5 Smart Ways To Build Bond In Your Marriage

If you feel disconnected from your spouse and you are looking for a way to build bond in your marriage, then I am here to help you achieve that.

With reference to this great book

“How to Ignite your Marriage again”, Marriage works better when you nurture it daily.


  • Because I understand that you crave to come home again to your marriage.
  • Because you want to be more connected to your spouse.
  • You feel that the bond, the joy and the trust you once shared with your partner is missing.

But firstly, you must understand this:=)

You are not alone.

A lot of couples are going through that even as am writing.

Although no couple married to fight or quarrel,
Just like in friendship, marriage usually starts with the strong hope of sharing everlasting love, but suddenly, the activities of the day- taking care of the children, job, getting the groceries, finance, and illness brings big stress to the relationship, and then cause couples to grow apart.

If your marriage is going through the same stress at the moment, then this post is for you.

Thankfully there are things you can do to build a strong bond again back to your marriage.

If you are ready to know, then follow me closely.

5 ways to build a bond in your marriage.

1) Devote at least 15 minutes a day to spend together:-

How much do you know your partners thought, feeling and desires?

Many couples can testify that they have good communication. of course they do, but those times are spent only discussing the family matters.

Your marriage is very much important than your family matter and children.

To deepen your bond with your spouse, you have to devote more time to share your feelings, thoughts, and dreams with each other.

Your spouse will feel much better when he/she has poured our his /her heart to you and you are willing to hear what she has to say.

2) Accept your spouse’s uniqueness:-

We have different expectations of what we want each other to be, the way our partner should think or behave.

But trust me those are the main reasons why many marriages don’t last.

Unrealistic expectations destroy even the happiest relationship because it causes us to be overly dissatisfied and criticize each other.

To keep your marriage strong, you have to accept your spouse the way he/ she is, and that implies appreciating whatever he/ she brings to the relationship.

That individual uniqueness is the things that make up a marriage, so never try to change him/ her from the way he is, which will bring disaster to your marriage.


3) Make a change:-

“You can’t do the same thing and expect different results”.

If you want to see changes in your marriage, you have to be the change agent.

Change yourself first and change the way you do things.

Though the change may be small. but try and change at all and let it affect the routine.

If you are used to serving dinner late, start doing it earlier.

Research shows that introduction of new things is the secrets of a happy marriage.


3) Be attentive to each other’s needs:- 

It feels so great when you realize that you have someone’s undivided attention.

Many times we are so glued to our personal needs that we forget about our partner’s need.

Your spouse will be very happy to know you care about what makes him/her happy or sad.

Any time you notice a change in mood or behavior, ask him /her why and try to know what to do to help him/her feel happy again.


4) See a marriage counselor:-

If you think that the relationship between the two of you is not working out like before, then consider seeing a marriage counselor.

Never be afraid to do that. Most of them are well trained to solve marital issues. The advice you can get from a good marriage therapist can go a long way to Build bonds in your marriage.

5) Try forgiveness:-

“To err is human, but to forgive is divine”. if you have not learned how to forgive, this is the time to start.

There must be times when your partner will hurt you, fail you or disappoint you, it is normal in every relationship.

But you need to forgive and move forward.

It may not be easy and it will not be good to bear it in your mind.

The best thing to do at this point is to tell him/her how bad or hurt you feel because of the behavior and then forget everything Immediately.

Never go to bed without settling your disputes.

I have tried so much to help you deepen bond in your marriage.

This point I have listed in this post will go a long way to help if you will follow.

You may not see the changes immediately, but gradually it will become real.

I am still your best friend murphyaik

See you at the Top.

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