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3 Steps to set realistic marriage goals 0

3 Steps to set realistic marriage goals

Do you really want to set realistic marriage goals that will not only work out in a short time but will also help your marriage status change for good, then I will show you how in this post.

Many marriages failed simply because couples believed there’s no need to nurture their relationship anymore.


They thought that once they are married, they will continue to be happy ever after.


No! It doesn’t work that way, marriage doesn’t work on autopilot.
Every marriage requires good effort and commitment to make it successful.


Why Should You Set Realistic Marriage goals?

Just the same way we set goals in our jobs to increase productivity, in our education to be successful, and health to be healthy, we also need to set goals in our marriages to strengthen our relationship through working as a team to meet a common purpose.


Setting marriage goals is undoubtedly a good way of growing a marriage, because, in the quest to see the goals work out fine, the couple spends much time together and have great intimate times together.


It also helps to provide a good atmosphere of togetherness to couples as well as helps the couples stand firm and focused as they pass through tough times in their relationship.


You can really achieve a lot from setting your marriage goal so I implore you to stop whatever you are doing now and start setting the goals.


Here are a few steps to set realistic goals for your marriage.


– Create a list:-

The first step to take is to take some time to create a list of your personal goals and then share your goals with your partner, be sure you put down everything that matter to you, your marriage and your career down.


– Share:-

When you have finished making lists of your marriage goals, then it’s time to share with your partner. Now you must try and create a good atmosphere at this point, this will give you an opportunity to know partner pretty well as well as create a good bond with each other and so let is be a special moment for you.

Again, you must try as much as possible to avoid criticism even when there’s a need to. Be calm and open-minded as you go through your lists together.


Most Important marriage Goals to Set.

When setting your marriage goals you should try and relate it to all the aspects of your marriage,

The reason is to make sure that nothing is left out when you are trying to make your marriage work better.


To set realistic marriage goals,

here are few areas to concentrate.


1. Communication goals:-

Communication is important in every relationship, and the truth is that you can’t have a good intimate relationship with someone unless you feel secure with him/her.


So much research has been conducted, which shows that communication is very vital if you want to maintain a satisfying and committed marriage, and so you should set a goal on how to improve your communication.


Here’s how to improve your communication.

– Just plan to spend time together talking:

Make it a point of duty to spend 15 to 40 minutes daily just talking to each other. Don’t let anything distract you at the moment, keep your appliances and smartphone off. Make it a special moment.


a) Always be free to express your feelings;-

it’s your right to express how you feel to your partner, but learn to be constructive as you do so. There are times when you’ll feel disappointed, bitter, and disapproved. You really must find a way to let your partner know, so things could change for the better. The only trouble will be the ways to express it without causing harm.

That’s where you need to learn how to do it.


b) Listen more than being defensive:-.

For a marriage to be successful, couples must learn to listen more than talking. Learn to listen to your spouse’s complaint without trying to be defensive. If you can do that, then watch your marriage succeed.


c) Learn to be specific:-

Whenever any issue arises, try and be as specific as you can when talking about it, don’t generalize things, it will make things worse.


2) Set Financial Goals:-

From the marital experts, we understood that money ranks number one in the list of why couples have troubles in their marriage. The reason is that there’ll never be a balance between your incomes and the spending habits, this is the reason why it is necessary for both of you to make a harmony of your dealings with money.


You’ll agree with me, that almost every lifestyle decisions we take in life require money, and if you are not careful you’ll have problems because of overspending. However, when you set financial goals which the two of you will agree on, you’ll almost be abreast of all the challenges.

I know It will never be easy to get on the same financial page with your partner, but you will never regret it. The way to accomplish it is by setting realistic financial goals.

Here’s How To Set Financial Goals.

– Create a budget:-

Always have a budget that gives you a better indication of your monthly spending. Do that always with your spouse and make sure that every money spent is accounted for.


– Create financial goals that are connected to your vision:-

Every financial obligation is not always the same, so always try and create the one that reflects your life vision.


– Always calculate the cost that’s related to your goals:-

I know it can sometimes be hard to create realistic goals, but one of the ways to avoid missing your desired financial goals is to write it down and try figuring out what it will actually cost to achieve it.


Once you are sure of what it will cost you, then add it to your budget to know how it will impact your life in the future.


– Have a common goal:-

Be sure to always be on the same page of finance with your partner.


3) Set goals for your relationship:-

There’s a need to set some realistic goals of things that will help improve your marriage. Example


– Goals to always are happy together:- There are couples who live under one roof, but are not happy together. Let your goals be to always be happy together instead of merely existing together.


Let your first desire for your marriage be how to make things interesting for both of you. Indulge those things that make you happy individually and introduce it to your relationship too. That will improve your marriage.


– Do something new together:-

Just look for something new both of you can indulge in once in a while, no matter what it is Travel to a new city, visit a new restaurant, read a new book and also try some new sex position.


Trying new things will make things look new and exciting to you, and will bring the bond between you too.


– “Maintain a satisfying sex life”.:-

At the early stage of marriage, sex life is usually great, but it somehow starts becoming boring as the year goes by.

At this moment, you need to make every effort to keep the spark on.
Maintaining a healthy sex life is very important in every relationship.

To keep the spark, you have to know your partner better and what they want during sex.


During sex, men and women have different needs- women love to be comfortable and feel very before yielding to new sex adventures, but men are not that way.

To bridge this disparity in sexual needs, you should continually have regular communication.

Discuss your sexual relationship, how, and what you should do to make it better. Although it will not be easy at first, but letting your partner understand that your sexual need will save your marriage from some stress that will come in the future.


– How to make it last:-

After setting all the goals, it’s important to set goals on how your marriage will last forever. What are the things you should sacrifice to make your partner happy? Consider all of them and start doing it now. I bet you, if you are able to accomplish other goals, then you can achieve this.


Finally, Whatever you want to have or see in your relationship must be planned from the first day of your marriage. It is important you take your time to direct your marriage the way it should go.


Setting a realistic marriage goal is a good start to making an impact on your relationship.


If you want it to succeed, then cultivate good habits that will be profiting to your relationship, otherwise watch your relationship gradually die.


Setting realistic marriage goals will help you create good directions in which your relationship will thrive.


11 characteristics of a good wife material


Wife material

Are you look for wife material?

Here is how to find the woman of your choice. When it comes to marriage, every man’s dreams are always to find good wife material.


Question is:

How do you know a wife material when you see one? And what are the characteristics of a wife material?

It is obvious that nobody wants to make mistakes in marriage, and no one likes to get married today and be separated the next moment. That’s why it is important to look for these traits I listed in this post when you want to marry.

In his post, I will show you some of the qualities of a wife’s material and how to know when you find one.


11 Characteristics of a wife material woman.


1) She is more beautiful on the inside: –

Like I said in the introduction of this post, the marriage material types of women may not look beautiful physically, but they are very beautiful inside, which is one of the main qualities of a good wife to marry.

Of course, we cannot dispute the fact that physical appearance matters in a relationship, however, marriage is more than looking at the facial appearance when making your choice.

Your main lookout should be to see most of the features of a good wife in any girl you want to marry.


And Also

Remember beauty is only complete when it comes from the inside only.

They are not rude; they are decent and are ready to make you feel happy always.

And are always willing to stay with you night and day, just to be sure you are comforted when you are in pain or challenges.

Isn’t that the type of woman you want to marry?



A good wife material

2) Fun to be with:

They are always fun to be with, full of wisdom and they know how to make all your stay with them remarkable.

She is ready to laugh loud with you in public, cry with you, and shout for joy when you crack jokes.

She is not good at discussing other people, and so you know that every of your stay with he will be full of good conversations that will empower your relationship.

All they care about are those things that make the moment good and full of enjoyment.


3)  An excellent cook: –

One interesting way to a man’s heart is through your cooking.

Every man wants a woman that knows how to cook, so they can rest assured that when their friends visit their house.

The wife material not only knows the best ingredients for every meal, or knows how to prepare only the local food; they also know how to prepare the most complicated dishes.



Wife material

4) They Are always Matured: –

I am not talking about age here, but I am talking about the maturity of the mind, someone who knows how to go through life issues without giving up, and someone who can contain good and bad news with ease.

When she feels disappointed, she could stand positively and instead of crying, because she knew that all things are working for her good.

There’s no need to marry a child as a wife, who will start crying when challenges come.

You need someone who always wants to make you happy and at the same time stand firm to herself.


6) Always forgiving:

Everyone makes mistakes, no one is above it. Sometimes, we make mistakes that are even bigger than we imagine. It is only a good wife that can call it a mistake and forgive immediately.

If you marry a stubborn woman, she will never forgive your mistakes and will continue to remind you of the mistakes you made 9 years ago.


6) She is submissive: –

One of the greatest commands God gave every woman is to be submissive to their husbands.

However, not all women do that, but good wives do it.

They don’t just learn to be, but it’s their lifestyle.

She is ready to follow every order you give, every rule, as well as all the laid down regulations without complaint.

Despite all this, she gains more respect from her man.


7) She knows how to use money:-

If you give her any amount of money, she doesn’t complain, because she knows how to judiciously use that money to get the best.

She is not good at buying costly things, like makeups, Brazilian hairs, or how to show off.

All the time, she is thinking about what she could do to make money in other to support her husband or her boyfriend.



Wife material

8) She is faithful: –

She is faithful to the last. You can confidently leave her at home and travel for five years or more and she will not bother to cheat on you.

You can comfortably trust that she will stay faithful because she wants to be known as a perfect woman.


9) She cares about the ones you care about: –

She is ready to love and care for the same people that are close to you.

Once she knows that something or someone is important to you, she takes care of it just as if it’s her own: not because of herself, but because it matters to you.

Because of the love and respect, she has for you, everything that matters to you becomes her utmost joy too.  So if your wife to be is happy with your family and siblings and relatives, then she a good wife material.


10) She is ready to support you:

Any woman that will sacrifice her comfort so you have time to pursue your goals is very good for marriage, and she loves you so much.

And so, any woman who doesn’t recognize your goals talk less of encouraging you to try achieving whatever you want in life is not worthy to be your wife.

But, the types of women were talking about in this post, will support you to the last, even when you tell her you to want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in 5 seconds.


11) She is God-fearing: –

Marriageable women are the types that don’t just go to church on Sunday, but they are committed and have good roles to play in the church too.

They are either in the choir gospel band and are also faithful in her tithe and offerings.

They know the importance of Making God first in everything they do and therefore do not want anything to separate them from God.

All her actions depend on what God wants for her life and family.


Rounding up:-

Nobody is perfect and so don’t wait until your wife meets all these points in this article.

It is not and can never be possible to see a girl that’s 100% perfect after all marriage is not for perfect people, but for people who come together try to be perfect.


The reason for this post then is to guide you to know what makes a woman a wife material and how you can spot them from the crowd.


I am still your friend Ikenna Uchegbu (Murphyaik).


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7 Types of men perfect for marriage

a good husband, marriage,looking for a husband

I don’t know about you, but one thing I know pretty well is that every single girl’s desire is to have a good man as a husband. Someone who will be perfect for marriage, someone who will be there always when he is needed, the type of man who will make her feel secured and loved.


However, you will agree with me that those types of men are not so easy to come across, you can’t get them by mere wishing or believing; you have to open your eyes wide in other to recognize them when they cross your part.


As a relationship instructor, I have come across a lot of good husbands and the wives who cherish them so much.


One thing I have never stopped doing is to get closer to their wives and ask two of these important questions which are.


1 why did you chose this man as a husband?

2 What qualities make you love him so much?

And with the answers I got from these women, I have composed this article so as to help you make that right choice.


If you are still single and wondering how you can get a good man to settle down with, I have good news for you.


This article is all you need, because I took the time to research, just to give you some guidelines that will help you get the man who will be just perfect for you.


This point will open your eyes, and help you streamline your search for someone that will be perfect for marriage.

If you are ready, then let’s go.


7 Types of Men perfect for marriage.




1) A God-fearing man:

A God-fearing man is someone who is God minded whenever he wants to do anything.


He respects others, he loves to extend godliness, and he can hardly be offended and forgives easily too.


In his mind, he always believes that he is accountable to someone superior to him for every one of his actions.


But, I did say that marrying a God-fearing man will make your marriage free from challenges, no, there will always be disagreements and quarrels.


The good thing is that he knows how to keep going forward, even when there is trouble because he has faith in his foundation, which is Christ.


Those are the qualities that make a man a hot cake for every woman.

2) A good provider:

This is the type of man who makes his family a priority. His wish is always about what to do next to make sure his family is not starved.


He wouldn’t mind doing two or three different types of jobs in other to provide those needs and will always struggle to make more money not just for himself, but for the well-being of his family.


He is not self-centered, that’s why he is ready to give up that overtime if he thinks he is missing time with his family.
He pursues perfection in his family and business life and knows how to balance both work and family.




3) A perfect thinker:

This is the type of man who doesn’t wallow in his failures.


Sure they make mistakes, they spill the beans some times, but immediately you see them thinking and looking for the easiest ways to get things right again.


He is not afraid to see any problem, because he always has a road map of ample solutions to the problems.

He knows how best to get through any matter that arises in their life.


4) A self-controlled man:

Proverbs 25: 28, a man without self-control is like a city broken and left without walls.
Self –control is an important part of a man’s maturity. The Webster dictionary describes self-control as a restraint exercised over one’s emotions or desires.


He is the type that will say no to what other men are rushing at; because he is sure it will not be of benefit to him.


He controls the way he talks and acts, he is the type that will not abuse his wife.


He masters his mood knows how to manage his money and health. What usually matters to him is how to accomplish more and enjoy his achievements.


Is that the type of man you want?


good man,husband wife


5) Positive attitude man:-

Attitude is a serious thing when it comes to a relationship. You need a man who will be a rock to you, who will be the strength you need when you are in your weakest moment.


He is not at all isolated from having problems and frustrations; however, he knows how to handle it.


To him, problems mean just stepping stone for greater success.

That type of man will not want to see you shed tears, because he is always there to comfort you. With great advice that will lift burdens from your heart.


6) Respectful man:

respect is important in every relationship; Since they said that respect is reciprocal, you will prefer to have the type of man who will return the respects you give him also.


In his book “Love and respect,” Dr. Emerson wrote extensively about the loving role of a man and the respectful role of a woman.


But, there is a misconception about the whole issue; the truth is that the same way a man need respect, women also need to be reciprocated.


The respectful husband knows how to talk to his wife without shouting even when there is a need to shout and always look for a way to know his wife better and also keep his promises.


That is the type of man you will love to marry, isn’t it?

A selfless man: selfishness destroys a relationship. A selfish husband thinks about himself only, takes care of himself and gathers so much for himself, but gives nothing or little to the spouse.


But a selfless man will place his priority in meeting your needs and your family needs.


happy wife,good husband


Rounding up:-


Marriage is not a day, month, or one-year relationship. It is a life commitment and so needs carefulness when choosing the partner to share it with.


Granted, I have to give you some quick tips to help you narrow your to find that that’s perfect for marriage.


Now it is all left with you to work with the points I have listed and see the progress you’ll record in a space of time.


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