How to have a successful second marriage now.

How to have a successful second marriage

Do you want to learn how to have a successful second marriage?

If yes, then this post is for you.

Here is why I said that

If you left your first marriage for a reason then understand that you have not committed any sin. You are not the first or last. A lot of relationships have crumbled, but you can still have a successful second marriage.

I know that many couples are not happy to divorce, but there are so many things that can make you want to leave your first marriage.

And probably you have tried your best to make things work and didn’t succeed.

Maybe that’s why you left the relationship or your partner left you, It is not the end of the road,

Now you have found a new partner and you want to learn how to have a successful second marriage with him/her.

You are welcome; because today I will show you how to do just that.

but wait!

We must evaluate your first marriage, so we can see why it didn’t work out well. What were the mistakes you or your partner made?

If you don’t know what made you lose your first marriage, it may happen again. and I know you don’t want it to happen. Do you?

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8 Main Reasons For Divorce:

– Money Issues:

I don’t know about your marriage, but it has been proven that money is the number one issue many marriages have broken today.

If you can look back to your past relationship, you could be able to tell if money was among the reasons you left, but really, money must be among the reasons.

Many surveys proved that many American marriages (48%) ended in divorce because of money related issues.

If your marriage is not counted among that 48%, then that’s a great win for you; however, you have to fortify yourself with knowledge about money before going into your new marriage.

– Incompatibility:

Were you and your partner compatible in your last marriage? If not, that may be among the reasons you had issues and probably separated.

An adage said that” two can’t work together unless they agreed.”

There is no way you could have stays with your partner if you don’t have things in common.

When there is no compatibility between you and your partner, you will live as an enemy,  you will never experience happiness, and your relationship becomes boring and uninterested.


– You Got Married Unprepared:

The truth is that marriage is not for everyone; it is only for those who are matured in mind and physically.

If you married at 20 years or below, then you were not riped for it. Those that got married matured or prepared know what it takes to handle the storms which are inevitable in every relationship.

I, therefore, Implore you to be you sure are ready for this new marriage before you take the step, if you are not, then expect to have the same issues you had in your first marriage.

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