11 Exclusively deadly marriage mistakes to avoid from today

Do you want to have a good marriage? Then you have to avoid these deadly marriage mistakes.

Why Did I Say That?

You see, the success or failure of every marriage depends on understanding the secrets of marriage and one of the secrets of marriage is to understand and avoid deadly marriage mistakes.

Once you understand what the deadly marriage mistakes are and avoid then, you will be happy forever in your marriage

If you don’t know what the marriage mistakes are, don’t worry, because, In this post, I will show you things to avoid in your marriage in order to have success in your relationship.

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A lot of marriages have been destroyed because one or both couples find themselves doing what they are not supposed to do.

Today, you will be able to learn what these deadly marriage mistakes are, and how you can avoid them so you can have a successful marriage.

If you are ready for that, then let’s do it;

11 Deadly Marriage Mistakes To Avoid In Your Marriage.

1) Dishonesty:

Honesty is very important in marriage. However, lies and keeping secrets can create distance and mistrust in your marriage/relationship. If you wish to stay happily married, you really have yo keep from telling lies.

It is easy to tell white lies to our partner in order to cover our sins, but lies have the tendency to kill any relationship in a twinkle of an eye.

It will first kill the trust your partner has for you then and the whole relationship will be affected.

To avoid this, take a break from lies, and try to restore trust back. It will not be an easy task to rebuild trust, but you have to do so in order to protect your marriage

2) Lack of Respect:

What would a relationship mean without respect? Nothing of course, because the two commandments God gave husband and wife is that “the husband should love the wife and the wife honor the husband.”

And so if you are looking to have a peaceful and successful marriage, you should know that love is not all you need to make your relationship work, there must be a  good foundation of respect also.

Make yourselves feel equal to each other, and respect each other. That will bring peace and harmony, but when respect disappears, there will always be unhappiness and strife.

3) Not Having Sex with Your Spouse.

Sex brings more intimacy in your relationship. If there is anything you can pay close attention to, it is about your sexual relationship with your mate.

Without physical intimacy in your relationship, you and your partner will just look like ordinary roommates and not couples.

The truth is that you may be okay with not having sex, but your partner may be frustrated and hurt by it.

Denying your spouse sex can make him or her to look outside the marriage for satisfaction.

When that happens, know it that you are gradually losing your relationship to the outside world and you won’t be happy if it happens.

4) Not Keeping Your Word:

Keeping your word is one of the secrets of building a happy and successful marriage. It will make your spouse have more trust in you. Always do what you said you will do and never say what you have no plan of doing.

Any time you promised your spouse or promise to do something for your partner and you failed to keep it, you are hurting your partner and killing your marriage.

Moreso, keeping your promises and trying everything you can to keep your words will help to bolster your spouse’s trust for you.

Not keeping your word shows your mate that you don’t care and it makes them feel unloved and that he/she doesn’t mean something to you.

This is the type of feeling that makes your partner wonder if they made the wrong choice for marrying you.

5) Being Selfish and Greedy.

There is nothing that kills a perfect relationship than greed and selfishness.

Greed means that you are only interested in how your relationship will benefit you only and not about your partner. It also shows that you want to dominate your mate in everything.

Thinking about how to fulfill your personal needs only without any thought about your spouse will not help to build your marriage but destroy it.

Remember, that your marriage is not about your happiness but about how to make your partner feel happy. Being greedy will make your partner feels neglected and insecure and that will affect your relationship too.

I implore you to forget about yourself from this moment and think of how to make things right in your marriage and for your mate.

6) Putting Your Kids First.

Most happy marriages start experiencing challenges immediately they start having children. This is simply because you started putting your child first before your spouse.

It is important to love and take care of your kids, but it is not good to neglect your marriage because of your children.

You should keep in mind that one day your children will grow up and leave and the two of you: this will make you remain steadfast in nurturing your relationship even as you bond with your kids.

7) No Plans to Fulfill Your Promise.

It is one thing to make a promise to your spouse and another thing to fulfill your promise. However, It is good you don’t make any promise without making any plan to fulfill the promise. This will bring distrust and distrust can harm your marriage.

Steven covey described it as withdrawing from the emotional bank account of trust.

It is better not to promise than to fail your promises.

For example, you gave your partner a promise to take him/ her to a romantic date and you failed multiple times, they will never rely on any of your promises again.

That will gradually eat deep into your relationship and eventually capsize it.

8) I Don’t Care Attitude.

Marriage works better when there is mutual support.

Not showing interest in the things that matter about your marriage can harm your marriage. Many couples prefer to show concern to outside, yet their marriage is suffering from the same matter.

If that describes you, then stop it. Many relationships have failed because of it. It usually shows that you are either not interested in your partner’s interest, or you are stubborn.

If you adopted this attitude just to shy away from your responsibilities or because you are selfish then it’s time to quit. It is hurting your relationship.

9) Bringing Outsides to Your Marriage.

The best way to remain happily married is to settle your scores amicably within yourselves.

It is important to resolve your disputes together. Do not let an outsider come between you and your spouse. They may pretend to help solve your problems while they are actually adding more sores, to your injury.

You can only approach and expert ( a therapist) when you need help in your relationship, but going to your friends or relatives won’t be of much help.

Again, stir clear from social media, don’t be the type that reveals the secrets of her home to the whole world by just a click.

That will do more harm than good to your mate and to your marriage.

10) Not Being A Good listening.

Active listening in marriage is important when you want to have effective communication with your partner.

Therefore learn to pay good attention when your spouse is talking to you. This includes closing the book you are reading, switching off the TV or computers when your spouse is talking.

Paying good attention to understand your partner when they are talking os one of the greatest love you can give to your partner.

Active listening,  hearing as well as understanding your better half are skills you can’t overlook in your relationship, because when you listen attentively, to your partner, you not only grasp that important message, but you also convey honor to your mate.

11) Drug Abuse:

Drug abuse or any form of addiction is not good both for you or your relationship and no matter how severe or mild it is, it will affect your relationship negatively.

If you or your partner is an addict, it is better to refrain from it before it hurts your relationship.

You may not feel the impact at once, but you will gradually start disconnecting from your partner, you will feel lonely and insecure too and if nothing is done at this point, your marriage will die. That’s one of the marriage mistakes to avoid.


There are more other 11 Secret steps to building a happy and successful marriage. You can search for more on the internet. Look for other materials that will help you achieve your goals.

However, if you wish to maintain peace, love, and joy in your relationship you must be ready to avoid these deadly marriage mistakes.

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