True Meanings of commitment in marriage

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What does commitment in marriage mean to you?

Is it just about you and your partner holding hands as you work on the street? Or is it about taking care of all the needs of your marriage?

Commitment in marriage means more than that.

One thing you should do to make your marriage successful is to learn how to be more committed to doing the necessary things you should for your relationship to be successful.

Love is important to ensure that things work in your relationship, but love alone cannot do the magic. Love can make you have confidence in each other, but cannot make you trust each other.


I have also believed love is the greatest, I believed that love can conquer everything; I thought that just sharing your feelings is all one needs to make a relationship stronger. How dumb I was!.


The truth is this: you love your partner so much, you buy gifts for him/her, you load his or her bank account with good money, but you have not made plans to make sacrifices for your marriage, then you have not started.


Let me tell you a little about love.

Love is good; but no matter how sweet it is, it is just one out of the many recipes you need for your marriage to succeed.


If you attach much importance to the feelings of love, I want you to understand that it can change at any moment, because there is a very thin line between love and hate.


If you think love is more important, then tell me how we can balance this news on television, newspapers, radio stations, and magazines about divorce.




Those two partners that are doing everything now to divorce were once in love, they lived together for years and now they think they are not meant for each other.


Love works better when it is mixed with commitment. (Tweet This)


When a relationship is strong, it is not what we feel motional that made it so, it is how committed we are to do the things that will make it work.


But what is this thing called commitment, and why is commitment important in marriage?


What is Commitment in marriage?

From my own, commitment is that point in a marriage where everyone feels secure with each other.


The ULCA campus psychologist after analyzing 175 married couples in their first 11 years of being married describes commitment as “when couples are willing to make some sacrifices in other to make their relationship strong.”


It is very easy to say you are committed to your marriage especially when things are going well. But what happened when things start changing? Can you still stand your ground to say “I must do something to resolve this, what steps should I take to make my marriage stand again?


You must be willing

If you are willing to make sacrifices for your marriage, then one part of dealing with conflict is taken care of and you are more likely to have a stronger and lasting marriage.


Whenever there is a heated moment in a happy marriage, the happy couples instead of looking for who wins the argument immediately decides to settle the differences and move on with their relationship.


This is because they value their marriage more than anything else.

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A lack of commitment in marriage

Lack of commitment in marriage is the number one reason for breakups and divorce. (Tweet This)

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