Save your broken marriage with these simple steps

Save your broken marriage

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You are here because you are looking for ways to save your broken marriage alone, congratulations! you are at the right place.

In the next 10 minutes, I will show you a few important ways that will help you achieve your aims.

Nothing hurts like seeing your marriage which you have so many dreams for gradually dying.

You have prayed all the prayers you know and sacrificed all you can and things aren’t getting better.

Now you are asking if it is still possible to save your broken marriage alone. or should you go for a divorce?

I have good news for you. You can save your marriage today if you follow me closely.

What Is A Broken Marriage?

Let me quote from the online dictionaries as I try to describe the broken marriage meaning.

“a marriage that has ended because the husband and wife do not live together anymore.”

That means when you’ve made up your minds to stay apart as a couple.

The question is:

What are the causes of a broken marriage?

1) Lack of Investments in your relationship:

If you wish to succeed in your exams, business, or anything, there must be investments of time and resources to succeed.

In the same way, some investments are necessary to keep your relationship intact; such as commitments of time and learning.

You need quality time to learn and know each other well and then commit to learning more about relationships and how to make them work.

Read books on marriage and relationships, attend seminars and see a therapist if necessary.

No one knows it all. This is the reason you should start investing now, it will pay off in due time. If that had affected your relationship, then you still have time to amend it with this tool.

2)  You Rushed Into Marriage because of Family Or Peer Pressure:

The bible made us know that “there is time for everything,” and that includes time to be born as well as time to get married.

If you do things in its time, it will be easy and interesting for you. Don’t do anything because other people are doing it.

For example, God has destined a particular date and person to be your spouse.  If you rush into a  relationship because you are pressured by either friends or family, you may be unfortunate to make the wrong choice and you will regret it.

The quick win is not to give in to those pressures. Wait for your time and keep investing in your marriage, until your time comes.

3) Domestic Violence:

This is another chief and the real cause of broken relationships.

Statistics show that 40 percent of partners after a survey was conducted, accepted that domestic violence caused their separation.

Domestic violence is also known as family violence, and it starts gradually and unnoticed until it becomes overwhelming.

Try to avoid it and you will never have a broken relationship.


4) Money Issues:

“Money answers all things.” That was how the Bible puts it. At the same time, money has been seen as another cause of fights and separation among couples.

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