affects Your Health

Spouse happiness

It has been investigated and proven that your spouse happiness can effect your health  positively. Simply put, if your spouse is not happy, then try whatever you should to make him /her happy,: that’s if you are interested in having a good health, and I know you do.

Why am I saying all these?

From the earlier studies, it was discovered that feeling happy, satisfied, and general well being are all linked to successful physical health.

However, quoting from the article published in American health psychology after taking a survey using one hundred and eighty one (181) heterosexual couples and also from questioning older American whose happiness were ascertained through periodic assessment since 1992, it was also clearly seen that a happy spouse can affect you positively.

Obviously, you will agree with me that when you have a happy spouse, you’ll get special encouragement and supports from him/her, and they can advise you to get good exercises too. All these helps in improving your health.

Bonus: How to make your marriage strong and happy

Again, when you surround yourself with happy people, you’ll also be infested with happiness.

Question is how you make your spouse happy so your health?

Here’s how :-}}

Your Spouse Happiness Can Improve Your Health

1) Make yourself happy first:- Happiness is contagious, and like attract like.

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