7 Types of men perfect for marriage

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I don’t know about you, but one thing I know pretty well is that every single girl’s desire is to have a good man as a husband. Someone who will be perfect for marriage, someone who will be there always when he is needed, the type of man who will make her feel secured and loved.

However, you will agree with me that those types of men are not so easy to come across, you can’t get them by mere wishing or believing; you have to open your eyes wide in other to recognize them when they cross your part.

As a relationship instructor, I have come across a lot of good husbands and the wives who cherish them so much.

One thing I have never stopped doing is to get closer to their wives and ask two of these important questions which are.

1 why did you chose this man as a husband?

2 What qualities make you love him so much?

And with the answers I got from these women, I have composed this article so as to help you make that right choice.

If you are still single and wondering how you can get a good man to settle down with, I have good news for you.

This article is all you need, because I took the time to research, just to give you some guidelines that will help you get the man who will be just perfect for you.

This point will open your eyes, and help you streamline your search for someone that will be perfect for marriage.

If you are ready, then let’s go.

7 Types of Men perfect for marriage.


1) A God-fearing man:

A God-fearing man is someone who is God minded whenever he wants to do anything.

He respects others, he loves to extend godliness, and he can hardly be offended and forgives easily too.

In his mind, he always believes that he is accountable to someone superior to him for every one of his actions.

But, I did say that marrying a God-fearing man will make your marriage free from challenges, no, there will always be disagreements and quarrels.

The good thing is that he knows how to keep going forward, even when there is trouble because he has faith in his foundation, which is Christ.

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