15 Proven facts about hugging and kissing to note.

Facts about hugging and kissing

Here are some real facts about kissing and hugging every couple must know.

We all have at one time or the other kissed someone, in fact, kissing and hugging seem to have become one of the commonest traditions among love ones and families, but most of us are not aware of these facts about hugging and kissing that I want to share in this post.

Just get a cold drink of your choice as I share these wonderful kissing and hugging tips with you. If you read this post to the last paragraph, you’ll be able to learn the benefits of hugging and kissing your partner, what kissing in the forehead means.

You will also understand what kissing does to a man or woman, the kissing type as well as what kissing on the neck means.

If these sound like what you want to know, then this article is specifically for you.

Do you know that the experts have concluded that hugging and kissing someone you love help them release a hormone called oxytocin which reduces stress in your life and blood pressure and also helps you to bond with your mate?

Again, do you know that this nonverbal communication called hugging and kissing can help you and your partner communicate much better?

According to David Klow, a marriage therapist, “Cuddling is a way of saying, ‘I know how you feel.’ It allows us to feel known by our partner in ways that words can’t convey.” Source.

Below are facts about hugging and kissing your partner.

 How To Romantically Hug Your Partner:

There are different levels of affection, and the ways you hug your partner show the level of your affection, and again, if you want to hug your spouse romantically, you have to increase your affections and also add some special touches too.

Let me show you some tricks to hug romantically.

1) Make Romantic Eye Contact:

If you want your partner to feel greatly loved as you hug them, then make great eye contact and flash a little smile at them too.

The magic of making eye contacts as you hug can’t be overemphasis, because eye contacts deliver the messages from your heart to your partner as you hug. It is the “focal point of the body.”

Have you ever wondered why it is always hard to converse with someone that is avoiding your eyes? That’s because your heart can’t fully speak to them when they avoid your eyes.

Experts said that “those who maintain eye contact are seen as very reliable, warm, lovely, sociable, and free to be with.”

Through your eye contacts, your partner will understand the level of the passion you wished to share.

2) Make Head Contacts As Well:

Your head also speaks volumes when you want to kiss your partner passionately. When you understand the human body languages you will realize that tilting your head shows that you are interested and willing to flirt.

When you learn your head on or against someone, you giving then the sign of intimacy. In that case, try and shift your head to the side and lean as you give that romantic hug.

 facts about hugging and kissing

3) Gently Squeeze And Hold Them:

Don’t rush as you are romantically hugging your partner, he/she will feel it better when you gently hug them, then gently squeeze and hold them a little bit longer.

A romantic hug always takes a little longer than and lasts longer than that of a platonic hug.

So gradually clutch him a little bit tighter for about two to five seconds, then take a little deep breath in and out; let yourself enjoy that hug for a little while and then look at the face with a smile.

You have passed the message across and they understand it.


4) Then Slowly Let Go.

After the gentle hug and kisses, don’t let go in a hurry; gently let go and let your hands gently touch as you pull away from your body from the hug.

Give your partner the grace to still hold your hands after the hug as you smile looking into their eyes.

5) Be Genuine:

The best part of the hugging is to be your best as you hug. Remember that your hugging has a message to deliver to your partner and the message will be fully understood when the hug is genuine.

Don’t expect anything as you hug, let that be just an opportunity for you to share your warm affection to your partner.

Real Facts About Hugging and Kissing 2 :

What You Should Know About Kissing People:

You can also deliver some romantic messages to your partner through kissing, but that is when it is done correctly.

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