8 Proven signs your husband hates you more.

Signs your husband hates you

Here are some incredible signs your husband hates you more.

Although “hate” may be a terrible word to describe your husband’s attitude towards you, meanwhile, if you have ever felt that your husband’s attitude towards you has changed, you are not alone.

Why Did I Say That?

see, whether you are married today, or you have been married for a while now, a time comes in a marriage when your husband will criticize you, shout at you, and even raise his hands to beat you.

At this point, if you feel bad and probably see the signs your husband hates you, you are not mistaken.

You know that is not the man you married. Your husband loved and takes care of you, now, he is not concerned about your feelings, or are you just misunderstanding him?

If you are still in doubt whether your husband hates you or not, then this post will answer most of the questions you have about your husband’s feelings towards you.

But Why Would Your Husband Hate You All Of A Sudden?

There are many reasons why your husband will hate you, he can’t just start hating you without a reason.

Below are a few reasons and signs your husband hates you.

– If You Always Nag Him:

Nagging can make your husband resent you because no man likes to be shouted at or controlled.

If you find yourself shouting at him every day that he is not helping out, then you are in the nagging game.

Sometimes you will not know that you are nagging, you will think you are just correcting his mistakes, but your husband won’t be happy if it continues, and that will make him avoid you.

– When You  Disrespect Him:

Your husband will hate you when you disrespect him. No matter the amount of love he has for you, once you disrespect him the love will die.

The truth is that the ways you wish your husband loves you are the way he wants you to honor him.

Every man prefers honor to any other thing in the world including food. So do whatever you can to show him respect.

signs your husband hates you

– If You  Have Betrayed Him:

Betrayal is another form of disrespect and nobody likes to be betrayed by someone they love. I am not talking about cheating on your husband here, of course, that’s the biggest form of betrayal and you’ll know when you did betray him when you cheat on him.

Other types of betrayal may not be prevalent to you but are deadly.

  • Giving his secrets out: If your husband confided in you, he expects that to be a secret; but when he hears it from anyone else, he will feel betrayed. When that happens continuously, his trust in you will die.
  • Comparing him or your relationship with others: Nothing hurts your man like comparing him with other men or comparing your marriage with others. It sounds like he doesn’t amount to anything or that he is a failure.
  • When you disrespect and criticize him: Disrespecting or criticizing your husband at home hurts him, but it hurts more when you disrespect him outside. Whether it’s snubbing him or rolling your eyes at him in public; it makes him feel insecure and humiliated.
  • Keeping secrets: Working as a team is important in every relationship, sharing secrets is also part of it. However,  hiding important things from your partner, makes him mad, especially if he finds out from outside.
  • Emotional Abuse: Keeping another relationship outside your marriage is a sin to God and man. Your husband will feel cheated to learn you are doing such,  and of course, that’s what it is, although it is not physical.


 8 Proven Signs Your Husband Hates You.

1) He Avoids You:

Has your husband started avoiding you lately? That is one of the ways to know he hates you when you see a couple who love themselves, nobody will tell you that they do love each other.

It will be obvious to you from the ways they laugh and play together.

Although laughing and playing aren’t a criterion, it is a signs of a good husband and wife relationship.

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