Dealing with trust issues in your relationship

Trust issue in your marriage

Do everything you can to avoid having trust issues in your relationship because it is hard to rebuild once it’s fractured.

What is Trust?

“Trust is the act of having full confidence in someone or something.” describes trust as “reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.”

There are so many things that can cause trust issues in your relationship, your quick wins are to avoid those things entirely.

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Here Are The Main Causes Of Broken Trust In Relationships.

Below are the main causes of broken trust in any relationship, however, If you can avoid these few things, you will not have problems.

Divorce, fight in marriage
– Lies:

You may want to tell a little white just to avoid hurting your partners, but you are causing great harm to your relationship.

Lies are the commonest sin we commit, and it is a great destroyer of relationships. It is a form of deception and you know that deception implies making fake promises, exaggerations in order to gain some cheap wins.

The problem with telling lies is that you have to tell other lies to keep up with the former lies and the moment your partner finds out, there will be a big trust issue.

– Infidelity:

Infidelity is a sin against God and against your relationship too. Those few seconds of enjoyment can destroy your relationship in a twinkle of an eye.

Your partner feels so unloved and betrayed immediately they find out that you have cheated on them. That also kills trust, because your partner will not easily believe you again because of that common mistake.

Unfulfilled promises: 

You have promised to fix the electric bulb in the kitchen, the bathroom tap, or to meet each other by 10 and you got there by 10: 45.

Those failed promises are enough to make your partner not to believe your words again.

– keeping secrets:

This is another trust destroyer and many of us are also a victim of that. Research conducted recently proved that some percentage of couples are keeping some major secrets from their partners; like infidelity, money issues.

Most times you may not see it as being secretive, to you, you are just keeping some privacy, however, your partner is not comfortable with that.

The worst will happen when your partner finds out what you are keeping important things from then. That’s big trouble.

Trust issues in your relationship
– “Invasion of privacy.” :

Invading someone’s privacy means intrusion upon someone’s request to be alone. You secretly search your partner’s phone, check their emails, or eavesdropping into your partner’s phone conversations.

Your partner will feel bad when he finds out you are monitoring him. That’s a breach of trust.

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