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Your Spouse Happiness Affects Your Health

Spouse happiness

It has been investigated and proven that your spouse happiness can effect your health  positively. Simply put, if your spouse is not happy, then try whatever you should to make him /her happy,: that’s if you are interested in having a good health, and I know you do.


Why am I saying all these?

From the earlier studies, it was discovered that feeling happy, satisfied, and general well being are all linked to successful physical health.


However, quoting from the article published in American health psychology after taking a survey using one hundred and eighty one (181) heterosexual couples and also from questioning older American whose happiness were ascertained through periodic assessment since 1992, it was also clearly seen that a happy spouse can affect you positively.


Obviously, you will agree with me that when you have a happy spouse, you’ll get special encouragement and supports from him/her, and they can advise you to get good exercises too. All these helps in improving your health.


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Again, when you surround yourself with happy people, you’ll also be infested with happiness.


Question is how you make your spouse happy so your health?

Here’s how :-}}

Your Spouse Happiness Can Improve Your Health


1) Make yourself happy first:- Happiness is contagious, and like attract like.

If you want a happy spouse, you’ve got to make yourself happy first.
What you should do is to take enough time in making yourself happy.
It may entail finding some enjoyable things and engage yourself in it.


If you are not happy with your job, then quit from it and if your friends are making you unhappy or are unhappy themselves, then find happy friends: just do anything possible to be the happiest person you can.


If your partner is not happy because of her past relationship or lifestyles, or anything outside your marriage, then encourage him or her to work on him/herself too, and if there’s need to see the therapist that helps people recover from their past trauma, also encourage him or her to go.


2) Support and always encourage your spouse:- Supporting your partner means so many things.

According to the studies done by the university of Iowa, it could be physical, emotional, it could also means listening and showing some empathy, it could also means holding your partners hands, hugging as well as helping helping him or her take serious decisions.


The greatest complaint we get from our clients is about getting little or no supports from the partner, and so if your spouse isn’t happy, then she may be lacking supports from you as well.

You may need to ask to know what she/her needs from you, and you also need to let your partner know that you need support: never, imagine him/ her to be a mind reader.

Give encouraging words, it will restore security in him/her as well as happiness and remember a happy spouse makes a happy and healthy spouse too.


3) Remind him/her you appreciate them:-

After a long time in relationship, those feelings of passion start dwindling, complacency starts setting in, and that could be pretty dangerous to your relationship, so do everything you can to get it back.


Study shows that it is not big thing that makes a marriage work, but the little things we do daily.


Appreciation, gift, touches and hugging are the little things that makes marriage great.


Always let your partner know that you feel good for any little thing and not only when they do something great.


4) Fix your stress:-

If you have a stressful life, there’s tendency that you will always nag, shout or be angry at your partner often, and such will cause fights between the two of you.


You have to get your stress under control first before you succeed in making your spouse happy.

5) Respond to your partners needs:-

Marriages succeeds when each partners needs are not  toyed with, but taken care of.

Although you cannot change from who you are just to meet your spouses needs, however, you should try and make some sacrifices in other to accommodate your spouse.


The truth is that everyone of us have a core need and we can’t be relaxed until they are met.


Understand what your partners needs are and always respond fast to them, that will make them happy and always ready to join hand in making your relationship better.



If you are ready to improve your health, then your partners happiness must be your priorities, remember your marriage is not about you, but about your spouse.


Once you succeed in bringing joy and happiness to your marriage again, then be ready to get supports and more encouragement from your partner.

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20 Ways to brighten your spouse’s day

brighten your Spouse’s day

There are distractions everywhere and if you are not careful, you can forget about your spouse, I don’t mean forget that he/she exists, but you can get wrapped up in your daily schedule and work that you forget to do things that will at least brighten your spouse’s day daily.


The truth is that our relationship is dependent on the happiness of our spouse or partner.


The study also shows that a happy spouse can also be good for your health.


We should be diligent in our jobs, but you must also be active in making your marriage happy especially by making sour your spouse feel happy all the time.


The Good news is that you don’t have to break a bank to brighten your spouse’s day, it is as cheap as these points I will share with you in a moment.


               brighten your Spouse’s day         

 20 Ways to brighten your spouse’s day


1) Tell him/her how happy you are to wake up by his side:-

Create an atmosphere of love early in the morning by telling your spouse how wonderful you feel waking up by his side, it with make them feel love.


2) Send love text messages:

whether your partner is close to you or not, just pick up your phone and sends a love message to him or her telling how much you love and cherish each other.


3) Love not tricks:

Slip a love note on his box, pocket, or any other place he/she  can easily see it, let him know you love him so much and that you will be lonely when you are not together


4) Have 2 minutes hug earlier in the morning:

It may not be the most passionate hug; it is just about connecting with your spouse and ensuring your spouse that you care for each other.


5) Give them time alone:

Everyone needs some time to be alone, to think and do one thing or the other; giving your spouse some space can help to brighten his/her mood.


6) Surprise date:-

Well everyone loves surprises and I know your partner does too. All of a sudden, just plan an inexpensive but fun-filled romantic date.  That will get him /her smiling forever.


7) Complement:-

Be the first to tell your spouse how beautiful or handsome they are especially after dressing up to go out.  You will notice a new bounce in his/her steps.

9) Show special interest: –

It’s true you and your spouse have different interests, you love shopping and she loves reading, but you can as well show that you have a special interest also in what he /she is doing.


10) Give a helping hand:

Whenever you think your partner is at a crossroads, ask and figure out how you can be of help. Do that with love


11) Be and act cheerfully:

Always be positive and smile often, remember you don’t need to feel joyful to be cheerful said Hilbert.


12) Whisper to him or her in the ears:

Whisper to your partner that he/she is your best friend.


13) Be ready to give:-

Sometimes your partner may casually mention  Something he or she likes, try to get those things if you can without mentioning it to him.


14) Make breakfast secretly and have it out when she/he is still in the bed.


15) Say thank you often: –

For every little thing your partner does, do not hesitate to say thank you: remember, gratitude is a “powerful force


16) Just listen:

Whenever your partner is saying somehow, just leave everything else you as are doing and just listen. It shows that you value him/her more than anything else.


17) Do the Laundry: –

You can help out in taking your clothes to the laundry or doing it by yourself especially when your spouse is busy doing something else.


18) Prepare their favorite dish:

I am sure you know him /her well and you know what their favorites mean.  You can brighten your spouse’s day by. Getting those favorite dishes ready will put a smile on his/her face.

19) Lit your face with a smile any time you see him /her coming your way.


20) Call and inquire about how he or she is doing whenever you are not together.



Make all efforts to make your partner feel good at all times because that is the secret of a strong and lasting relationship.

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