10 Easy Ways To Recharge your Marriage Again Today


Valentine is here again. It is a time to take stock of your relationship and know if love still exists. It will also be good if you’ll think and apply a more perfect approach in other to recharge your marriage /relationship.


We usually feel disappointed when we want to use our cars and discover that the battery is completely down, or maybe we want to make an important call, only to realize that it’s completely out of power.


However, when something is of utmost importance to us, it becomes imperative to make sure that it is always charged up.


To put it simply, by using the concept and relating it to your marriage, you’ll understand that if your marriage is really important to you, then you’ll try everything there is to make it the best.


Wouldn’t you make it a point of duty to keep the relationship you share with your partner red-hot?


Every one of us desires to have a fully charged marriage, but we are always lost in the sea when it comes to the steps we need to take to achieve just that since there is no manual or any plug on your spouse’s body where you can just plug into electricity for charging just like a telephone.


However, it is not rocket science when you want to recharge your relationship.


Granted, in this article, I will show you very simple ways to recharge your marriage and add a daily dose of energy to it.


How To Recharge Your Marriage. 


1 Recharge Your Marriage With Prayer:-

Start and end your day with God.
Seek His presence and blessing daily.
Lailah Gifty Akita


I know that this can freak you out, but I am fully convinced prayer is just one intimate act couples share.


Prayer Is a weapon you’ll always make use of when things look somehow in your relationship because you can’t do it alone. Read Proverb 5 verse 3 and you will be fully persuaded that only you can’t do the work.


It’s true God cannot come down to do the nurturing for you, but wisdom is all you need, and only God can give wisdom.


Learn to pray in and out of season for your marriage and your partner, holding hands. That will bring you more joy in your marriage.


2 Recharge Your Marriage By Writing Love Notes:

Unexpected romantic gestures are very important and keep things exciting.— Adriana Lima



Intrigue your partner by writing love notes. Hide them in secret places, but where your partner can see them; in her wardrobe, dressing table, in his pocket, on his car seat.


Getting unexpected love notes, especially in the morning can bring an awesome and equal evening of intimacy, and help to keep passion strong. If you have not been doing that, then start today and if you have been doing it, don’t stop.


3. The romantic date helps:-

When every night is a candlelight dinner, how could Feb. 14 only be our Valentine’s Day?” – Nikitha JR


On February twenty-four 2012, a report was released by the National Projects of the University of Virginia, that date night is one of the important ways couples can have some more time for themselves.


This is true, because, during date nights/ romantic dates, couples have more time to shower love to each other, and they also have more opportunities to communicate: and good communication helps them to understand each other better.


Date night/ romantic dates help partners rekindle the romantic sparks that help to sustain love and joy.


4 Switch off and switch on:-

“In a world full of distractions, our love remains the focus – no notifications, no interruptions, just us.”

Technology has helped to make life easier and has also jeopardized our relationships. We spend a good time with our electronic gadgets, more than we do with our marriage.


If only couples learn how to unplug from their gadgets for some time and concentrate more on time with their spouse, things will move better, and their relationship will thrive better.


Your partner will be happy to know that you dropped your phone as he/she was talking, it shows that you prioritized him/her over anything else. Our phone is good, but it brings distractions.


5 Learn together:-

“In the symphony of life, a couple’s harmony is created by the notes of shared adventures and the melody of standing side by side through thick and thin.”

No one knows it all. Make it a date to learn and learn and learn, just keep learning and growing as couples.


Share interesting books, videos, and memories. It will help to boost your relationship.


Nowadays, you don’t have to go out of your house to learn new things; with just a click, you have learned whatever you want. Just pick up your mobile phone and search for whatever you want. Meanwhile, for the sake of Valentine’s Day, start learning new dance steps, and learn languages.


Learning new things together will bring you closer and closer by the day.


6 Give special gifts:-

“Gifts are not just objects; they are expressions of love, thoughtfully chosen to unwrap the joy in each other’s hearts.”

Not can recharge your marriage like giving. Giving generally is the best way to receive.


Giving gifts is a medium for couples to express love to each other. Although not the only way, however, if you understand how important a gift is to your partner, then you must also know how to give good gifts to him or her. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to buy gifts for a tour partner. Just give with your heart.


Make it a surprise gift. But what should you give? That’s an important question. Well, whatever you give from your heart is the best gift. But, if you know what your parent loves or desires to have, then get it as a surprise to him/her. If you don’t know what your spouse likes, ask. You will be amazed at what a little gift can do to your spouse’s life.


7 Create planning time:-

When you do the things in the present that you can see, you are shaping the future that you are yet to see. 

Idowu Koyenikan


Having a successful marriage/ relationship is not an easy task, and it doesn’t come by mere wishes. You have to plan it, just the same way you plan your business.


It calls for creating a special time when you or both of you can plan the next steps to take to get things working again. So take some time off from work or plan a vacation for both of you to do the planning. You can also plan it in your home.


Where you plan doesn’t matter, what matters is that you have a good strategy of how to take your relationship from where it is now to where you want it to be in the next 5 years. Let your daily dream be about what steps you must take daily to improve your marriage.




If you desire to recharge your marriage, you should try and do whatever is necessary to achieve that.


I am pretty sure most of the points I listed here will be a good start for you.


So I have done my part now, the rest depends on you.


I am still your friend murphyaik.


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