21 Insanely Big Turn Ons for Women in Relationships

You are here because you want to know the turn ons for women in relationships. Welcome. You have made the right choice. Knowing what turns your wife or girlfriend on is a good step to knowing how to rekindle the fire in your relationship.

The truth is that there are different turn ons for women, so knowing your wife’s turn ons or your girlfriend’s is important. In this post, we will delve into what these turn ons for Women are, and how you can take advantage to boost your relationship.

Let’s dive in.

What Are Turn Ons For Women?

Turn ons for women are the totality of what you must do physically or emotionally to make your wife, or girlfriend arouse or excited.

When you talk about these turn ons, it can encompass so many aspects, including, emotional, mental, and physical triggers. All these will stimulate desire and attraction.
You should note that these triggers are not the same in all women.

Some women may be turned on by your physical appearance, some want emotional intelligence, charisma, a sense of humor, and stimulating conversation.
You have to find out what turns your wife or girlfriend on.

We don’t want you to crack your head in the name of discovering that, and so I will show you some common turn-ons for women. Your spouse must fit in with any of these selected triggers. Get a glass of coffee, as well dive into that now.

Biggest Turn Ons for Women in Relationships:

To make this post easier for you to understand, I have divided them into three categories: physical, emotional, and mental triggers. Continue reading.

Physical Turn Ons For Women:

1. A Confident Man:

Women are quickly drawn to any confident man because they know that confidence is a sign of various attractive traits. Being confident typically shows how assured, assertive, and decisive you are.

All these are appealing qualities in a partner. Confident people often have a strong sense of self-worth, and exude Charisma, which is so magnetic to women.

Additionally, your confidence shows how stable and reliable you are. Overall, confidence is a reflection of inner strength and competence. These are the traits every woman wants.

2. A Man That Has A Sense Of Style:

You may be surprised that I included dressing style in my list or turn ons for women; but, it truly is a big trigger. To women, dressing well is a powerful form of expression. It conveys attention to detail, confidence, and a keen sense of personal style.

When a woman sees you dress well, it shows them that you care about how you present yourself, this can be a tremendous attraction. Your confidence suggests to her that you value yourself and potentially value her opinion too.

Again, any well-dressed man can exude an atmosphere of charm, and sophistication which lights up women’s imagination and creates a sense of desire and allure.

3. A Physically Fitted Man:

You can talk about turn-ons for women without mentioning physical fitness. It is often one of the best triggers for women. When you are in good shape girls can see you as a discipline, self care, and dedication.

Being physically fit makes you exude vitality, energy, and confidence. It also enhances physical attractiveness and when you have muscles, that’s additional attraction.

Ultimately, keeping yourself in good shape can add to a heightened sense of allure and attractiveness. These ignite attraction in women.

4. A Clean And Neat Man:

Do you still remember the slogan that ” cleanliness is next to godly?” That is true.  A neat person, whether a man or a woman creates attention. When a woman sees you looking neat and smelling nice, they see you as someone who cares.

She feels attracted as that suggests that you pay attention to details and care about yourself. Feeling fresh and clean will make you more confident and you know that confidence is always attractive to women. Therefore, good hygiene is a turn on for women.

5. Good Hygiene:

Being clean and neat is good, but the main bomb that turns a woman on or off fast is the way you smell. When they see a man who smells nice and looks clean, they begin to imagine how you care.

They feel attacked because it suggests that you pay attention to every little thing, which means care. Feeling clean and smelling fresh can make you more confident in yourself.

The aroma of the perfume you wear can’t trigger her to want you at that moment.
So, change your wardrobe and get new cosmetics if is need for.

6. Good Eye Contacts:

Know how to use your eyes to deliver your message to her. Eye contact is another powerful tool you have to build attraction and intimacy in your relationship. If you know how to use eye contact correctly, it can convey your confidence, interest, and sense of vulnerability.

Many women become 100% aroused when they notice that they are desired and feel seen. So, when you maintain strong and respectful eye contact with your woman, it signals that you are fully present and engaged.

This can be a major turn on. It builds anticipation, sets a stage for deeper intimacy, and creates a sense of connection.

7. Learn How To Touch Her:

One of the common turn on for women is a gentle and respectful physical touch. This is because it shows them how caring, sensitive, and attractive your attractiveness.

For example, soft and gentle care of her hands, or gradual running of fingers through her hair can stimulate arousal.
It can also indicate an intimate connection.

Gradually trace the circle on her back or give her a tender kiss on her forehead and evoke feelings of affection, and safety. That will enhance the overall experience and increase her arousal.

This is about creating a great sensual and respectful connection with your touch.

8. The Way You Smile:

I have been around a woman appreciating a man’s smile. Her statement was “This guy has a beautiful smile.” You may not understand what that statement means, but I assure you that the smile is making an impact on the lady.

A confident and genuine smile can be incredibly attractive to men and women. For women, a smile can convey sincerity, warmth, and confidence. It can also create a sense of comfort and connection and it makes the smiler inviting and approachable.

Wearing a beautiful smile is a subtle yet powerful way of communication that is a significant turn-on.

Emotional Turn Ons For Women:

9. You Are Open To New Ideas:

When you to open to new ideas, it shows a willingness to innovate and explore, which is an incredible attraction to women. When a woman sees that you are receptive to her thought and ready to try new things, they feel excited and connected. It demonstrates a desire to grow, and adaptability.

10. Being A Good Listener:

Having good listening skills or being a good listener can be good turn ons for women. Women want to listen to them when they are sharing their thoughts and feelings.

Listening to her without interception or being defensive shows her that you care about their feelings. They are quickly turned off when you show them that you don’t care.

11. Knowing How To Handle Your Issues:

In relationships, there must be issues. Marriage experts have said that having challenges doesn’t mean that a marriage is dead. Challenges are okay for marital growth.

The biggest challenge is not knowing how to handle your challenges. Being proficient in solving your problems is an attraction to women. It demonstrates your resourcefulness, intelligence, and proactive attitude.

Your woman will know that you are capable of handling difficult situations and that can rely upon you in time of need. Additionally, knowing how to deal with your problems also indicates your willingness to take initiative and find the solution. Women love that so much and it’s one of the turn ons for women.

12. You Are Supportive:

Do you want to partner to love you like never before? Then it is time to support her. Support her dreams, aspirations, and goals. Show her that you are interested in seeing those dreams come through and the aspirations and dreams achieved.

That brings trust and makes her feel secure. That also shows that she can trust and devote herself to you.

13. Kindness:

Being kind is a big attraction to women as it shows them how thoughtful, emphatic, and emotionally intelligent you are. There is nothing that turns a woman on like when feeling cared for and respected.

That alone can create a deeper connection and increase her attraction towards you. However, it is important to note that kindness should always be sincere and not used as a tactics to turn her on.

It is only genuine kindness that builds trust and creates a healthy relationship.

14. Having A Sense Of Humor:

Another top turn-ons for women is knowing how to make them laugh. There are so many things that can deplete her joy daily, but only laughter can keep her calm. So, learn to share the light-hearted moment with her. It is an attractive way to make her fall for you.

15. An Intelligent Man:

Women are turned on when they find you intelligent. They want someone who will always engage them in stimulating conversation and intellectual compatibility.

The reason is that it shows them that you are not only intelligent but also capable of appreciating and understanding here ideas and thoughts. This is what created a deeper level of attraction and emotional intimacy and turned her on emotionally and mentally.

16. Flirt Along:

Play some types of play that will make her know that you want her. You can start with fun questions and sexy questions too. It’s about what will turn her on. You can say it to her or send text messages if she is not close.

17. Spend Time With Her:

Another way to get her in the mood is to spend time with her. Women want to know that their man enjoys their company. It is by spending time that you will have a good time together talking about your wants and desires.

Marriage experts said that spending time helps couples to reduce stress.

18. Being Vulnerable And Open:

When a woman finds out how vulnerable and open you are, she will be free enough to express herself fully to you, because she trusts you. It shows honesty, courage, and qualities that women find attractive.

When a woman is willing to share her desires, fears, and insecurities with you, that means she has fallen completely to you and she can be ready for anything.

Mental Turn Ons For Women:

19. Ambitious Man:

Another major turn-on for your wife and other women is how ambitious you are. Being ambitious will showcase your determination, drive, and your focus on personal growth.

Your goals can inspire and create a sense of mutual support and shared purpose.
Ambition signals your desire to succeed and your ability to strive for qualities and betterment. These are big attractions for any woman.

20. Learn To Be Spontaneous:

This is also one of the biggest turn-ons for women as it shows your ability to be imaginative, adventurous, and open to things. It also demonstrates that you are ready to break away from routine and go for the unexpected.

This makes a relationship invigorating and thrilling. Spontaneous gestures like unplanned trips, and surprise dates, can make your woman feel valued and wanted. It is Spontaneity is all about the surprises and the feelings of adventure that come with it.

21. A Positive Minded Man:

Positive-mindedness is all about seeing the best in the worst situation, and talking up when others a seeing defeat. Being positive-minded will make you woman understand you as someone who doesn’t admit defeat and who will stand the ground until success.

It is infectious and can uplift one as it creates optimism, and resilience and brings a sense of hope, especially when things are not the same as before.


Now, you know what the turn ons for women are, just go ahead now and try them. It will help you to boost your marriage or relationship.

Here is the recap of all I said here.
Women like men who are:
Positive-minded, Spontaneous, caring, ambitious, open, and vulnerable, and who has a sense of humor.

If you have these traits, then you have what it takes to help a woman fall for you.
I am still your in-house Counselor, Murphyaik.

See you at the top.

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