Save your broken marriage with these simple steps

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You are here because you are looking for ways to save your broken marriage alone, congratulations! you are at the right place.

In the next 10 minutes, I will show you a few important ways that will help you achieve your aims.

Nothing hurts like seeing your marriage which you have so many dreams for gradually dying.

You have prayed all the prayers you know and sacrificed all you can and things aren’t getting better.

Now you are asking if it is still possible to save your broken marriage alone. or should you go for a divorce?

I have good news for you. You can save your marriage today if you follow me closely.

What Is A Broken Marriage?

Let me quote from the online dictionaries as I try to describe the broken marriage meaning.

“a marriage that has ended because the husband and wife do not live together anymore.”

That means when you’ve made up your minds to stay apart as a couple.

The question is:

What are the causes of a broken marriage?

1) Lack of Investments in your relationship:

If you wish to succeed in your exams, business, or anything, there must be investments of time and resources to succeed.

In the same way, some investments are necessary to keep your relationship intact; such as commitments of time and learning.

You need quality time to learn and know each other well and then commit to learning more about relationships and how to make them work.

Read books on marriage and relationships, attend seminars and see a therapist if necessary.

No one knows it all. This is the reason you should start investing now, it will pay off in due time. If that had affected your relationship, then you still have time to amend it with this tool.

2)  You Rushed Into Marriage because of Family Or Peer Pressure:

The bible made us know that “there is time for everything,” and that includes time to be born as well as time to get married.

If you do things in its time, it will be easy and interesting for you. Don’t do anything because other people are doing it.

For example, God has destined a particular date and person to be your spouse.  If you rush into a  relationship because you are pressured by either friends or family, you may be unfortunate to make the wrong choice and you will regret it.

The quick win is not to give in to those pressures. Wait for your time and keep investing in your marriage, until your time comes.

3) Domestic Violence:

This is another chief and the real cause of broken relationships.

Statistics show that 40 percent of partners after a survey was conducted, accepted that domestic violence caused their separation.

Domestic violence is also known as family violence, and it starts gradually and unnoticed until it becomes overwhelming.

Try to avoid it and you will never have a broken relationship.


4) Money Issues:

“Money answers all things.” That was how the Bible puts it. At the same time, money has been seen as another cause of fights and separation among couples.

It is in fact among the top 2 marriage killers. That also means that if you can get your finances right, and also be on the same financial page with your spouse, there wouldn’t be many problems.

5) “Ego Clash.”

Ego clashes are another subtle marriage killer, it drains every relationship of its passion and left couples to just exist.

Self-respect is different from ego. Ego means disrespecting others or your spouse,  if you are married to an egoistic husband or wife then both of you will always fight for no respect from the other.

Ego clash is a big issue to tackle in a relationship. Here is an article on how to deal with an ego partner.

It is important to know how to maintain the line between ego and self-respect so it doesn’t affect your marriage.

Signs Of A Broken Marriage:

Marriages don’t fail overnight. Before it does, you would have seen some signs ahead.  I should show you a few of them so you avoid them. “Prevention they said is better than cure.” Below are a few of them.

You Don’t Have Sex Again:

Sex may not look like anything, but sexless marriage is almost a dead marriage.

There are always ups and downs in every couple of bedrooms, so don’t think you are alone in that. So many things may be the reason.

However, if you are healthy and you are not having sex as a couple, you may be making a big mistake.

Read this post to see the effects of lack of sex.

You Keep Secrets:

Marriage is meant to be a free ground for couples. If you keep secrets, then things are no more the way they should.

Keeping secrets shows you are not on the same page with your partner.

To avoid this from happening, you have to be free with each other.

If your partner finds out your secrets, he/she will feel bad, which will deplete the trust that exists.

You Constantly Criticize Each Other:

Well, I didn’t say that criticism is all bad. It is bad when it is not constructive criticism. That has killed so many marriages.

If you or your partner use such words as “always” and “never,” then you are the critic.

“You don’t always help out in dishwashing.” “I bring the children from school always and you don’t care.”

If that sounds like you, you need to watch yourself. It is a clear sign of a broken relationship.

According to Milhausen, “you are assassinating your partner’s character when you criticize.” (source).

Always consider what and how you use your words. We all have to complain but don’t resolve personal attacks.

You avoid Spending  Time With Your Spouse:

In every healthy relationship, couples enjoy each other’s company. In case you have been avoiding spending time with them, that’s a sign your marriage is not working anymore.

Most times you desire to go out with friends than being at home and you want to be at home when your partner is not around.

Those are signs your marriage is failing.

You Are Very Lonely In Your relationship:

You are in a relationship where you are not cared for or noticed. Your relationship is no more what it used to be.

There is no more connection between you and your partner, everyone is on their own. Even while you are in the same room, if feel as though you are completely lonely,

That’s a sign of an unhappy relationship.

How To Save Your Broken Marriage.

1) Be Ready To Give Your Best Effort:

The first step to save your marriage is to double your efforts as regards saving your marriage.

Honestly, it will not be an easy task when you want to save your relationship and your partner is impassive about it, you will have so many hitches along the way, and you may be discouraged too.

The only serious motivation you will have is the energy you already have. I mean your positive energy.

You know you won’t let your relationship die. So much has been given, so many prayers have been said. Now the devil wants to snatch your partner from you.

Just keep reminding yourself about why you will not give up on saving your marriage and then keep putting in all you can to save your marriage.

2) Reflect On The Course Of The Problems:

You may not have a good solution to your broken relationship if you are not sure of the causes.

Therefore your next step to saving your marriage should be to take your time to reflect on what has brought the current issues you are facing now.

Is it your negligence, attitude, relationship with others?

You should be able to tell when and where the troubles that brought the separation started.

And then switch to action immediately. If you are the cause, then start by asking for forgiveness and then plan to change.

On the other hand, if your partner is the reason, find a suitable time to talk to him or her.

Remember it shouldn’t be a confrontational approach, be modest when you are telling him or her how the actions are hurting the relationship.

If you make a mistake at this stage, then you won’t succeed in saving your marriage alone.

Practice many times before taking your first step.

You can’t afford to spill the beans again this time.

3) Do well To Understand Yourselves, Better This Time:

Your relationship will be unsuitable for you if you are not on the same page with your partner.

One of the findings from the marriage researcher is that the couples that know each other better stay married for a long time.

Marriage is meant to be teamwork. It is not a one-man affair. It won’t work when you concentrate on yourself alone and not the relationship.

Make all efforts to have a strong emotional connection and bond with each other. That is what will keep you afloat from any tide that will come to you.

4) Improve On Your Communication:

Another important way of saving your marriage is through communication. Every working marriage has powerful communication skills.

Good communication makes things easy in your marriage.

Communication is balanced when you have a good listener and a good speaker. Therefore, if there is no good communication in your marriage, then one of those is lacking.

Try to improve your communication skills so you can have a wonderful relationship.

In Conclusion:

It is possible to save your broken marriage, and it is also very possible to get things back to normal.

Though you won’t expect it to be easy, there must be serious planning and sacrifices you can make.

All the tips in this post are to help you achieve your aim.

Read this post carefully and learn what to do.

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