Here’s how to prepare for marriage successfully now.

If you are looking to know how to prepare for marriage successfully, then you are at the right place. In this post, I will give you some tips to help you prepare for marriage before it starts.

Congratulations! You have made up your mind to marry and you have found your mister /misses right. It is time to plan your marriage.

Don’t be like many who invest more time to plan for weddings and yet are not ready to prepare for marriage itself. Dear, life after a wedding is what matters most.

Today, I will teach you how to prepare for marriage before it begins. After reading this post, you’ll be able to know how to start your marriage on the right note. You will be grounded with what to do and not do to have a successful marriage.

Here are a few things you will learn in this article.

  • How to prepare for marriage physically.
  • How to prepare for marriage-mentally.

Let’s Dive In.

How to prepare for marriage mentally.

Your first step towards preparing for a marriage is to tune your mind up to the marriage frequency.

The truth is that you can’t have a successful marriage with your single mindset. Your mind has to gravitate from that level to another level of life (marriage) to succeed.

Simply put, there are mental works to do as you prepare for marriage. Below are a few of them.

Drive It In With Affirmative Words.

There is no doubt that affirmative words can help you drive a thought into your memory So use affirmation to remind yourself about your steps to get married. Remind yourself that now you are leaving your bachelorhood to be married.


  • I am about to get married and I know I will have the best partner in the world.
  • Even if marriage is hard, my marriage will be easy for me.
  • I will fight better with my spouse.
  • My marriage shall be blessed with all the good things life has to offer.
  • I have the wisdom and I am ready for this marriage.

Your positive affirmation will create realities of what you say. It may look as if you are not seeing results. But remember that when the cloud is saturated, the end product is rain.

Attend Pre Marital courses Or Classes.

Another thing you can do to be fully prepared for marriage is to attend premarital classes or take the courses. There are both online and offline courses you can attend.

There are counselors to answer any questions, direct you or help you plan the marriage and wedding.

They are there for you. All you need to do is to look for the best marriage counselor to guide you.

You can read this post to learn how to locate a good therapist near you.

Learn From Other Couples.

You can learn from other couples you admire. Ask them how they achieved their marriage goals, happiness. How do they deal with their problems? Enquire about how they balance their relationship and their job.

The truth is that if they are happy in their marriage, that means they worked for it. You can learn some things you can inculcate in your relationship from them.

Write your questions down so you don’t forget them.

Take Time To Adjust yourself To Suit Your New Life.

This is a must for you. Your life as a single has to start coming to an end from the moment you plan to marry. You should start adjusting to fit your future life as a married person.

Start dropping your single friends that didn’t impact your life positively at least you don’t need them now. Look for people who will not cause problems for you in future

Also, start adjusting your spending habits. It is easy for you to spend recklessly when you are single, very soon you will be married. If you don’t cut your expenses, you may go bankrupt.

Remember, that sooner or later you will have many mouths to feed and bills to pay, which will make you adjust your spending habit.

Determine Your Strategies For Success.

No marriage can survive without putting proper plans in place to make it work. It is at this point that you will determine your contribution to your marital success. How do you plan to relate with your spouse?

Would you have a family account or personal accounts? When would your family time be? Do you have plans to improve your communication skills, further your studies, or get a new job?

How you answered these questions will determine how well you have prepared for the marriage

Always be ready to drop any plan that won’t work for you. However, remember that “he who fails to plan, planned to fail.”

How to prepare for marriage physically.

Be Mature In Age And Mind.

Age is one of the determining factors of a person’s readiness for marriage. There is a certain age for marriage; if you are not up to that age, then you are not fit for marriage.

Marriage is for those who are mature both in age and in mind; for people who can take decisions on their own.

Mostly, men are told not to marry until they feel like it, and until they are financially secure. Meanwhile, marriage experts say that the best age to marry is 25 years.

Drop Your Baggages.

It won’t be right if you go into your new relationship with spiritual, financial, and emotional baggage; that will be a disaster to your relationship.

I know it won’t be easy for you to drop, But if you are interested in having a successful relationship in the future, you have to do that.

yes, forgive that your family member that hurt you, and your ex that broke your heart. Learn to come to terms with your brokenness now; that will make you know how to partner’s brokenness in the future.

Be Healthy and Fit:

As you are getting ready for marriage, how good is your health? This is the time to take good care of your health. Go for a comprehensive test to determine where you should focus on.

Check your fertility status, your genotype, and your blood group. After that start working on the places you need to improve. You may not have the ability to do so when you are married, and it may bring problems in the future.

For example, if your fertility status needs improvement, you have to start treating yourself now you are single otherwise it will delay you from having children. “Prevention is always better than cure.”

Get fit also. Be sure you eat well and exercise yourself. Remember you are hoping for the best marriage.

Improve Yourself In All Things:

Even though you are about to marry in a few months coming, you still have ample time to improve yourself on many things. Of course, you still have time to do so even when you are married.

But so many things can make you not to when you are already married. So start from this moment. The Internet has made everything simple and you can learn anything you want to with just a click.

So, improve your English, your dancing steps, take a self-improvement course and any professional course you can think of. Also, improve your knowledge on how to have a good sexual relationship with your partner.

Here are a few places you can learn-

  • udemy. Go to udemy for any course you want to. Check their categories section for your choice of course and then enroll.
  • Skillshare. Use skillshare 1-month free trial to check if the courses you wish to take are worth it for you. I bet you they have standard courses. Check their categories for a better experience.
  • Onlinebussinesschool. You can do the same here. Just go through their categories too.

  • For courses on how to improve your sexual performance, you can get them here.
  • Learn how to enjoy your honeymoon here.

Be Read To Serve And Not Be Served.

Every successful relationship is made up of two different people who have chosen to serve each other sacrificially.

I am talking about two people who are determined to sacrifice their joy for each other. Most marriages failed because both couples are selfish, always seeking personal gain in their relationship.

that’s why you hear one partner complaining about being the only one doing everything in the house. If you know how to serve, you won’t complain so much about anything because your partner’s happiness matters most to you.

There is still room for you to do it f you are too self-seeking, it will only take time, but if you start working on yourself from this minute, you’ll have learned all that before marriage.

In Conclusion.

May II congratulates you for spending time to learn these nuggets that will keep you above marital troubles. Learning all these before you even start any serious relationship is an advantage to you.

All you should do is start taking the steps one after the other, you will get there stronger and better at last.

Aik: AIK UCHEGBU is a writer and an authority in anything that matters about marriage and how to build it successfully. His followers have been greatly enhanced by his findings. You will not be disappointed by coming to this site.