How to read the women’s body language fast


Do you want to learn how to read women’s body language?

This post is to show you how to read the women’s body language fast if you understand this post, you will be able to understand whether that girl is interested in you or not.

This will help you minimize the time you spend with girls who don’t want you. If you are married, reading a women’s body language fast will save you lots of trouble; now, it will be easy for you to understand when she has a need that needs to be addressed.

Simply put, understanding a female’s body language helps you to understand the mood and attitude of the opposite sex and you can also understand when a girl’s attitude starts changing when you learn how to read it.

In this post, we will be looking at the steps that will help you understand what body language means and how to read any female’s body language fast.

If you are ready, then let’s dive in.


What Is A Body Language?

Body language is described as the nonverbal expressions that describe your actions and feelings.

This means that you can speak through your body movements, eye contact, posture, or hand gesture and they will understand you.

Verbal expression is used when you want someone to know what you want to say, but body language is simply a sign and Dr. Cook says that ” body language plays a tremendous role in how information is shared with others.


How to read the women’s body language fast.

To understand women’s body language better, you should also be acquainted with the different kinds of body language too.

Body language consists of four different types


The Eye Contact:-

These are signs done with the eyes. It could be blinking of the eyes, raising an eyebrow, plugging the eyebrow, or mere staring: they all show you a sign.


The Bod Posture:

You can read so many things from the women’s post;  the ways they place their hand, legs, or stand can reveal much to you too.


Voice Tone:-

If she shouts or speaks softly during your conversation, then it means a great deal., and you can understand if you can go one or quit.


Facial expressions:

Facial expression is important when you readings female body language because they can let you into their secrets by their expressions.



Whether she touching you or not, you can get some good signs if she wants you not.


The Movements:

Finally, her movements, in general, are enough to expose her submissions or interests in you. You should be on the lookout for all these as you flirt with women.

Here’s how to read women’s body language.

1) Tilt Of Head:

When women tilt their head during a conversation, it means they are interested in what you are saying, or as a kind of submission to you.

When she tilts her head on one side she exposes her vulnerable part of the body to you, to show you that you sound interesting or just encouraging you to keep on with what you are saying.

It can also mean they are concentrating on all you are saying.

When you see these signs, you should know that you have an opportunity to push further with what you are saying, because you can have a breakthrough.


2) When She Crosses Her Leg:

You can learn, a lot from the way women cross their legs. One of the things to know is that our leg is one part of our body we don’t have and control of, so it can give out a lot of things about what you feel or your attitude.

William Friesen and Dr. Paul Ekman, after research, found out that “when a person lies, they produce more signals with their lower part.”

Let’s break the Leg signals down:

– If The Legs Are Crossed Towards You:

That tells you she is interested in you, and when she crosses a  knee above the other, it allows her to get closer.

The best part of it is that when she gently cross or uncross her legs, then she is signaling her interest and her desire to connect with you.

– The Legs Apart:

That indicates her overall personality.

– ‘Pigeon Toed”

When you see that, it signifies that she is an introvert, she feels insecure and completely closed emotionally and physically.

– “Check If Her Feet is Turned At 45% Degrees:’

This shows that she is fully focused on your conversation with her.

Loisel said that “if a woman’s leg turns that way, that means”she is excited, open, and appreciative too.


3) Her Eye Contact:

As simple as eye contact is, it has a lot to reveal about women. Although you may neglect it, you will realize that you have to read the eye contacts properly to know when a girl wants to connect with you or not.

Eye contacts don’t say the same thing. For example, when a woman looks away when you eye contacts her and look back a second later, that shows she is open for conversations.

Again, prolonged eye contact also signifies she is open and interested. My advice is that you take reading eye contact seriously because it will help you achieve more with women.


4) Smiling:-

When women smile at you, it may not be what you think. She may be smiling because she is nervous or not comfortable with the situation.

It s  important to then hear them speak before you conclude what they want from you instead of paying attention to their smile.


5) Limb press:

Limp press shows that a woman is submissive and ready to give in to her words.


6) Arm Crossing:

This is almost the commonest body language gesture we see all the time, and you can read so much from a woman when they fold their hands because they show different things.

When the arm is crossed to the chest part, it shows her defensiveness, which happens when she feels uneasy, discomfort, or shy.

She can cross her arms over their chest when they feel threatened by a situation or bored with your conversation.


7) Plucking their eyebrow:

This signifies that a woman wants power. It makes a woman look helpless and makes men want to take care of her.


8) The Women’s Lips Gestures:

The moment a woman pluckers, pouts pursed tightens, parted, or retracts her lips, then this is what you should learn from it.

– Pursing the lips shows that she is indecisive and also when she feels you are persuading her and they are not ready to give the answers immediately.

– Perking the lips shows that she wants to be playful or flirtatious. When she blows a kiss in the air, she is interested.

– Pouting: Women use this when they want to manipulate you and make you do whatever they want from you.

– Pursed: If her lips are pulled inside, it shows that she is frustrated, under tension, or disapproval. It is also a great sign of suppressed anger.

The lips gesture that shows how she feels about you is when she tightens her lips, which shows you that she is disapproving of whatever you are saying to her.


9) The tapping of Foots And Drumming Of Fingers:

These two signs show that she is impatient, stressed, or an indication that she wants to say something.

When she crosses her legs and lets her shoes dangle it shows she wants to flirt. So when you are talking to her and she starts drumming, she is telling you she is no longer interested.


10) Her Breathing Styles:

You can grasp some clues from the ways she is breathing. If she is relaxed with you, her breathing will deepen and her chest and stomach will expand when she inhales deeply.

When she breaths slowly, it signifies her thoughtfulness or calmness.


11) Distance:-

The level of physical distance a woman maintains with you also shows her feelings towards you. Although many people exhibit different attitudes during a conversation.

However, when someone stands or stays close they are enjoying your company, but when they stay at a distance, it is either they want to maintain the distance or they are not comfortable with you.



Reading women’s body language fast can be so complex, but these outlines will help you understand what every gesture means and what you should do at a point in time.

If you are not comfortable at reading signs, then don’t wait to read the female body language, go straight and talk to her. The worst that could happen is that she’ll reject you. That’s not the end of life.






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