Things your wife needs from you to be happy

It’s no lie that there are so many great differences between a man and a woman, starting from the way of thinking to the choices they make. But no matter what the differences are, there are some particular things your wife needs from you to be happy.


That’s the reason it is sometimes difficult to know what your wife needs from you to be happy at a point in time.


Results of the Studies from the doctors and the scientists clearly states that “It is clinically important to differentiate between a man and woman because they need different types of attention


If only you will understand what those differences are, then you can tell what your wife wants from you to be happy.


In this post, I will take you by hand and show you some of the things your wife will appreciate most if you do them to her.



Here they are


6 most amazing things your wife needs from you to be happy


(1) She wants to feel secure:

Every wife wants to have that feeling of security from her husband.


As men, we only think providing security is only when we defend our wives from someone that disrespected her or protecting her from harm.


Those are good, but providing security for your wife means more than that : )


What actually does security mean?


It is your ability to extend comfort, love, and safety to your wife.


Your wife wants to count on you for her well being and happiness and it is your duty to make her get those things by working hard to provide them to her.


You are responsible for giving her a feeling of stability.


Whenever there is a challenge, she trusts that you will make everything okay again.


(2) Your presence:

She wants to know that no matter what happens, no matter the pressure outside, that she is your top priority.


After all the day’s activities, which include your job,  give her full attention whenever you’re home with her.


Understand that she is not your property and she doesn’t owe you her “soul”,


It is your duty to earn her soul and you do that by being present when she needs you most.


She wants you to be there when she has so much in her heart to share and she will love you to listen to her without distraction.


If those things I mentioned are missing, then I implore you to get them back and watch how beautiful your relationship will become in due time.


(3) Put down and switch off your gadgets: –

It’s time to stay with your wife after staying away the rest of the days outside, but your gadgets are still standing in the way.


There are no more secrets that technology is seriously affecting our relationships


Those devices in our rooms and both in our hands have brought a good decline in the ways we communicate.


We have lost those one and one moments we share together.


If you can learn to put off your Smartphone, your TV, and your computer in the evening time for at least one week, or even a reasonable time in a month, then it will help to inject some dose of intimacy and togetherness back into your marriage.


(4) Compliment her always: –

Your wife wants you to compliment her all the time: even when you feel she already knows how pretty she looks, go ahead and tell her.


Tell her that she looks beautiful in that new dress.


They always crave to hear those things from you every time.


I learned this from my wife.  She feels bad when she knows that I didn’t recognize her new hairstyle and she will ask me if I didn’t see her new cap.


You know that they love to compare themselves with the other women, and they want you to assure them that they are more beautiful than they are.


So always tell her those sweet things, it will help to boost love.


(5) Love Her:

The most important of all I have said here is love.


Men always forget to affirm their wives, and they want it, they need it, and can never do without it.


They love it when you reassure them of your love.


She desires more of that tender, thoughtful, heartfelt, and soft affirmation you present without demanding sex in return.


(6) Support her:-

Your wife wants to know that if any other one fails,  that you are always by her side.


She needs to know that your shoulder is there for her to lean on.


Remember this doesn’t mean you should agree to everything she says.


If your wife stressed herself so much before getting home, she needs to see you care for her when she is around you.


If she is feeling overwhelmed with caring for the kids, she will feel good to see you offer to relieve her.


Show he loves in any way you can because out of all the girls out there, you choose her.



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