5 Interesting ways to love in marriage

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If your marriage is not what you expected it to be at this moment, then understand that all hope is not lost, because in this post I will show you few interesting ways to love in marriage.


You have seen so many couples that are very happy in their marriage, and you wonder how they made it so.

There is no other secret to their success, neither can it be seen as chance or luck it can only be attributed to that little effort from both partners and their great will to be together.


Hopefully, there are tons of things you can start doing after reading this article that helps to sustain lasting love in marriage.


So whether your marriage is going well, or failing before your very eyes, there is a great need to work and nurture it daily in other to keep the romance alive.


Joel Osteen in his book “Become a better you” said you don’t have to let your marriage just survive, you should always have new vision daily.

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What he is telling us is, to do anything at our disposal that could help our marriage or relationship grow better.


Question now is

What are those things you can do to improve love in marriage?

Here are they




1) Build lasting friendships:-

A lasting friendship is an important issue when you want to sustain Romance in your relationship because it creates a deeper bond between the two of you which always goes beyond being just being romantic.


How you relate with your spouse matters greatly in building a family.

It is that point in your relationship where you and your spouse don’t just love yourselves, but you like and cherish everything thing about each other.


Friendship also helps to build great intimacy where you and your partner are not afraid to share your deepest feelings and thoughts


When good friendship exists in your marriage, all your interests and activities become so enriched, because you are dealing with your best friend who wants to share it with you.


Dear, if the friendship has been lacking in your relationship, then it’s time to start building it.

  • Here are a few ways to go about it.
    a) Always be gentle
    b) Be considerate.
    c) Be trustworthy
    d) Be loyal
    e) Have time for your partner.
    f) Share deeper interests
    g) Laugh together.


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