10 Important Deadly Mistakes You Must Avoid In Your Marriage, If You Desire to have a happy and successful Marriage.

Success and failure of every marriage depends on understanding the secrets of a strong and happy marriage . Understanding these secrets will make you know the Doimages’s and don’t of a happy marriage and how to make yourself stay away from those things that will bring disorder in your marriage as well as doing those things that will help to build your marriage up and also keep it stronger.

Below are the deadly mistakes you must
not make if you want to have a happy and successful marriage.


Honesty is very important in marriage. However, having lies and keeping secrets can create distance and mistrust in your marriage/relationship.

Lack of Respect

Never talk ill of your spouse. Always talk good of him/her. Showing respect to your spouse will always make him understand that they are appreciated.

Not Having Sex with Your Spouse.

Sex brings more intimate relationship to spouse. Denying your spouse sex can make him or her to look outside the marriage for satisfaction.

Keeping Your Word.

Keeping your word is one of the secrets of building a happy and successful marriage . It will make your spouse have more trust in you. Always do what you said you will do and never say what you have no plan of doing.

Being Selfish and Greedy.

Thinking about how to fulfill your personal needs only without any thought about your spouse will not help to build your marriage but destroy it. Always carry your spouse along in everything.

Putting Your Kids First.

Most happy marriages starts experiencing challenges immediately they start having children. This is simply because you started putting your child first before your spouse.

No Plans to Fulfill Your Promise.

It is one thing to make a promise to your spouse and another thing to fulfill your promise. However, It is good you did not make any promise without making any plan to fulfill the promise. This will bring distrust and distrust can harm your marriage.

I don’t Care Attitude.

Not showing interest in the things that matters about your marriage can harm your marriage. Many couple prefers to show concern to the things that happen to the people outside, yet their marriage is suffering with the same matter.

Bringing Outsides to Your Marriage.

It is important to settle your disputes together. Do not let outsider come between you and your spouse. They may pretend to help solve your problems while they are actually adding more sours to injury.

Not listening.

Pay good attention when your spouse is talking to you. This includes closing the book you are reading, not paying attention to TV or computers when your spouse is talking.

In conclusion. There are more other Secret steps to building a happy and successful marriage. You can search for more on the internet. Look for other material that will help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for reading.

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