Wife material: 11 characteristics of a good wife material.

Wife material

Are you looking for wife material?

If these questions are going on in your mind, congratulations because you have come to the right place.

Here is how to find the woman of your choice. When it comes to marriage, every man’s dreams are always to find good wife material. Someone who you can trust, someone who is committed to making their relationship work effectively, and someone who would take good care of you and your entire family.

Question is:

What is wife material? How do you know a wife material when you see one? And what are the characteristics of a wife material? Is wife material the same thing as a material wife? You will get answers to these questions as you read this post.

It is obvious that nobody wants to make mistakes in marriage, and no one likes to get married today and be separated the next moment. That’s why it is important to look for these traits I listed in this post when you want to marry.

In his post, I will show you some of the qualities of a wife material and how to know when you find one.

What Is A Wifey Material/ Material Wife?

A wife material as the name implies means any woman who has the traits to be a good wife. Although the qualities of a good wife differ from individual points of view, there are qualities that are common to all of them and we will look at that in a minute.

As a man looking for who to marry, the first thing you should be on the lookout for is someone who will take good care of you and your family. Other qualities like being a good supporter, maturity, being ready to stand by you through thick and thin, and financial responsibility also signify a wife material.

However, there are the chief signs to look for in a woman you wish to take in as a life companion. Those traits are important that if any of them is missing in your prospective wife, your marriage won’t be that rosy to you.

Check them out below.

11 Characteristics of a wife material woman.

1) She is more beautiful on the inside: –

Like I said in the introduction of this post, the marriage material types of women may not look beautiful physically, but they are very beautiful inside, which is one of the main qualities of a good wife to marry.

Of course, we cannot dispute the fact that physical appearance matters in a relationship, however, marriage is more than looking at the facial appearance when making your choice.

Your main lookout should be to see most of the features of a good wife in any girl you want to marry.

And Also

Remember beauty is only complete when it comes from the inside.

They are not rude; they are decent and are ready to make you feel happy always.

And are always willing to stay with you night and day, just to be sure you are comforted when you are in pain or challenges.

Isn’t that the type of woman you want to marry?


Beautiful wife material

2) Fun to be with:

They are always fun to be with, full of wisdom and they know how to make all your stay with them remarkable.

She is ready to laugh loud with you in public, cry with you, and shout for joy when you crack jokes.

She is not good at discussing other people, so you know that every of your stay with he will be full of good conversations that will empower your relationship.

All they care about are those things that make the moment good and full of enjoyment.

3)  An excellent cook: –

One interesting way to a man’s heart is through your cooking.

Every man wants a woman that knows how to cook, so they can rest assured that when their friends visit their house.

The wife material not only knows the best ingredients for every meal, or knows how to prepare only the local food; they also know how to prepare the most complicated dishes.


4) They Are always Matured: –

I am not talking about age here, but I am talking about the maturity of the mind, someone who knows how to go through life issues without giving up, and someone who can contain good and bad news with ease.

When she feels disappointed, she could stand positively and instead of crying, because she knew that all things are working for her good.

There’s no need to marry a child as a wife, who will start crying when challenges come.

You need someone who always wants to make you happy and at the same time stands firm in herself.

6) Always forgiving:

A forgiving heart is one of the characteristics of a good wife material. They are quick to forgive no matter what your mistakes are.

Everyone makes mistakes, no one is above them. Sometimes, we make mistakes that are even bigger than we imagine. It is only a material wife that can call it a mistake and forgive immediately.

If you marry a stubborn woman, she will never forgive your mistakes and will continue to remind you of the mistakes you made 9 years ago. The material wife is different and you will love to be with her forever.

6) She is submissive: –

One of the greatest commands God gave every woman is to be submissive to their husband.

However, not all women do that, but good wives do it.

They don’t just learn to be, but it’s their lifestyle.

She is ready to follow every order you give, every rule, as well as all the laid down regulations without complaint.

Despite all this, she gains more respect from her man.

7) She knows how to use money:-

If you give her any amount of money, she doesn’t complain, because she knows how to judiciously use that money to get the best.

She is not good at buying costly things, like makeup, Brazilian hair, or how to show off.

All the time, she is thinking about what she could do to make money in other to support her husband or her boyfriend.


Gorgeous wife, wife material

8) She is faithful: –

She is faithful to the last. You can confidently leave her at home and travel for five years or more and she will not bother to cheat on you.

You can comfortably trust that she will stay faithful because she wants to be known as a perfect woman.

9) She cares about the ones you care about: –

She is ready to love and care for the same people that are close to you.

Once she knows that something or someone is important to you, she takes care of it just as if it’s her own: not because of herself, but because it matters to you.

Because of the love and respect, she has for you, everything that matters to you becomes her utmost joy too.  So if your wife-to-be is happy with your family and siblings and relatives, then she a good wife material.

10) She is ready to support you:

Any woman that will sacrifice her comfort so you have time to pursue your goals is very good for marriage, and she loves you so much.

And so, any woman who doesn’t recognize your goals talks less of encouraging you to try achieving whatever you want in life is not worthy to be your wife.

But, the types of women were talking about in this post, will support you to the last, even when you tell her you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in 5 seconds.

11) She is God-fearing: –

Marriageable women are the types that don’t just go to church on Sunday, but they are committed and have good roles to play in the church too.

They are either in the choir gospel band or are also faithful in her tithe and offerings.

They know the importance of Making God first in everything they do and therefore do not want anything to separate them from God.

All her actions depend on what God wants for her life and family.

Difference Between Girlfriend And Wife Material-

There isn’t much difference between a girlfriend material and a wife material. One of the main differences is that while a wife material has the qualities to be a wife, the girlfriend material also possesses the qualities to be a girlfriend.

If you eventually decided to take your relationship with your girlfriend who has the qualities of a girlfriend material to be a wife, then she has become a wife material.

Below are the other differences between a girlfriend and wife material.

  • Wife material is ready to build your relationship from scratch until it becomes stable. Your girlfriend material may start building your relationship with you but may quit when it’s taking time to stand.
  • Your wifey material is ready to take up a role just to see that things you and your entire household are happy. Your girlfriend material will also fight for your happiness, however, can be easily distracted because every relationship doesn’t lead to marriage.
  • If you mistakenly hurt your wife material, she will be happy to hear you say sorry and she will forgive immediately. As for the girlfriend material you may need a gift to placate her.
  • Wife materials can manage any amount of money given to her to make things happen in your relationship. When it comes to your girlfriend material, you won’t like to be seen as a miser.
  • Wifey material will want to cook for you and your family, your GF prefers to go out for dinner or lunch, Etc.

Where To Meet Wife Material.

Marriage material

Where exactly can a man meet a wife material? Well, the answer to this question depends on individual differences. All married couples did not meet their better half in the same place or way. In this section, we will examine the best places anyone can meet a wife material.

  • The Church– Yes, the church is a good place to see a good girl to marry. Although it looks absurd to know that someone went to church just to meet a girl.
  • But I remembered that every single homely girl’s dream is to marry a God-fearing man; that is a prove that church is the right place. Start going to church now, and do it consistently until you find one.
  • University/College- These two places are a sure place to meet your dream Marriage, material girl. The simple reason is that any girl who makes it that far is devoted to her career. You and I know how hard college/ university is, and so the girl that strives to that level has built the “mental fortitude” to be his or her best. That’s a reason to look for a wife at the university. Girls found here are bound to be committed.
  • Library -If you are a bookworm, then there are girls like that too. The best place to see these types type of girls is at the local library. If you doubt it, then take a stroll to a nearby library, you’ll see them glued to a novel. Don’t miss that opportunity, take a step and engage her for a lunch. Pray everything works well.
  • Friends and family recommendation- Your family and friends can recommend a good girl to you. For example, your neighbor who you know is in happy marriage can recommend the wife’s friends or sister to you. People find it pretty hard to vouch for anyone, except someone exceptional. If you are ready to take the marriage steps, seek counsel from your family and friends. You will be surprised at what result you will get.

Rounding up:-

Nobody is perfect and so don’t wait until your wife meets all these points in this article.

It is not and can never be possible to see a girl that’s 100% perfect after all marriage is not for perfect people, but for people who come together to try to be perfect.

The reason for this post then is to guide you to know what makes a woman a wife material and how you can spot them from the crowd.

I am still your friend Ikenna Uchegbu (Murphyaik).

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