5 Interesting ways to love in marriage

If your marriage is not what you expected it to be at this moment, then understand that all hope is not lost, because in this post I will show you few interesting ways to love in marriage.


You have seen so many couples that are very happy in their marriage, and you wonder how they made it so.

There is no other secret to their success, neither can it be seen as chance or luck it can only be attributed to that little effort from both partners and their great will to be together.


Hopefully, there are tons of things you can start doing after reading this article that helps to sustain lasting love in marriage.


So whether your marriage is going well, or failing before your very eyes, there is a great need to work and nurture it daily in other to keep the romance alive.


Joel Osteen in his book “Become a better you” said you don’t have to let your marriage just survive, you should always have new vision daily.

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What he is telling us is, to do anything at our disposal that could help our marriage or relationship grow better.


Question now is

What are those things you can do to improve love in marriage?

Here are they




1) Build lasting friendships:-

A lasting friendship is an important issue when you want to sustain Romance in your relationship because it creates a deeper bond between the two of you which always goes beyond being just being romantic.


How you relate with your spouse matters greatly in building a family.

It is that point in your relationship where you and your spouse don’t just love yourselves, but you like and cherish everything thing about each other.


Friendship also helps to build great intimacy where you and your partner are not afraid to share your deepest feelings and thoughts


When good friendship exists in your marriage, all your interests and activities become so enriched, because you are dealing with your best friend who wants to share it with you.


Dear, if the friendship has been lacking in your relationship, then it’s time to start building it.

  • Here are a few ways to go about it.
    a) Always be gentle
    b) Be considerate.
    c) Be trustworthy
    d) Be loyal
    e) Have time for your partner.
    f) Share deeper interests
    g) Laugh together.


To start building it, you must sit down and identify those things that are not working as it should and start working on it.


(2) Cuddle:

Cuddling is another way to make your marriage stronger.

Actually, nothing can be compared with cuddling that person you love dearly especially when you hold him through the night, it shows that the person is always on your mind when you are asleep and also he/ she is the first thing you set your eyes on as you wake up in the morning.


Research has proven that cuddling makes us
a) Happier:- We feel healthier and happier when you are physically close to someone and your body releases Oxycontin, a chemical that helps in maintaining a strong and healthy relationship.


b) Touching helps to reduce a good level of cortisol, which attacks our immune system. It also makes us less anxious.
When someone touches your hands and holds it for a while it makes us feel a little better.

Did you see why cuddling is important?


3) Be trustworthy:-

Trust is inevitable in any relationship.

When trust exists in a relationship, there is that freedom that results in love and intimacy.

That simply means that without trust, there is insecurity, fear, and all these limits the full potentials of intimacy.


Question is!

Can your partner trust you? can he/ she be free enough to share her heart with you?

However, the same way you earn respect, you can also earn trust and it starts with doing what you say and remaining faithful to your spouse.


Sometimes, we are so ignorant to know that those little lie, those little failed promises we made to our spouse, is helping to diminish our trustworthiness in the eyes of our partners.
Remember, if you make so much withdrawal from your emotional bank account of trust, then the trust will vanish.


My advice for you is to make building trust a priority in your relationship.

No trust simply means your marriage is heading to a crash

Henry cloud said that “Intimacy comes from knowing the other person at a deeper level ”

If the interest of your marriage is paramount to you, then start now to develop trust again.


4) Teamwork:-

When you look at those successful couples, you will find out that they function well as a team and depend on one another for strength.


If the woman knows better about finances, she is left to be responsible for that, while the man is left to do the planning, if that is the area of his specialty.


He decides the day for the family vacation and outings as well as family devotion.

Just like in football, no player can play it all, all of the players depend on each other to win.

Such is marriage. There must be teamwork to succeed as a couple.


It is always easy for husband and wife to get out of sync and work against one another.


But always have in your mind that marriage is the same as a 3 legged race, if you try to push ahead without your spouse’s cooperation you will fail, but when you work as a team, then you will succeed.


Couples that work together wither cover each other’s weaknesses and build each other’s strengths as well as help lift each other up when one stumbles.


5) Be Clear:-

Always be clear when you are communicating, say your mind but not provocatively. It is important you monitor your voice during the communication.


Listen when necessary and never interrupt him or her during the conversation.


Share your burden thoughtfully, your partner is not a mind reader to know what your needs are, so let him/ her know it.


Talk about what is not going well in the relationship, your sex life, your family budget, and other important issues, two heads are far too better than one when it comes to working things out.


Final thought:

There is no scientific way of sustaining lasting love in marriage than nurturing it daily.

If you start working on your relationship from this moment, you will make it successful in the near future.

Just look at where you need to start and start working immediately, you will surely succeed.

I am still your friend



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